England Cricket Team

The England One Day Cricket team are a useless steaming shitpile of World Cup failure going-home-early, nationalĀ embarrassment, can’t bat catch or field mongs, humiliated, how the hell did you muppets steal the Ashes did the Aussies leave it in a bar, losing-to-Ireland-and-fucking-Banglafuckingdesh-ferfucksakes the cunts you useless cunts.

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2 thoughts on “England Cricket Team

  1. What a fucking disgrace the England cricket team are. Over paid useless bunch of cunts! They are like spoilt kids. Sack the fucking lot of them and develop a team that actually wants to play for their country. Kick the niggers and pakis off the team too.

    Useless bunch of cunts!

    • Don’t get me started on cricket. Darts is more fucking energetic than cricket. Cricketers aren’t athletes. They’re smug, lard-arsed, barely able to run let lone catch, tea at 4, night watchmen buggering tossers.
      KP?… K fucking P? He’s South African anyway, not English. Why is it that the English cricket team can barely muster an English accent between them? (Unless it’s Yorkshire of course….fucking shite that is). They’re just refugees from some Johnny foreigner place where they weren’t good enough to play for their birth country. Fucking cunts! And that Shane Warne’s a Fosters drinking, orange tanned git. And that Darren Gough… Talk Sport? Talk shite more like…Cunt.

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