Lucy Worsley


Lisping “I’m all right peasants” posh pudenda Oxbridge mafia aging telly tart presenter of things historical and pop-sensational. Irritating cunt on the BBC gravy train.

Currently smirking and donkey braying her way from chat show to chat show flogging her latest book. One of the ‘new look’ fucking presenters over acting to buggery. Her fashion style is 1950’s escapee from a children’s home.

But is it fuckable? Me pet vulture Gristle intimates that the filly may be into S&M and while as broadminded as any old English aristo and quite happy to let her paddle me arse whilst trussed up like a chicken (thus we won the Empire) I do draw the line at electric violet wands and that kind of malarkey. Me old heart donchaknow.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

21 thoughts on “Lucy Worsley

  1. Shit, how does she maintain such a big head on such a long thin neck? A brisk wind would snap it, surety? It is a good job ‘Edith swan neck’ doesn’t live in Wellington New Zealand. Otherwise the bint’s head would be blown quite away……

  2. Frankly Sir Limply, I would ‘do’ her. I’ve done a lot worse. Most Tipton women are the wrong side of 8 pints if you get my drift.

  3. Don’t know the cunt but she is well fuckable by the look of her. Another Oxbridge cunt. I feel anger that under no circumstances will any intelligent working class person be allowed to express their views unless they are saying what the chinless wonder scumbag ‘elite’ want them to say on TV, radio or the like. The so called elite are scum. Not class envy here, these people are scum. Nonce, corrupt, psychopathic, robbing, we are better than you cunts. All the money in the world proves you can indeed polish a turd but as shiny as it may be it still stinks to fuck. Why do we put up with this crap?

    • Well there we have it dear heart. To indulge in the vernacular you have “put your finger on it”. Nouveau riche arrivistes are the top cunt class of the world. The jumped up posh like Cameron or any of his rat bag crew are out to shaft the working man. I reserve a special contempt for the fake posh like Lord for fucks sake Julien Fellowes (cunting on its way), yet another actor playing a part that has gone to his head. If I may raise a humble cheer for us old school aristos, of whom sadly few remain, we at least know how to comport ourselves with the lower orders. In the breeding donchaknow.

      Never happier than when motoring around the grounds delivering a Christmas box to the estate workers. Too embarassed to dwell on the look of supplicant gratitude that lights up their humble faces when their grubby little bairns tear open the wrapping paper to find a pair of warm socks and a shilling for the gas meter. They shall have light on Christmas Day!

      • Ha ha. The upkeep of the old mansion plus keeping your pet Vulture Gristle in biscuits must be difficult. Open it up to the public and let the plebs see how the old Aristo’s live for 50p a pop.

        At least you look after your estate workers. I believe Mr Duncan Smith makes his underfed Servants do the Hokey cokey naked in his front garden, 6 days a week whilst poking them with cattle prods for the sake of a bowl of Gruel a day. He’s a card old IDS, word has it he’s killed tens of thousands of the less useful of his slaves already this year. He feels not enough are being culled and feels tremendous guilt about this, hence his hair falling out.

        Noticing your Julian Fellows nomination, I’d like to nominate Downton Abbey. The cast, crew and viewers. This isn’t a quaint look at the past, this is the future! Subtly implanting the idea that servitude is great in the collective psyche is a pretty shit thing to do. That said I’d love to work in George Osbourn’s kitchen. Serving him his Caviar which I’ve laced with faeces, bogeys and high dosages of LSD, watching him choking to death on his own greed. Horrible, horrible bastard.

  4. to be honest (which is fucking rare) i must say i’d knob the stuck up fucker that dear ol Lucy certainly is. Fuckable? too right, i’d nail it until her guts was hanging out of her ass. As for that lisping shite, thats a money lisp, cunts like that are full of it …… i’m going now to crack one off at the wrist.

  5. And I thought it was just me. I am keen on history and all that crap but I cant watch anything that this lisping cretin (who looks as if she has been at the dressing up box) is in. And I wouldn’t fuck her with Cripplecock’s.

  6. I loved the smirk tonight when ‘she’ talked about the Russian Queen seemed to have been shagged by a horse ! Seems she may be into that too ,.,.,.love it ,.,. a Pic please Lucy

  7. What a bunch of pathetic Lucy wannabe’s- I’m sorry you don’t have her beauty, money, or fame, but maybe after 30 or 40 surgeries you can pass as the drag-queen version of a Lucy impersonator. I know it’s hard to find dresses in a size 48 but you could sew together some pink bed sheets. BTW, what’s it feel like to have your penis hacked off? I bet that was your favorite part (you know I’m right, admit it you masochistic bitches)

    • You have robbed the words from inside of my mouth ! Great writings mister You’re Not .

      • How do you know it’s a mister? could very well be a Ms. or Lucy herself. Probably a fan though. “I’m sorry you don’t have her beauty, money, or fame” speak for yourself you cruel cunt of a bastard most find my beauty ravishing like a cool crisp spring morning

      • Nice one, TitSlapper… Why do these women like Lucy Worsley attract all these wanking geek fanboys who think they’re clever because they get off to an ‘intellectual’? It was the same with Sue Lawley in the 1980s… They can’t just say ‘She’s fit! Look at that! etc’ It has to be ‘Crisp, cascading beauty, icey cold intelligence’ and other such bollocks… And of course they think they are part of a special club, and that anyone who doesn’t like their intelligent totty is daft or inferior… All that ‘We can’t like any good looking woman… We’re above all that… It has to be an intellectual thinking man’s pin-up from the BBC…’

        What a load of arse… I bet Garth Crooks fancies Lucy Worsley…

  8. She doesn’t open her mouth when she talks and grits her teeth in a weird fixed pose. All her history comes from what the BBC tells her rather than what things actually were like.

  9. Lucy is very elegant, eloquent, educated and eminently edible.
    Great is my lust for this very beautiful and incredibly interesting woman.
    Having just passed a wonderful hour in her company (and the Romanov dynasty) I find I must now visit the bathroom and allow “Madam Palm” to ease my burning desires….

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