Sam Allardyse [2]


I already tried to cunt Allardyce when he was first appointed.

My points were basically these. What qualifications does the fat, useless cunt have to be the national team manager? Has he managed at the highest club level? No. Was he a highly respected player who’s played at the highest level? No. Has he managed clubs who’ve had regular European competition thus exposing him to experience outside of the domestic leagues? No. Has be regularly managed big ego players at the height of their careers and molded them into winning teams? No.

So again, what exactly are his qualifications? It just goes to show how far the national football team has regressed such that this industrial strength ‘com on lads get stook in will ya’ gets a shot at England manager. If you thought Hodgson was bad, he was merely the appetiser for clown Allardyce.

The national embarrassment continues.

Nominated by: Imitation Yank

There’s been some interesting bs on the BBC Sport website about This twat saying he can’t tell Wayne Rooney where to play. And there was me thinking that was his (ludicrously well-paid) job.

Here’s a thought, he could say “Listen to me, you useless, fat, wiggy, Scouse cunt. Fucking play where I tell you to play or I’ll have you out of the team faster than you can open your wallet when a 70-year-old prossie comes into view. You cunt.”

Just a thought.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

Sam Allardyce [2]


Amazed that nobody has cunted that fat, ugly, useless cunt Sam Allardyce.

Seeing that neanderthal grinning like a Cheshire cat on the front pages made me want to refund my dinner. “Hark”, I hear you say, “thou shalt have respect for the new England manager”. Well I don’t and here’s why.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that managing the national football team would require certain basic qualifications. Things like having been a success at the highest club level by actually winning things like league titles and cups. Has Allardyce achieved that? No. Have any of the teams he’s ‘managed’ had consistent qualifying success in European competitions? No. Has he managed any of the recognised big clubs across Europe? No. Has he had a strong track record of managing and coaching any of football’s best players? No.

So what exactly are his qualifications then? On the face of it, he doesn’t have any. So the fact he was offered the position in the first place beggars belief, but the fact he accepted it and didn’t say, “No, I’m completely unqualified, I have neither a winning track record nor mentality and my teams are generally just a bunch of thugs who kick, elbow and foul their way through games” makes him a weapons grade cunt. Absolutely cannot wait for this gargantuan prick to get fired.

Nominated by: Immitation Yank

Sam Allardyce


Sam Allardyce is a cunt.

Now I am more than a little frustrated at how Man United are playing right now (mostly shite!), but I have seen far worse (Dave Sexton and 86-89 Fergie, for a start!). But for Fat Sam to moan about United using long ball tactics?! When it comes to exciting and attacking football, Allardyce is hardly Cesar Luis Menotti, Rinus Michels or Tommy Docherty himself.

Fat Sam has always had the delusion that he is a ‘Big Name Manager’ – except he has won fuck all, whereas Van Gaal has won the lot in his time… He has inherited a sack of shit at Old Trafford though. Only those two porn barons (Gold and Sullivan) at ‘West Aiiiiim’ would see Allardyce as a managerial catch. Dodgy customers attract other dodgy customers (I remember Panorama).

So fuck off, Sam!

Nominated by: Norman