4 thoughts on “Colin Murray

  1. Colin Murray tried to sue a Telegraph journalist Jonathan Law for criticising him – what a pathetic little creep. Now he’s on TalkSport, he’s loves to jump on every PC bandwagon whether it’s right or wrong because he desperately hopes this will ingratiate him with the BBC.

  2. Drama queen. We played the Germans in the world cup in 1966 , 20 years after the end of the most destructive war in history that killed my Uncle. My dad bore no grudge against the Germans at all. 30 years after the event this twat wants to keep a destructive grudge going to show what a hero he is to his mates, while just reinforcing hatred. Acknowledge mistakes and apologies and move on. It is the only way progress gets made.

  3. Yipeee the cunt is leaving Talksport, made my day that has. That littlle fly makes me wanna punch the tv when his ugly cunt face is on it, fucking lightweight cunt.

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