Michael Heseltine


Michael Heseltine is a rude arrogant old cunt who has always behaved like a spoiled child and has to be one if not the worst example of a political opportunist (and that is a fucking achievement).

He stormed out of Thatcher`s cabinet in 86 like a spoiled child because Thatcher wouldn`t do what he wanted with regards to the Westland affair.He then denounced Thatcher as a “liar who lacked integrity”.He then regretted leaving saying he could have convinced Thatcher to abandon the poll tax.Don`t make me fucking laugh.

Then he went for prime minister but thankfully he didn`t get it.

Lord Heseltine wants British MP`s to prevent Brexit directly going against the will of the British electorate. The sheer thought that the floppy haired annoying weird talking, back stabbing opportunistic arrogant old cunt could have been prime minister makes me shudder. A millionaire with over £250 million to his name that thinks he can piss over the little man.

This cunt is the epitome of everything wrong in politics!

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69