MTV in Trafalgar Square

MTV presents Trafalgar Square: U2 and David Guetta play ‘once-in-a-lifetime show’ in London?

MTV are cunts… This is probably their first actual music related show in twenty years… These cunts are to blame for the Satan’s arse telly that is the Osbournes, Jersey/Geordie Shore, 16 and Pregnant, and several other ‘made for scum’ reality shows…

And, of course, U2 are supreme cunts and David Guetta is a cunt….

Nominated by Norman

David Guetta brings shame to the EDM name he is a electropop house music cunt throu an throu and hes more interested in half baked collaborations with cunts like nicki minaj, kelly rowland and the endless of eurodance bellends

Nominated by Titslapper



Oh god Mtv!

Those stupid assholes who helped destroy music, the funny thing is they don’t even play music videos anymore but even if they did it would be the nicki minge and taylor swift twat variety hour with stupid rap. Its just shitty reality shite shows like real world and cribs where rich douchy cunts show off their multimillion mansions and their collection of 15 cars trucks and tanks.

Who the fuck would want to watch that? Cunts that’s who! MTV are fooking cunts!

Nominated by: Titslapper

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