Jacob Rees-Mogg and the Yellow Peril

Comedy Tory cunt Jacob Rees Mogg is apparently an Extreme racist.
He used the term ‘Yellow Peril’ referring to the Libundemocrats’, the cunt.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has claimed he didn’t know an “extremely offensive racist term” he used in the House of Commons was offensive.

The Commons leader has apologised after he yesterday used the phrase “Yellow Peril” – considered a racist metaphor for a perceived threat from East Asian people to the West – in response to a question from an MP. Rees-Mogg was using the term to describe the Liberal Democrats.

Tory MP Damien Moore had said people in his constituency felt “under attack from the vindictive policies of Labour-controlled Sefton Council” for trying to “impose a cycle network”.

In reply, Rees-Mogg said: “I hear gossip that (Moore) is actually working in collaboration, and whisper it quietly, with the Liberal Democrats in his area against these schemes, which I think shows how completely lunatic they must be to have created an alliance between him and the Yellow Peril.”

The cunt. Imagine using a phrase that suggests that our Chinese friends are a danger to us and the world in general. How could he when it is obvious that the target of his racist utterings are the LiibDumbs who are completely innocuous and a waste of oxygen, so no peril to anyone.

Mogg in Yellow Peril Shock

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38 thoughts on “Jacob Rees-Mogg and the Yellow Peril

  1. Rees-Mogg is only MP I think is ok. The rest can get fucked but I’ll be put right on that score by other cunters. These people yearn to be offended it’s what makes getting out of bed for. Miserable odious shite.

    • Your namesake Tom Hunt (MP for Ipswich) can be added to the very small list of excellent MP’s.

      Had a lot of respect for JRM up until he voted for May’s Brexit deal in which he made himself look like a total cunt.

      • There are about 30 decent Conservative MPs, including Tom Hunt.

        Only two decent Labour MPs I can think of, Graham Stringer and Sarah Champion.

        Mogg went down the shitter soon after the Referendum.

      • Sarah Champion – head screwed on right.
        I’d have to add Angela Rayner as she looks adorably filthy and the lithp ith thexy

  2. Silly posh cunt, he should never have apologised for that. It was obvious what he was referring to and the fact that he was criticised for using a well known term to describe the Chinkies he should have just laughed about and brushed it off.
    More weakness from these so called “Conservatives”. The lefties are relentless and you can never beat them by going along with their whining crap. He should have told them to fuck off……in a posh way obviously.
    What’s the point of all that expensive private school education if you get turned over by a bunch of two bob Fleet Street hacks?
    Moggy, you’re a cunt.

  3. The Left take great offence to that YP trope, and yet don’t seem to mind hurling all sorts of abuse at the Right, Brexiteers, white working class men, patriots, Boomers et al.

  4. Yellow peril is underestimated. The CCP are heading for world domination through both economic and military men’s. Fucking yellow cunts.

  5. The Chinese are slanty-eyed midget cunts with feverish yellow communistic brains. Their current project is world domination.

    The Lib Dems are totally useless, sandal wearing, bandwagon jumping communistic cunts with barely a brain between them. Their current project is to win a by-election somewhere on the Wirral.

    Fuck the lot of them. Cunts.

    Good morning everyone.

  6. The impossibly stupidly-named Thangam Debbonaire has demanded blood from Lord Snooty.

    No surprise there. You only hear from Shake Dat Thangham, the likes of Jaffa Cake Man Lammy, Abbottomus, Dawn (I ‘ate you) Butler and, Formerly, Claudia Webb when the Waddingtons Race Card needs to be taken out of the pack and waved around.

    Fuck them all, the small-minded, overpaid, race-baiting, cunting shitstirrers.

    • No big surprise. They know wokedom is trending like mad on social media and MSM, so clearly it makes sense for these fuckwits to look like they care by deriding anything and anyone who steps out of line.

      One of those classic “throwing stones” and “glass houses” moments. Although one suspects if someone was willing to do the research they would probably find an awful lot of historical shite related to these cunts that they hope will never see the light of day!

  7. His reply to the point of order should have been ‘get a fucking grip’ 😂

    ‘No blicks, no Irish, no dogs and definitely no woke yellow peril’

  8. No way should he have apologised. Yet another sign of weakness from this government that calls itself the Conservative party. It’s ok for the left to hurl insults like Nazi, racist, bigot, far right etc etc, but can’t even take a jokey reference themselves. If the tories won’t stand their ground, who will?

  9. I bet that it wasn’t a Chinese person that complained but I am sure that Chinese people all over the world appreciated his apology over his racist slur.

    You apologise if you want to be forgiven.
    But the wokes will never forgive anyone and the people that are not woke just see his apology as yet another sign of weakness.

    He is therefore an all round cunt.

  10. My dad and his veteran mates whom fought against the Indons in Malaya and then the North Viets referred to a certain people as the orange dilemma, a cross between the yellow peril and red menace. Still very true now in regards to Winnie Xinping and freinds.

  11. Jacob Rees-Mogg is like a rejected character from Viz or Harry Enfield and Chums. Bizarre guy, you are sure it is an act, but no it isn’t, he is as he appears to be – a posh Catholic Conservative worth over £150 million who has 19th century values and morals and is alive and kicking in 21st century Mondo Retardo. So he’s bound to come off an an anachronistic weirdo who causes offense when he talks about the Britain of bygone years when you could be openly psychotic.

    Yellow Peril is an arcane phrase that has returned in the past few years. The Chinese themselves call themselves yellow-skinned and also slit-eyed, they don’t mind those characterizations. They call us round-eyed and make jokes about “turning round eyed” if you go to Europe/America too long. They weren’t offended by Prince Philips, “if you stay here much longer you’ll all be slitty-eyed” in 1986. Chinese don’t get offended by words, they consider themselves the Master Race at the Center of the World. They just laugh at any name-calling, racism, shit-talk. Only weak people get offended by words and demand justice for having their feelings hurt.

  12. It just shows how censorship would be applied if the little snowflake fascists ever got their own way – no more repeats of The Inbetweeners because Simon’s car was known as “The Yellow Peril”. Let’s face it the brainless cunts in the Labour party just dislike Mr. RM, because he is posh (but why do they love Mandy and “Sir” Keir then?)

    This mus’nt say this, mus’nt say that bollocks has gone too far.

    By the way, if you are male and white don’t waste time applying to this university (another advert shows two Paki lads who are obviously in line to be the Brain of Britain, innit:


    • Coventry university was one of the renamed polytechnics i.e. it used to be known as “Coventry Poly”. The real university in that part of the world is Warwick which although mostly within Coventry was named when Coventry was in Warwickshire before 1974.

  13. I like JRM , he still lives in the late 18th century. A bit of a character.
    He should of gone further and called them slant eyed Charlie Changs.

  14. “The Honourable Vernon Fox will now apologise to the house for that disgraceful behaviour”!
    “Understood Lindsay in the hood – I apologise for not nutting that fat cunt Johnson sooner, I apologise for twanging Dame Keirs garters when in fact I was trying to strangle the oily fker and as I have been told not to mention anything about Rees-Moggs Russian investments and somewhat ambiguous interpretation but wholly legal of course tax laws to save himself a fortune I won’t – and fuck the Chinks”!
    “GET OUT”!
    “Make me”!
    Politics has descended to the point it is like visiting a circus made up of clowns and jellyfish.
    A farce we fund.

  15. I couldn’t imagine Maggie Thatch apologising for anything she said. I like Mogg but politicians these days sit on the fence so they don’t upset anyone and try to maximise votes rather than lead the country with strong policies and a driven direction.

  16. No doubt the libdumbs are feeling a bit cocky after their recent by-election victory is some such place I can’t be arsed to check. Shame they have to play the woke game because they know they don’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of winning the next GE, unless they cosy up to Liebour for yet another coalition

  17. JRM’s got a nasty habit of talking the talk and going to sleep when he should be walking the walk. Trust distance=throwing distance.

    Yellow Peril
    Red Menace
    Blue Rinse Brigade
    Green Watermelon (red on the inside – geddit?).

    Keep our language colourful, please.

  18. Addressing the House of Commons. ….
    ‘ Is there anyone with a spine ? Anyone ? Come along now ! ‘
    ….. Tumbleweed blows through, the wind moans .,….
    ‘ Speak up ! I’m looking for someone with a spine ‘
    ……… Crickets chirp. …….
    ‘ How about balls then ? Who’s got balls ?
    Anybody ? ‘
    …. Nervous shuffling of feet and uneasy coughs. …..,
    ‘ The subsidised bar is now open ! ‘
    ….. Stampede. …….
    Get To Fuck.

    • If you’d had anything to do with Gaelic-speaking Presbyterian Leòdhasach* women, you might want to change your mind. She wasn’t that struck on Donald, either.

      *From Lewis.

  19. As he’s talking about the lib dems rather than the dinks, using ‘Yellow Peril’ isnt racist.

    My black friend Tundi actually recognised this event as a non-racist non -hate incident and filed it with Scotland Yard. Moggy is safe.

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