Nick Clegg [6]

Nick Clegg has been as effectively shafted as Sara Stewart by David Cameron and will now have to be the bumboy for the entire cabinet (if he wasn’t that already). Serves the creeping cunt right for wanting to be “The Spokesman For The Coalition”, the public saw him and shot him down in flames. I hope his arse is nipping in anticipation of the rogering to come, the cunt

Nominated by Blind Pugh

11 thoughts on “Nick Clegg [6]

  1. While we’re on the subject of Nick Clegg and his ever descending career path into obscurity and multiple bum raps at the hands of every other fucker in parliament, here’s my nomination for one of his tarnished party’s elder statesmen:

    Menzies Campbell, currently appearing as a ‘walker’ on The Walking Dead, is a decrepid old cuntbag of a boring cunt who needs to know when to call it a day. And that day is today.

  2. is a are cunts for not cunting my cunt nomination after i left a name as in your instructions you lazy non cunting cunts!

  3. Menzies Campbell is a how come it’s pronounced Mingus but the popular high street stationary store is commonly pronounced Menzeez thus showing confusion and inconsistency on the part of the general population on how the fuck it should be pronounced type of cunt.

  4. Nick Clegg beats all cunts out there. He is the father of all cunts. Even his mother thinks he’s a cunt. Fucking Sellout cunt, I bet Cameron uses him as a dildo.

  5. Is this a nomination for “Basically Everyone Is A Cunt”?

    If so, it’s a damn good nomination. Get yourself a ‘name’ and it’ll probably go through. Until then, see Rule 1 you Anonycunt!

  6. A bit late, but I must add Clegg gives a beautiful blowjob and parting his cheeks with my nudger was heaven.

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