Emperor Hirohito

Emperor Hirohito aka Untrustworthy slinty eyed yellow fucking Cunt.

Head speccy four eyed Jap bastard during WW2 and responsible for the starvation and brutalisation of hundreds of thousands of people. Shame the dipshit Yanks did not stretch his scrawny fucking yellow neck and have him dangling from a rope.

A proper nasty historical Cunt

His wife was a pig ugly fucking munter as well.


3 thoughts on “Emperor Hirohito

  1. The Yanks let this cunt off the (meat)hook in return for enhanced R&R rights for their occupying troops hence the large numbers of half-breeds hidden away and despised by the racist Japanese.

  2. I fucking hate the Whale killing slitty eyed Japanese motherfucking cunts. Why did the yanks not Nuke the whole fucking cunt-ry. Without these cunts, Whales would recover their numbers over the next century. We, the UK, killed whales for oil. They kill whales for fun because they are evil bastards. Whales are the new Allied Prisoners, things to be tortured and killed for fun by demented yellow bastard cunts.
    And no, I do not own a jap car, or jap TV. No Sony in my fucking house. I am not a hypocritical cunt.

  3. This cunt also enforced his own people to their deaths, their stupid cuntish loyalty to this arrogant prick made his people commit suicide by fighting to the death and no surrender. What a fucking cuntish thing to achieve, while this knobhead was coccooned in his own safety and extremely comfortable bubble. This cunt is the cunt of all cunts, up there with Shitler and mussocuntilini.

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