May I refer to a funny phrase i heard once for the ‘eyeties’? ‘rifle droppers’

Fucking useless during the war–cowardly, thick as shit and would surrender in their droves the moment shots were fired.

The Mafia are good at intimidating and murdering people who are weaker than they are, but when they come against someone who’s up for a ruck, they shit themselves, or surrender.

Greasy Cunts.

Nominated by: Hurling Dervish

3 thoughts on “Italians

  1. Are Italians cunts? Pavarotti, Franco Baresi and Sergio Leone are class. Yet we have Berlusconi, Versace and tutti fruity ice cream in the cunt section. In fact Italian food in general is the most overrated in the world, Lasagne? shite! Eat pie and mash or fish and chips and stop surrendering.

  2. While I’m here what about Michelle Obama? Is she another Wallace Simpson? Bird or geezer I wouldn’t want to spill that cunts pint, it would knock 7 bells of shit out of you!

  3. Don’t get me going about the fucking eyeties. My mad uncle Charlie fought in Italy in the last big war. He whored and fought his way up the peninsular. Killed more Italians than Germans. Good man my uncle Charlie.

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