11 thoughts on “Peaches Geldof [2]

  1. smiley culture. if you are waiting to court for possession with intent, don’t re-stock then top yourself when you get caught, cunt. oh yes nearly forgot, the raid was not ” ‘cos he’s black ” it was definitely druggie cunt related.

  2. “Peaches” Geldof is a thieving little cunt.

    And a rather slack one, if the five-in-a-bed stories are to believed ..

    It must be fast approaching the “pulling on a well-worn sea boot” stage ..

  3. Moussa Koussa is a ridiculously named stone-cold Swiss-Bank-Account-holding piano-wire-and-lamppost avoiding rat leaving a sinking ship cunt.

    I expect we will give him a house and a pension and police protection anyway. Perhaps we are the cunts.

  4. PC Simon Harwood – cunt.

    This is the thug who batonned and pushed Ian Tomlinson on the day of the G20 protests. He was openly called a liar by a QC at the inquest into Tomlinson’s death.

    Harwood is not fit to wear a uniform – other than a prison uniform – but I’ll bet the cunt gets away with it, thanks to the inept Kier Starmer and the other sacks of shite at the CPS.

    My piss is boiling somewhat….

  5. I think everyone you have mentioned is a big one!
    And, I’m beginning to think most other people are too, with the exception of a select FEW!

  6. peaches fucking geldof…publicity seekin fucking hoe…living of her cunt of a fathers name…she’s a waste of fuckin skin and air….and should be sent to the artic and chained to a post and fucking left there
    the useless cunt!!

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