Spielberg’s “The Post”

I would like to nominate the film “The Post” for a cunting.

The film is based on (as much as Tinsel Town can muster without deviation from being “on message”) the fact that in the early 70’s the press wanted to expose the real reason behind the conflict in Vietnam. Blah, blah, blah.

The real reason behind the film is that it portrays the way that the US government of the time tried to pooh-pooh the meejah as being untrustworthy and not promoting the facts.

This is a thinly veiled put down of the current US administration (basically Trump bashing) by proxy inferring that all the liberalist, globalist, snowflake bullshit we get spoon fed from the media outlets are all true and Trump is all false.

This is a ploy as old as time itself. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I into the reign of James I (James VI of Scotland) Robert Cecil was their chief advisor. He was trusted in this role but universally hated by those from without.

To directly smear Cecil would have no doubt been to sign ones own death warrant and therefore they used proxies to deliver their message instead. The proxy in this case was the play Richard III penned by William Shakespeare.

Change Shakespeare for Spielberg, Richard III for The Washington Post, and the proxy being Nixon’s Govt in place of the Trump administration and you have the same effect.

Throw in a few ‘A’ lister luvvies – whose grasp on the realities faced by ordinary folk is as far apart as Mercury to Pluto – namely Streep and Hanks then it must all be true and therefore – by proxy – all (lefty) news agencies and meejah outlets must be all telling the truth all the time.

Unfortunately they don’t. In fact it’s very much the opposite.

Since 2016 when they (the liberati) could not believe their luck in having the anointed one Killary Cunton going up against the buffoon Donald Trump – as that was a shoe-in victory wasn’t it – through the realisation that Trump might actually get a few votes, to there being the remotest possibility that he might win, the leftist meejah were on overdrive to rubbish anything and everything to do with the Trump campaign, and even THAT wasn’t enough because Killary was such a cunt candidate!

Since he took office they now look to rubbish his administration at every juncture and most of it is a tissue of lies and yet no fucker is being held accountable for these blatant lies!

That’s because global meejah is now ok with telling lies and not dissing one another for telling lies providing the lies being told are the liberal elite, socio-globalist, “on message” lies they want the masses to believe. Who cares if they’re true or not right!?!

Spielberg I like your movies mate, I really do, but this thinly veiled layer of contempt for your Commander in Chief and his administration, is more of the same neo-liberal “broken record” that we’re sick of hearing from ultra wealthy cunts such as yourself.

Have you ever wondered why Trump actually got in? Maybe it was because ordinary Americans – who are affected by the very real issues of immigration and a shrinking middle class economy – had more of an affinity with what Trump was saying than you do, in your private security ranch, gated home in Malibu, and private estate on the Monterrey Peninsula?

Basically cunts like you are upset that for all your money and wealth, yours is still only one vote and you hate the fact that your vote doesn’t count for more than an ordinary Joe living in Idaho!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

Meryl Streep

To divert criticism from herself regarding the Weinstein scandal (Streep says she was ‘desperately silent’… So – a la Rantzen – she did fucking know!) this libtard twat is trying to point fingers at Melania Trump… It wasn’t Melania Trump who was ‘desperately silent’ about a notorious Hollywood perv, was it?…

Streep has also (like that arch snowflake cunt and husband collector, Scarlett Johansson) aimed some snide shit at Ivanka Trump… Again, Ivanka didn’t stay tight lipped about Weinstein…

Streep has also pulled a particularly dirty trick: by saying that Dustin Hoffman ‘overstepped the mark’ when he ‘slapped’ her during Kramer versus Kramer… Bringing up something that was nothing from over 30 years ago, to make someone look bad, just so she can look good?… Concorde conked cunt….

I despise Streep and these other libfuck cunts who try to blame everything on Big Don and his family… Even their own misdemeanors and shitty behaviour… A hurricane flattens Florida? That cumbucket cunt Jennifer Lawrence blames those who voted for Trump… Madogga has become an obsolete has been? She blames Big Don… Scarjo and her fellow Saturday Shite Live snowflakes aren’t getting their way? She targets Ivanka Trump… Concorde Streep stays (cough) ‘silent’ over Weinstein? She somehow thinks that Melania Trump is to blame for the whole thing…

Cunts! Cunts! Cuntety Cunts!

Nominated by Norman