Philip Hammond (8)

Philip Hammond is a cunt, isn’t he.

This chinless Remainiac has been a constant handbrake on the Brexit process. Hammond’s been like an irritating wart on a scrotum which is apt as his face has the defeated sag of an octogenarian’s withered beanbag. In the House of Cunts it looks like a clumsy undertaker’s left a corpse on the front bench.

This week Hammond has been muttering about a Second Referendum, no doubt testing the air for interest. No mention of a third referendum or fourth or fifth.

What we require now is leaders with vision, with vim, with a gung-ho, pro-British vigour. Instead we have are these hollow men like Hammond, dour powder-puff cowards, refusing to seize opportunities, and constantly supporting the equally wretched Maycunt.

What a shame his Mum didn’t fall down the stairs while pregnant with the little shitbag.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

Philip Hammond (6)

Yes , this cunt of all cunts has actually flirted with proving all “stupid conspiracy believing fools who believe in the elite running the world ” as right…. by actually saying … AGAIN…WORD FOR FUCKING WORD.. “there will be an emergency budget to follow tomorrows budget if no deal is achieved on brexit.”

Oh my actual fucking cunting wanking bastard C.Montgomery Burns lookalike cunt of a man

yous are that uninventive , devoid of wit, brains or dexterity , you have actually chosen the same old scare fucking story of an emergency budget threatened by Osborne over 2 years ago if we dared vote to detach ourselves from the worst example of “nose in the trough cunty bastards” which is the EU.

Really ? ,emergency budget ? the same old pish spewed from EU arselicking cunts ? Please try something fucking new. Our arseholes never collapsed first time you big nosed bastard , what about a different approach ? no ? lets stick with emergency budget threats , you fucking traitor.

Surely we Brits can see past this shit, even the remoaning cunts ? I know they want to ruin any backbone we had left but even they must see this as lame and weak shit. AGAIN MR CHANCELLOR, IM WILLING TO TAKE A FINANCIAL HIT IN THE SHORT TO MEDIUM TERM TO FREE MYSELF FROM THE EU SUPERSTATE YOU CUNT!!!!!

Apologies for the caps a’la daily express , its embarrassing but my humour has gone on this and I’m just fucking pissed off now , not my most eloquent post but boiled piss hinders literacy excellence

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

Oh No! NOT ANOTHER EMERGENCY BUDGET if there’s no deal with the EU!?!?!?!?

Well, if we have to have one…….

…….can we please have the same one that George Osborne gave us after the referendum?

That’d be just fine.

Hammond – you’re a cunt.

Nominated by Boris Cuntson

Philip Hammond (3)


Philip Hammond (Foreign Secretary) is a mega-cunt.

He moans at Russia, Syrian Govts. ally) for attacking anti-Assad forces as this helps ISIL, or whatever the fuck they’re called this month. He says fuckall about Turkey/Erdogan (our NATO ally) bombing the shit out the Kurds wherever he can get at them be it in Syria or Turkey, when it’s pretty much accepted that the most effective anti-ISIL force is the Kurds. Mind you Asasd’s a cunt as well (and Putin) , if he had any sense he’d make enough concessions to the Kurds that it would make his life a bit simpler.

Having said that bring on more refugee/migrants to UK, eventually – Tories love ’em because they push up the rents for their buy-to-let demographic, labour love ’em so they can nick their postal vote.

A plague on both their houses

Nominated by: Frottom