The Labour Party (8)

The Labour party and S’Kier Starmer. It’s Wednesday 17th Feb, and it’s already turned into a shit week for HM’s official opposition. Last week, Starmer was photographed in front of a Union Flag, and was talking shit about how the party needed to be seen as more patriotic. The problem there though, is that t

he party is now infested with middle class, Oxbridge parasites, who despise the UK, especially the working class. Nobody is EVER going to believe that the Labour party is in anyway patriotic. They still haven’t shaken their image as an anti-Semitic party.

Then it came out that S’Kier, having seen his personal and party ratings take a dive, has recently brought in that slimy pile of dog shit, Peter Mandelson as an advisor, much to the disgust of…well…most people. You know you’re on the way out of the door when you have to resort to employing a nasty, corrupt (had to resign from government twice over financial scandals) self-import cunt like Mandelson to raise your image.

Then a Labour group published a report which demanded that when (ha ha ha) Labour get back into government, they should pay reparations to various countries, because of the Empire, slavery etc etc. They also want to get rid of the awards system, Knighthoods, MBE’s and all that, and presumably military awards too and the House of Lords. To be honest, I can fully get behind the abolishment of the House of Lords, they’re all a bunch of cunts anyway.

And here’s the best bit. They have now decided that they will no longer be using gender specific titles such as Mr and Mrs, and will be replacing them with the made up ‘Mx’. You can opt to use Ind, which I think means indeterminate or Misc, which is miscellaneous. Wow, they’re really appealing to the population outside the Metrocentric so called ‘elite’, aren’t they. If I receive a letter from Labour which begins with ‘Dear Mx’, I will send it back to them with the words; “It is a scientific fact that their are only TWO genders. Anyone who thinks otherwise, should not be allowed to be vote because they are intellectually incapable of making such a decision” written in big letters on the top of it.

I firmly believe that our current government is shite. And incompetent (with the exception of Trade Secretary, Liz Truss, and Kemi Badenoch who, despite taking the worst racist abuse from the other side of the commons and their demented supporters for being a black, female Tory, is very happy to kick the likes of BLM and Antifart squarely in the bollocks). Especially the albino walrus in Downing Street. So it’s truly depressing the opposition are even bigger cunts. And there is every sign that they’re just going to get worse.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw