John Barrowman [2]

John Barrowman – sure he swings both ways and all that. But fucking having the gall to come here to the UK and hoist his flaccid acting and ‘singing’ career on us all is unforgivable. Plus, you can’t turn on the telly these days without seeing his fucking joker like grinning rictus leering out of the screen at you in all it’s teeth whitened glory. I’m not going to do any queer jokes ‘cos all you cunts will proper do that.
He’s a US expat Colgate advertisement of knobshining cunt. Sorted!

Nominated by Hurling Dervish

5 thoughts on “John Barrowman [2]

  1. As soon as that raving poof, Russell T. Davies started putting raving poof sex scenes into Torchwood, that was it for me – the whole American story angle was shit already but that really was the last fucking straw – no wonder the cunting thing is being axed!

  2. From Hurling Dervish

    Captain Haddock- fuck off you cunt! he was in fucking Dr Who or something. Do you live in a fucking bin or what?, unaware of your fuckin’ general surroundings and what goes on in the world.
    Or, are you some fucking ostrich like cunt with a scrawny neck, head buried in the fucking toilet bowl of life? sweet fucking baby moses, go back to ‘yer fuckin’ chicken factory. Cunt.

    And me myself, no you fuckin’ can’t ‘cos I’m a real right proper cunt
    so shit, piss, wank, fuck, bugger, bollocks fuck off. Alright?

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