The whole fucking NHS are a bunch of cunts….. no siree, not the nurses or the porters, but the cunts on band 7 plus who love their fucking pay packet, love the fucking title but do fuck all to help the appalling fucking state its in YOU BUNCH OF LAZY GOOD FOR FUCK ALL CUNTS.


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9 thoughts on “The NHS

  1. Nurses not cunts? Yours truly now of a certain age so spend a lot of time in A&E and clinics various. Major operation finding a nurse at all and then they are all hiding in the nurses station. Help to the khazi and change me sanitory pads? “Fuck orf old cunt. I’ve a degree donchaknow.” Cunts protected up to the hilt by the unions so fuck orf patients.

    Porters cunts generally as well. Real heroes are the underpaid nursing asistants and Filipino ancillary workers. They will also find time to talk to one and demonstrate kindness. Whole fucking NHS would sieze up totally without them.

  2. re NHS – those rude tard bitches that work as receptionists in GP surgeries are all cunts

    NOM – Trevor Phillips – corrupt cunt with 1000 race cards up his sleeve – professional token black (who actually hates other blacks and hangs around with champagne-socialist white slags)

    for example – awarded friend (not a black – posh Asian) £300,000 for ‘£30,000 contract’

      • I fucking hate Nurses and Doctors!! If I every go On a killing spree the first cunts to go will be those two self important cunts.
        Classic shit Scumbag doctor’s say
        “Oh your in glorified pain heres a advil You goddamn junkie”. “Oh your feeling suicidal and can’t handle life anymore and you want a valium sorry those medications are dangerous and we don’t use those anymore in fact we don’t use medications anymore at all just anti-depressants that make you more suicidal sorry” Doctors have to be the biggest Scumbags in the world Fucking Nonce Cunts.

  3. Agreed, TitSlapper…. Those cunts wouldn’t give my old man any sleeping tablets to help him sleep… He was 72 years old and dying anyway…. I went round there and bollocked them… He got them eventually… My dad sort of starved to death… His stomach rejected anything he ate and he wasted away… I asked a GP about it, and guess what he said? ‘Well, if he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t eat…’ I wanted to kill the smug, heartless bastard… My mum got cancer in 2013: she was eventually let home and cared for by me and other family in her final weeks… Her GP of about ten years never even came to see her… I asked her why and she said that she was ‘misinformed’… I said ‘What? Did the cancer specialist write to you telling you she hadn’t got it?’ He did write to the bitch, because he sent me a copy too… I’m glad to say she ‘retired’ soon after (although she was nowhere near retirement age)… I heard from reliable sources that she was forced out, sacked, or struck off… I only hope my vociferous complaint contributed to her demise….

  4. Joe Rafferty of Liverpool NHS is a fucking nazi. If you call the police a bunch of cunts – which should be protected by free speech – the filth get the CJLT involved and try to lock you up. These arsholes have more power than the filth – no courts, no judges: these nazis have the power to do as they please.

  5. The bastards also killed my mum using the Liverpool pathway, but the abuse started before that. They used a chemical cosh on her when she had dry throat. This was the beginning of the end, but the irony was that my girlfriend did her PhD on the necrosis of the parotid gland, which is the cause of dry throat.
    P.S. Don’t bother complaining to PALS, their job is to cover-up complaints. The whole system is rotten.

  6. My mum had cancer (she died in 2013)… It was decided that she would spend her remaining days at home (she was better looked after there!)… We were told that an ambulance was to pick her up at 10am… By 7pm still no fucking ambulance…. I had to get her home (wheelchair and catheter and all!) in a bloody taxi….. This caused her no end of stress and upset and I gave the cunts a half hour bollocking… It made no difference of course… They’re never to blame, they just pass the cock up on to someone else (and so it goes on…)… To add insult to injury the bastards sent her home without any morphine or driver for it… They also failed to inform the district nurses…. I have never witnessed such incompetence and cold blooded uncaring cuntery… It’s called North Manchester General Hospital, and they are cunts!

  7. I lie, usually in pain, prostrate in acknowledgement of your ‘couldn’t give a fuckitude’ to the poor cunts you leave in your paper trail of misery whilst disguising it as ‘patient choice’. Keep flying the the flag for innate cuntitude. Peace out, cunts. PS Special credit must be attributed to our General Practitioners who, in their dedicated adherence to ‘swerve the dumb cunts they are forced to engage with ‘, have managed to do fuck all work even during the two days a week they put in. Wazza matter, didn’t the bursaries quit cover the fuck all you gotta pay back! A menagerie of real callous cunts.

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