9 thoughts on “David Dimbleby

  1. Too true, Headson.

    “Yes, we’ll hear from the man at the back. Yes, you. In the grey shirt. Yes, you, you fucking piece of shit. Hurry up and get on with it. You, yes you, get on with it for fuck’s sake. Yes, you, yes, you”

    The cunt.

  2. Did you ever see a man so pleased with himself as this cunt !
    With his Lavish BBC pay and perks and ‘Question Time’ of course-which does anything BUT address important key issues that ordinary folk would like answering !

    David Dimbleby is a leaning left wing pretentious
    smug and arrogant CUNT !

  3. Yes, he is still a cunt. Now he’s got a cuntish tattoo – probably a symbol of some elite club or cult, or something- which he pretends is related to his star sign. Idiot cunt, put your saggy old man flesh tattoo pics away. Toff tosser & colossal cunt, if ever there was one… BBC’s favourite type too – a left winger. Well, that’s the only type that those BBC cunts employ.

  4. David Dimbleby is a snivelling little tick CUNT. Get the old man CUNT off the air and give the job to a younger cunt.

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