Theresa May


No one’s cunted that hideous and ugly multiple Jimmy Choo wearing slap headed syrup wearing cunt Theresa ‘we’re no longer the nasty party’ May anywhere.

She is the most inept and useless entity since John Major.

What purpose does she serve? Fuck all from what I can see. They must have some real hillbilly retards in Maidenhead in Berkshire where she’s the local MP. Fucking dickwads.

Nominated by: Hurling Dervish

9 thoughts on “Theresa May

  1. Excellent call, Mr Dervish. This repugnant nasty party cunt is precisely the reason why I previously suggested to the Webmaster that a new category of cunt be created:

    Theresa May, MCt (Master of Cuntitude)? CtD (Doctor of Cuntitude)?

  2. I wouldn’t give the cunt more than a DipCt. By the look of her in that photo, she’s suffering something awful with that itchy cunt of hers. Look here, the best thing for this cunt is to give her a five gallon vaginal douche enriched with weapons grade plutonium and follow it with a good punch in the cunt!

  3. Women cause enough fucking trouble without letting the fuckers loose on the levers of power. Well, In May’s case, I use the term ‘woman’ in the loosest possible sense.

    I tell you who’s a cunt; Mr Phillips. Yep, that stupid fucker that invented a whole new range of screw heads, but didn’t bother designing all the screwdrivers required to undo the fucking things.

    To make things worse, Phillips’ ‘brilliant’ idea has been copied by chinky manufacturers with internet degrees in engineering so that not one fucking screwdriver I have fucking fits, so then I have to go and buy yet another one, that will be used once and then tossed in a drawer and forgotten about.

    WTF are Torx, FFS? And fucking Hex? X-Head? Fuck me, my toolbox rivals a NASA technician’s, and I was only trying to put a fucking TV ariel up (because the existing one, which has worked fine for twenty years won’t pick up fucking digital signals when it’s raining. Or windy. Or cloudy. Or sunny. Or whenever it doesn’t fucking feel like it since the ‘improved’ digital network fucked everything up. Whoever thought of that was a cunt as well.)

    • No point in putting up a new telly thingy old heart. Digital TV is just 300 odd channels of crap. The premium sporting channels are total crap. Tempted to shove a cuntcam up the memsahib and install a premium phone line for her. Might do an arsecam as well. Better than anything on Adult XXXX.

  4. This is a topical cunting from the heart.

    George Fuckwit Osbourne again!!! Red mist rises. Steamed up me damn monacle. Or is it red toxic commie discharge from the nuclear power stations the chinks are going to be building with the frogs all over our fair land. The frogs and the chinks! Unfucking believable. And this is the country that pionered safe(ish) nuclear energy!

    Osbourne is so desparate to take frog and chink cock up his arse that he is borrowing the money to pay the chinks to build the power stations from the same chinks at extortionate rates. Has also guaranteed to pay the frogs a premium fixed price for the electricity generated irrespective of market prices falling in the medium to long term when economies of scale kick in. Bugger me butler and sod me servants. Screwed us both ways.

    Only an ex-public school boy like Osbourne could accomodate so much cock up his arse simultaneously – yank cock, kraut cock, frog cock, chink cock, jap cock, indian cock, korean cock, saudi cock – the list is endless. Fucking United Nations up there.

    Osbourne you tratorious tosser, you have sold out all that remains of our once great nation. Go choke on all the johnny foreigner spunk up your orifices. You shameful cunt.

    • This is what happens when you have foreigners in charge. His name is Gideon, not George. Has more interest in Israel than England.

      He also likes big, black whores and cocaine. So much so, he’s been photographed with both.

      An utter, utter cunt. I hope I live long enough to see him, and all his ilk, shot for treason. I’d consider it a national service to pull the trigger.

  5. Terry May the gender bending Tory cunt. At least his/her cunt namesake Terry Wogan changes his syrup regularly and makes the effort. He normally wears his ‘I’ve just had a hair cut’ syrup for children in need. Children in need? At the home of nonces the BBC? The cunt knew all about Savile and did fuck all. Hypocritical cunt.

    Back to Tel May though, a useless home secretary and an ugly old boot. The whole of the front bench are over privileged, pampered, immoral wankstains that should be removed from power, then sent to the Tower and be hung, drawn and quartered. In fact 95% of all the house of commons and Lords should be removed. So many cunts, so little time.

  6. Ah,… A well deserved Cunting indeed!
    Theresa May is…….
    Nothing more than a Brown Stain in the Gusset of David Cameron’s Sweaty Underpants.
    Go Away May,….. Go on,…. Fuck Off,……. Off you Go!

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