2 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch

  1. If Murdoch and his crowd really have hacked into the unsecured Voicemails of 3,000 politicians and celebrities then it just goes to show what boring lives they live since so little came of it.

    Arkrights Pie Shop incoming VM>
    “John ‘ere; send rarnd three megga pies, loads of mash and a coupla buckets of mushy peas pronto. DPM “

    Office Of The Deputy Prime Minister incoming VM>
    ” Hi John, Soz but you still owe £527.30 from earlier orders, could you send some cash ? “

    Arkwrights Pie Shop incoming VM #2>
    ” You cheeky cunt, send the grub or I’ll have you fucking killed, don’t forget the receipt. John DPM “

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