Marcus Brigstocke [4]

This cunt. This fucking cunt has been on my hate list since the early 2000s when he wound up on the bill at a stand-up night in Cardiff.

I’m not sure if my hatred for the cunt stemmed from his then aggressively Liberal Thatcher-hating schtick (most comedians left that routine behind in the 80s), or the now archetypal ‘street life according to a privately educated cunt’ blather, or just for plain, simple fact that he is a parallelogram-headed cunt.

Now, as one of many risible cunts on the BBC gravy train for publicly anti-Brexit ‘comedians’, this totally unfunny cuntlord has wormed his way back into the public consciousness; both for his EU preachings and, more heinously, for a truly bladder-liquifying piss-boiler of an advert for a credit agency or something, where said advert features not one but TWO fucking Brigstockes simultaneously on screen, literally trying to out-cunt each other for ‘laffs’.

I suppose the one and only possible benefit to having two Marcus Brisgstockes in this world is the satisfaction of knowing that when one has been hung from the highest lamp-post and burned alive with flamethrowers, you still have the joy and anticipation of getting to do it for a second time. Kind of like finishing one giant tin of Quality Street at Christmas and suddenly remembering there is another unopened one in the cupboard under the stairs.

A man with a head so angular and mathematically correct that Pythagoras himself would frantically wank his Ionic Column dry over the endless geometric theorem possibilites, I give you the hypotenuse of cuntitude, Marcus fucking Brigstocke.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

Marcus Brigstock


Marcus Brigstock is another pompous, self aggrandising socialist weasel masquerading as an intelligent comedian.

He is not funny, and his rhetoric is the same as Uber cunts Bragg and Self. Intelligent fuckers like these fawned over The War Criminal Tony Blair …enough said.

Nominated by: The Captain