2 thoughts on “Alan Johnson

  1. this guy doesn’t know the difference between the truth and lies.
    I sum him up as ” im so likable ” and ” im so trustworthy ” and he spent a year touring the studios and the town halls all over country -telling everyone very angrily how we were all wrong and bigots and half-wits because he knew the truth and like jesus he would share it with us if we asked nicely and duly he obliged explaining to us bigots how no immigrants could ever take a house from a uk resident by climbing above them in the housing list .
    this is wrong and a lie and he hates white people and he hates the working class and he is a little messenger boy for the poshies who he worships -he is so busy climbing the greasy pole by doing whatever he is told to that he has forgotten what the difference is between a lie and the truth .
    he strikes me as a thicko who muddles through somehow-I know he is very popular with the media and other parliamentarians and the public -even my g/f thinks he is a very nice man…. he may be seen as trustworthy and likable but he is in reality a mr.tom for the poshies and a liar who hates the white working class English with a passion .

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