7 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsey

  1. Saw the cunt on the street once with his entourage of minders recording one of those crap programmes he does about saving struggling restaurants. In the flesh he is one piggy pink ugly little cunt with a very receding barnet. Needless to say the restaurant folded a couple of weeks after Chef Fucking Ramsey gave it the benefit leaving the poor sod running it bankrupt. A deep fried cunt with all the trimmings.

  2. A cunt yes but he has humiliated Cliff bloody Richard on his F-word programme in a blind wine tasting session, tricking the horrible cunt into slagging off his own shitty wine and he also slags off that patronising mockney wankstain Jamie Oliver regularly so he’s not all bad.

  3. Fuck me Dioclese if thats all you can say about that piece of fucking scrag end then allow me to expand…… ramsey is a self glorified cooking cunt of the highest order…. he’s a fucking ocean going, sails to the wind, highly polished cunt thats ever held a knife. Along with that cunt of cunts, sails jamie ‘fuck me mate you got a big toungue’ oliver, nigella ‘hit me then fuck me’ lawson, that pair of hursuit fuckers the hairy bikers (should however be the hairy cunts, has more of a ring to it), and last but by far not fucking least ainsly ‘i’ll put my name to any old shit’ harriet now this last fucker may be in for a proper good cunting from me because i haven’t liked a single thing this fuck splash has ever rustled up.


    • Fair enough – but I like to be concise and to the point and then give people such as your good self the opportunity to expand thereon.

      One I would say, though, is that there is a very nice unpretentious little restaurant in Knysna, South Africa run by the man who taught his son to cook. The son now runs Ramsey’s restaurant in New York. The food is outstandingly fucking good. One wonders how much of this guys reputation is built upon other peoples’ talent? Just a thought…

  4. He said he once played professional for Rangers, lying mock scot cunt.
    Rangers never heard of him.
    Lying, cunt, jumped up cook, Cunt.

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