17 thoughts on “David Tennant

  1. GOT – if I may be so bold … but you haven’t conpleted David Tennant’s cunting. Please add the word “cunt”.

    BTW – he is also self-important and up his own arse (maybe due to inter-dimensional travel).

  2. I thought the TheEye’s deliberate omission was an excellent way of keeping the nominators on their toes. Just to make sure they’re paying attention, you understand 😉

  3. I’d like to nominate the Police ‘spokesman’ that suggested Myleene Klass could be prosecuted for waving a knife at trespassers that were looking through her windows.
    Fuck off and catch some baddies instead of pandering to liberals, we pay your wages now go about your core business and why the hell do the Police need a spokesman anyway?

  4. Agree with anon, after Tom left who quite frankly gives a fuck who the fuck is Dr Who.

    Oh by the way a well deserved cunting, of a Gordon pole sucking cunt.

  5. el-nicko is a cunt who is going to hell, the blasphemous cunt.

    All pikeys are cunts.

    All politicians are cunts.

    All politicians are pikey cunts.

    Fuck it. I’m off to Haiti for a holiday.

  6. Don’t bother Whattuck, I’ve just come back from a drinking holiday in Haiti, we fucking wrecked the place, surprised it isn’t on the news.

    webuyanycar.com are annoying advertising cunts.

  7. Headsonpoles…Haiti, we fucking wrecked the place
    Yeah, it was on the news, they were reduced to looting for bottled water, emergency food supplies, plasma TVs, Whisky and lottery tickets.

  8. Eccleston was the top Doc. He just didn’t/wouldn’t take any BBC shit…

    And Capaldi is going to be fucking mega!

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