Loose Women [3]

Most of us, I guess, are rather partial to loose women. On the other hand, Loose Women must be a shoe in for Cunt Personality of the Year.

Normally, when there’s a group of middle aged women sitting around a table talking about puerile subjects in a diction thats on the level of 65 IQ, I can mute the sound and enjoy the shaggability factor. Not with these dog minges. Christ, did they advertise as mankness and a complete lack of sex appeal as essential requirements?

And, who the fuck invented Janet Street Porter? Hated the lefty cow right from the NME days.

Loose Women gives that Len Goodman rhyme shit a run for its money.

Nominated by Cunts n Roses

Loose women [2]


Loose women, ah, that pile of old hags that have given the boiler formerly known as Jordan another platform for her wanton pointless sluttery. Remember those old blow up sex dolls from the seventies? Iooked fuck all like a real woman. But, instead of the dolls getting more realistic, some slags have down graded themselves to look just like them. Silly trollops.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye