5 thoughts on “Peter Mandelson

  1. “4.76 by me and 18 others” What??????? This means that some people did’nt rate this CUNT as a 5star CUNT, the CUNTS. I’m so angry and I’ve just lost faith in the ability of my fellow man to spot a 5 STAR CUNT a fuckin’ mile away. DOH! Mind you,thinking about it, I’ll bet it’s the gay mafia just looking after their own; the shirt liftin’ cocksuckin’ CUNTS.

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  3. Cunt, stop trying to smuggle your Brazilian boyfriends into the country, you cunt. God, I hate this sanctimonious cunt.

  4. During the Napoleonic Wars a French ship was sunk off the E coast of England; the only survivor was a monkey that swam ashore. It was tried in Hartlepool as a French spy, on the grounds that it didn’t speak English, and was sentenced to death by shooting the following morning.
    The prisoner’s jailer, feeling sorry for the wee chap, took him out of the jail to show him some Hartlepool nightlife; a visit to a local tavern was much enjoyed by both, and also by the serving wench who very gladly accommodated the prisoner, in every sense…
    The gallant little monkey went bravely to his death the following morning, unaware that his moment of lust had set in train the usual biological events. Nine months later, a child was born.
    It integrated well into local society, and its own offspring did fairly well for themselves.
    Indeed, it is said to this very day of one Hartlepool MP that he looks remarkably simian…

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