Paul McCartney [3]


Macca … now that fucker whilst shafting anything with a fucking pulse in the sixtys has one of the ugliest fucking offspring ever to walk the face of the earth and hey fucking presto…. she’s not only the daughter of two meat-shy cunts but suposedly a top designer? Says who? Blind dopey cunts thats who and like her knob jockey cunt of a father is fucking raking it in.

Anyone who buys her shite has to be a right cunt. A twenty four carrat highly polished, ocean going cunt of cunts.

Nominated by : The Cuntmeister

4 thoughts on “Paul McCartney [3]

  1. A wanking cunt of the first order, about time that cunt keeled over like the other two cunts, and Bongo cunting Starr as well, just a waste of fuckin space, old fucking bastards. He got worse after he married that one cunting legged cunt who fucked him in more than one way. Fuck off you talentless cunt.

  2. Mull of Kincunt, Oh Mist rolling in up my cunt, My Desire is Always to be here on the Mull of Kincunt. What a Sheepshagging Liverpudlian Vaginarsehole

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