Loose women [2]


Loose women, ah, that pile of old hags that have given the boiler formerly known as Jordan another platform for her wanton pointless sluttery. Remember those old blow up sex dolls from the seventies? Iooked fuck all like a real woman. But, instead of the dolls getting more realistic, some slags have down graded themselves to look just like them. Silly trollops.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

133 thoughts on “Loose women [2]

  1. its a chance for this gobby bunch of slappers to be able to run their fucking mouths,what they don’t understand is we,er still not listening….pointless cunts get back to being housewives…..and lilly allen is still a blue haired retarded cunt

  2. Cheap, easy production presented by ‘has beens’ or ‘never was’ types.
    Probably littered with ads for loans and bingo sites.
    Watched by menopausal housewives and tracksuited, giro cashing chav slags….

    • Do they still cash giros anymore? I’d though it would have gone all online or automatic by now, in fact I’m surprised they still have job centres.

      • Just wondering, I’ve never been on the dole or in a jobcentre so it’s something completely alien to me, I had an uncle who always cashed his giro in and then went into the bookies next door but that was 20 years ago.

  3. I love loose women, always good for some fisting action and maybe some anal for afters. What you say Dick Fiddler?

    • I’d imagine Jordan would be pretty” loose” to begin with. You’d probably need to strap a plank to your arse before you climbed aboard.
      Nothing worse than a group of menopausal bags getting together. They rev each other up with tales of their “sexual rights”. I remember the ex once attended an Anne Summers party and came back drunk and in the mood to be “pricked to the quick”. A foul woman sober,drunk and making sexual advances,she was infinitely worse. I retreated upstairs as she stumbled her wayup behind me. “How about some role-play,big boy?. I demand my conjugal rights” the virago slurred “We can act out any film scene you fancy”. That did it, as I span round on the landing she realised her terrible error. “This is…. SPARTA!!”, I roared at the drunken slattern as I tit-hoofed the drunken bitch back down the stairs.
      Must admit,when I was sure the crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs was out cold,I crept down and enacted the scene out of Straw Dogs on her unconscious body,so at least she got the pricking she do desperately craved. Not that the ungrateful cow even thanked me as the ambulance men came to remove her.

  4. Meanwhile, in more news you will not hear on BBC, Sky at el. The ( Anti ) American ( Anti ) Democratic party “conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry” and are using MSM to further that goal.

    In leaked documents, some via wikileaks and others not, senior people in Killary Kiloton’s campaign team are quoted as saying;

    “we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.”

    Other documents identify friendly journalists and those whom the campaign regarded as their most reliable “surrogates”. They go on to tell of glitzy, intimate, completely off-the-record parties between top campaign aides and leading media personalities.

    You may say “So what? Didn’t we already know this?” Sure we knew it, but now we can prove it.




    • Did u hear that she’s all for a “hemispheric govt”.
      That basically means one govt for the western world.
      It’s like the EU on steroids.

      Next step toward one world govt.
      Globalist xunting shill

  5. my post on lilly allen has gone awol,so I will have to say it again lilly all is a cunt,the retard is now in the Calais jungle picking up immigrant shit stain kids and appoligising on our behalf the cheeky twat for the way they are being treated…the reality of this is she will do anything to get her ugly mug on the telly even hang around farage hoping he,s gonna say something she can use to get on the telly..at least the retards can now speak English properly even when all that comes out of her mouth is bollocks it really grinds my gears….I say again its the fault of the parents for bringing the brats to france knowing you cant get into the uk without risking being run over,its the fault of the French for letting the tide of immigrant shit into their country in the first place and its not for the allen cunt to be appoligising for me ….fuck them all her included….she should jump of the media band wagon so charloot church can get on and then we will have to listen to her bang on about how unjust the world is……..why are all these crap singers dabbling at politics now if now for the tv time…..2 more for loose slappers to join in on being ignored…..cunts

    • Lily Allen…. Acts like a mong… Talks like a mong… Sings like a mong… Looks like a mong….

      And will she actually take in any of these’ kids’ herself, and let them live with her? Will she fuck, that fucking plug ugly mong…

    • The sooner Lily Allen does an Amy Winehouse, the better. And her fucking father. Cunts.

    • There are loads of reasons that I despise the far left, their hypocrisy and their intolerance of people who disagree with them for a start. Then there’s their childishness, nastiness and tendency towards violence whenever they don’t get their own way. But right near the top of my list of reasons, is their arrogant presumption that they have the right to speak for everyone.

      Allen is proof of that arrogance. How dare this second rate warbler apologise to a fucking Afghan rag head ‘on behalf of my country for what we did to your country’. What we did, was free them from the Taliban. Ok, the powers that be fucked it up somewhat, but those of us who had our boots on the ground did the best job we could.

      Apparently, once Allen had dried her crocodile tears, the “13” year old parasite she spoke to smiled and replied; “Yes. You suckee my dick now, yes white, infidel whore? Suckee my dick”? She probably fucking did too.

      If she wants to travel to a dump in Calais, and show the world what an ignorant, shit talking soft touch she is, that’s her business. She’s perfectly entitled to do that. What she is NOT entitled to do, is assume that the British people are right behind her, and that she has the right to speak on our behalf. I’m pretty sure that most of us are not, and she does NOT have the right to speak for anyone but herself.

      It’s a pity that Allen and all the other lefty, soft touch, dick heads don’t put even half as much effort into fighting for causes at home as they do in demanding the government allow ALL foreign parasites into the UK, no questions asked.

      There are tens of thousands of British people living rough on the streets of Britain. Many of them have serious mental health issues. You’d think the likes of Allen, Jude Law, Benedryl Cabbagepatch etcetera would be up arms over such a disgrace. But no, these people all have English, Welsh or Scottish accents, so they couldn’t give a fuck. Tell them that little Ahmed lost his parents to ISIS, and they jump and down demanding that the British taxpayer spend his whole life paying for him. Fuck Lilly Allen, and all the other bleeding heart celebrities. Bunch of cunts.

      Oh and Lilly, we DID NOT bomb them. We only bombed the fucking Taliban. Gets your facts right, dickhead.

      • QED QDM. Fucking brilliant cunting. Along with cunt of the year we might need cunter of the year and cunting of the year. Here’s another cunt: Zeid Raad al-Hussein, the UN Human Rights Commisar who has interfered in the US election decrying Donald Trump. He’s a representative of a member state of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation seeking to pursue raghead influence throughout the world, The cunt criminal Killary Cunton reckons “islam is not our adversay” so it’s fucking obvious the UN raghead wants the democrats elected despite she’s used the phrase sand niggers about said peaceful ones. Zeid Raad al-Hussein is a cunt goat fucker and should mind his own business back in the fucking desert.

      • I saw that prick on the news. It almost defies belief that a follower of a cult that worships violence, barbarity, homophobia and extreme MISOGYNY, would dare to criticise Donald Trump for anything. Then I remembered that rag heads are even bigger hypocrites than their fuckwit left wing dhimmis.

      • Apparently, Allen has suffered something of a backlash for her apology. I’m actually hoping that a female will punch her, right in the mouth. Anyway, she’s now claiming that she’s willing to let a refugee live in her house. We’ll see Lilly. We’ll see.

        By the way, will your generosity extend to paying for this refugee’s medical needs, education, food etcetera? Or are you expecting the British taxpayer to foot the bill. Only, you can shove that one right up your arrogant arse. You want them here, you fucking pay for them.

      • I don’t care if the peroxide mong gets hit in the face by a wrecking ball… As long as she does get a smack in the mush…

      • Excellent cunting QDM. Lilly Allen (and her gobshite father) are a pair of cunts.
        Who the fuck does she think she is. She didn’t ask me to speak for he. She fucking doesn’t and should assume anybody agrees with her let alone everybody.
        Report I read said she would 100% “consider” taking in a rapeugee. What’s the betting that after such consideration nothing happens.
        Wind your neck in you tuneless cunt and fuck off.

    • Beat me to the cunting, she really is an arsehole. Crying because of what her country has done??? she really has hit the high level of fuckwit. “What my country has done” why can’t she and her ilk just shut up or fuck off forever. I bet her tax affairs are such that HM Govt gets more than it should, she is so worried about all the poor refugees. Economic migrants thats the long and short of it. Wake up you silly bitch and realise that all your shit spouting does is wind people up. Fucking bawling; even the econ-mig looks as if he is going to chunder. Lily shut up please, do us all a big favour please I am begging you I really hate wearing the killer clown suit and you are pushing the buttons. (had that suit since 1984 got it in hospital)

  6. talking of loose women I see kim kardashit is sueing a magazine for saying what the rest of the world thinks…..it was an insurance scam and trying to stop anyone saying it dosnt change a thing,handy when the pair of morons were bankrupt the other month a 9 million insurance payout would certainly keep her in shoes for a while…..what a cunt

  7. Don’t get me started on those old trollops, I thought Denise Welch was bad, and would take some beating….Come back Denise all is forgiven beside Ruth Langsford, Denise is the arch angel Gabriel, as for that token darkie who was a one hit wonder and thinks she is intelligent and that bloody old man eater Janet Teeth Porter. Dear god whose idea of heaven was this programme when the schedulers got together?
    It condescending and patronising to women and an aberration that needs taking off air pronto so we can all sleep a little easier in our beds knowing these bitches are all on the dole.

    • They’re also all so thick and brainless…. I recall one of the Loose Witches lambasting Rising Damp and saying something like ‘Ohhh, it was soooo racist!’ When in actual fact it wasn’t… It sent up petty bigotry (in the form of Leonard Rossiter as Rigsby), but the black character, Philip Smith (played by Don Warrington) always outwitted Rigsby, got great lines, and was adored by Miss Jones… Philip and Rigsby also became closer and good friends as the series went on… The daft bitch who was criticising the show has probably never even seen it properly… Just typical knee-jerk ‘everything from the 70s was terrible’ bollocks…

      And aren’t Collleen Nolan and Nadia Sawalah immense media whores?…

      • In the seventies Hartley the Hare and Rainbow (with the wholesome likes of Rod Jane and Fredie) occupied this time slot on ITV before the News at 1 pm with Leonard Parkin.

        Now these racid old snatches and ITN news aka the voice of the CIA .

        Give me the 70s anyday.

      • Collleen Nolan and Nadia Sawalah where to start, one is most famous for being “in the mood” and divorcing Shane Ritchie and the other was some slag on Eastbenders and has done nothing else since… HMMM they call that talent… I don’t think so ITV !

  8. My post about Saint Caroline of Aherne of the blessed Merton has also vanished… So here goes:

    Caroline Aherne -or should I say – the canonisation of Caroline Aherne – needs cunting…
    Ever since the demise of the late Mrs Merton, the revisionism, hype, and treading on eggshells is staggering…

    First of all, all this bollocks about her being a ‘national treasure’ and a ‘comedy genius’… For me comedy genius is Chaplin, Keaton, Hancock, Milligan, Sellers, Barker, Pryor (at his best live)… Comedy genius is not doing a chatshow dressed as a granny or playing a chav who sits on her arse all day watching telly… There was no adaptability (like Barker going from Porridge to Open All Hours or Rossiter going from Perrin to Rigsby)… It was always the same thing and voice, just tweaked a little… She couldn’t even do a Spanish accent on The Fast Show… For imbeciles to go on about Aherne like she was a female Charlie Chaplin is absurd… But that’s the modern Dianafied griefjacking UK for you…

    And as for the outcry over Hooky’s recent revelations, it just shows that celebrity is the new religion (with griefjacking at its heart)… Because there are pillocks out there who are acting like Hooky has pissed on a holy shrine and said he shagged the Blessed Virgin… Just like Diana, Jade Goody, Amy Winehouse, or Wacko Jacko… These people seem to be beyond reproach when they snuff it and nobody wants to address the nasty bits and cuntish behaviour… As one of the other Beatles said of Lennon in the 80s, ‘People act now like he was this saint… Like ‘Martin Luther Lennon’, but he wasn’t..’

    Peter is now getting all that crap from people who don’t even know what went down… Fuck ’em all, and give them hell, Hooky…

    • Same goes for Victoria Wood… Nothing against her at all, but to eulogise her as a comedy genius is ridiculous… Judy Garland (when dealing with hecklers on stage) was funnier than Aherne and Wood put together..

      • What about that cunt on the gravy ads ,Linda something . never saw her in anything else ,but she’s still in the papers …..i wish Coleen Nolan would die but we’d never get her out the papers either ,but then again she always is . 2016 and there’s still a Nolan making money ……fuck off…….

      • Apparently Hooky said that Aherne was an abusive wife, and that he was subject to both psychological and physical abuse by Aherne… My cousin was the victim of a psychotic partner (until he left the demented bitch), and she did the butter wouldn’t melt routine (until she was actually caught/recorded in the act)… Hooky isn’t the sort of bloke to make things up, and I’ve heard tales of Aherne being unpleasant while drunk… But the fact that these wankers who are condemning Hooky without hearing him out are cunts…

      • I remember those crappy ‘Oxo Family’ ads, birdman… And when the woman (Lynda summat) who was in them died, the griefjackers were acting like it was The Queen who had croaked… Again, there was ‘saintly’ revisionism and people tried to forget/cover up that the Oxo woman did a couple of (cough) dodgy films when she was younger… Nowt wrong with that (doing the films), but making her out to be some sort of multitalented acting genius nun was taking the piss…

      • The term “comedy genius” gets banded about a bit too readily for my liking. Victoria Wood was OK, had her moments and so did Caroline Aherne. But genius? Fuck off!

        But you have to remember they were both battling grave physical, emotional and intellectual handicaps; they were women. So they did their best but like the spaz in the 100 yard dash, last was the best they could do.

      • Linda Bellingham? She was in All Creatures Great and Small. A long, long time ago. I don’t remember her being in anything other than the OXO ads though. And her fucking widower should be cunted too, just for not having the decency to stay the fuck out of the papers. To be fair though, he has been quiet for the past couple of months. I’m sure he’ll be back before long though.

  9. Erm…eh….uhm…..you don’t happen to ..erm….know…eh…the names of them dodgy filums ?……..

      • Got her tits out in the first Sweeney film, then got murdered. Diane Keen also got em out in the same movie then got machine gunned. (Frankly they were nothing to get worked up about).

      • She also gets one tit out in Confessions of a Driving Instructor but it really, really isn’t worth sitting through it, even on fast forward. Watch Sweeney! as Mr Bastard recommends, far, far better. Plus you see them both.

      • The Sweeney it is ,though I’ll probably give confessions a go too . is that the one with Jill Gascoigne in ? ……….

  10. I fucking hate lille Allen, she’s one of many K.O.C.s or Kid Of a Celebrity, meaning she’s only famous because of Daddy Allen, so famous her Dad’s first name escapes me, I hate other K.O.C.s to – jack Osborne, Stella McCartney etc only famous because Mammy or Daddy is or was! (Lisa Tarbuck, Zoe Ball)

  11. Britpop… Has it ever been cunted?….

    It was music for ‘Loaded/FHM reading oafs and lagered up tosspots, basically… Suede (who hated Britpop anyway) were alright, Bluetones, and Pulp had their moments, but the rest of it was out and out shite… Blur (piss poor Kinks and Barrett era Floyd impersonators), Oasis (crappy Rutles impressions), Elastica (utter crap, featuring ugly Suede/Blur groupie as ‘singer), Manic Street Preachers (stadium rock sub-U2 drivel), Sleeper (another load of shite with an ugly bitch as a singer), and Kula Shaker ( all I can say is ‘For fuck’s sake!’)…. Any missing?..

      • I like the Verve and have theirs and Ashcroft’s solo stuff ,but i always end up turning it off half way through coz it gets a bit drab. Same as the Stereophonics last few albums………

      • I heard that the Oasis/Blur feud started because Liam shagged Albarn’s girlfriend (that ugly bird from Elastica)… If he did, he’s a braver lad than I thought (she was fucking awful)… Mind you, which pop star of the time didn’t have a tumble with the ‘Britpop Bike’?…

      • Justine Friesian was an ugly ,hairy cow ,but for some reason (music media) all the “lads” fancied her . but for me it has always been Sarah Cracknell…just beautiful……..

      • Sarah Cracknell was lovely… My favourite though was Toni Halliday of Curve (see pic)…

        Justine thingy was ugly as fuck, but an ‘indie darling’, so trendy student cunts and pretentious journo pricks claimed to fancy her, which I find hard to believe… Frischmann looked like Bert from Sesame Street with lipsstick…


      • I recall some indie Blur and Elastica loving student cunt in a pub around 96/97: and this cunt insisted he would rather have PJ Harvey than a Spice Girl or that singer, Louise, who later married that Jamie Deadkrapp cunt… He was trying to be ‘intellectually superior’ and a ‘hipster’ by pretending to fancy Harvey… Who the fuck would gub that? A skeleton with stick-on eybrows for fuck’s sake.. Not only was he a pretentious cunt, he was also blind (and, I dare say, gay)… I am no Spice Girls fan, but here is the aforementioned Louise from the time… I rest my case…


    • You forgot menswear and cast . Suede were and still are excellent , their last two albums are probably the best they ever done . i wouldn’t call Oasis britpop though….liam,iam,liam………

      • Cast were a shite La’s and Menswear were a musical turd… ‘Dog Man Star’ is a masterpiece, but the two recent albums are Suede back to their best… And who can forget Seahorses? Squire was (still is) the top bollocks as a guitarist, but Chris Helme was a bellend…
        And Dodgy sounded like a bad Hollies tribute act…

      • D’you remember the Shire horses ( mark ‘n’lard) funny as fuck ….still listen to the seahorses today ,but it’s hard to sing along without developing a Yorkshire accent….. Super duper mega hyper choca bloca aisles……….

      • I did miss one, and probably the worst… The pile of sweaty retro bollocks crap that were Reef….

        Those Scouse cunts,The Boo Radleys (shite name) doing that ‘Wake up it’s a beautiful morning! Chris Evans on the radio!’ still makes me want to puke…

        Ocean Colour Scene were OK though….

  12. For all her lack of comic genius, Caroline Aherne was possessed of a fine pair. As is Coleen Nolan.

  13. Well its about 2 days old but I have to admit borris asked the question.

    Stop the war coalition are a bunch of cunts!
    Firstly they seem to have this idea that if we are “nice” everyone will be nice to us…….Unfortunately this is not the case, we were all kids once and went to school and our behaviour reflected the authority of the teacher in the classroom.
    Next the big onus on war crimes! I doubt any of them have ever been to war, they have never comforted hurt civilians nor trapsed through the remains of their pitiful possessions to protect them from an un accountable enemy (who they defend)
    Lastly and most importantly is their refusal to protest against a first world super power that is actively engaging civil and humanitarian target’s, in Siria (I personally do not have a problem with this and would recommend blood agent use over the whole country)
    So who fund’s you “stop the war coalition” where are you comming from with your march for peace? Why is ok for the Russians to tip phosphorus on a neighbourhood and not us?
    Just thinking out loud on that one, and why do we tolerate you?

    • Anyone who is pro war must be a nutter but these stop the war coalition tits are wank stain lefty luvie style cunts. They are made up of the very same people who would support bombing a nasty dictator in order to avert a humanitarian crisis. Worked out well so far, hasn’t it you fucking dos twats? Hand wringing holier than thou cunts.

      I’ve said it before but the British armed forces are there to defend Britain and Britains overseas territories. Not to go running around in deserts getting shot at by wogs. The only exception to this would be a small expeditionary force into Calais to sort out the Jungle.

      • ex-French President. ‘Black Jacques’ Chirac would have tested a missile or two on the Calais Jungle… What’s disgusting is that these snowflakes and celebrity scum care more about ‘kids’ from the Calais Jungle than they do homeless and abused British children… Have Lily Mong or Benedict Cuntbercunt ever mentioned the tragic victims of Rotherham, Rochdale, or Jimmy Savile? Have they fuck… Bring back the guillotine…

  14. can I cunt the i/independent comment moderator – fucker won’t let me my 2 pennnoth in about about septics using depleted uranium in iraq

  15. Buck toothed, bee gee faced, fucktard of a bender, Rylan clarke,?has announced that his new stepson, (obviously the highly embarrassed kid of some other bender that rylan is bumming) dosent even know that rylan is such a famous man.

    He’s oblivious that he’s living with such a star- says the gurning gay gimp

    Yep, that’s the story

    Wheres a fucking killer cunting clown when u need one.

  16. As any cunt (i.e. Lilly Allen) thinks they can apologise on behalf of any other cunt (i.e. anyone else – whether they’re sorry or not, I for one am NOT sorry in the slightest you sorry excuse for a stalker victim), I would like to apologise on behalf of the whole England football squad for their derisory performance against that footballing giant Slovenia.

    I luckily missed the match last night due to travelling but caught the lowlights in the pub tonight. What a bunch of fucking overpaid cunts they are.

    Oh and Lilly, don’t apologise on my behalf unless you have my express permission YOU CUNT!

    Oh and Keith, if you don’t like me calling your porcelain fragile daughter a cunt, tough I don’t fucking care. You like to be seen as an edgy hard cunt, but when push comes to shove, I bet you’re as hard as a stray dog’s shit! YOU CUNT!

    • Just who does this inbred looking windowlicker, Lily Allen, claim to represent? Who the fuck voted her into any sort of position? No fucker, that’s who!
      My guess is old spaz features will be putting out a new album soon, and that this is a bit of very cynical promotion and publicity for it… Has the singing mong shown any sympathy to the women of Cologne, or the lorry drivers and motorists who run the Calais gauntlet?… No? There’s a surprise…

      • “I apologise on behalf of my country for being a dumb stupid talentless cunt” -Lily Allen http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37628854

        Do You see cunters, retarded Beeb never even did the full quote! Boy she’s looking mongy lately eh?
        I’m far from looking like a prince but that blonde hair just doesn’t suit her that much I know, I thought she was supposed to be posh?

  17. It’s like when prime ministers offer condolences on behalf of the whole nation when a shitstorm happens or when another cunt of a world leader or sleb dies ,when in fact there is a large part of the population rejoicing………..

    • Remember Tony Blair apologising for Britains involvement in the slave trade? There is no level that cunt would stoop to. We should start a movement. “Not in my Name, Cunt”
      Want to bomb some cavemen? Not in my name,cunt.
      Apologise for some point in history, now deemed a bit naughty? Not in my name, cunt.
      Did pig fucker apologise to the Mau Mau? Not in my name, cunt. I suppose saying sorry for something that happened two hundred years ago is easier than saying sorry for their own fuck ups….

  18. Cunt excuse of the day for being a cunt has to go to my previously nominated cunt Will Young.

    Will (according to all the meejah luvvies) claim he left Strictly Cunt Prancing because of anxiety – which he suffers from – and that Len Goodman should not have been honest about his lack of ability and should have appeased the cunt by rubbing his fragile ego (cos he’s such a huge star isn’t he).

    It is claimed that Will is “still suffering from PTSD” from having “come out publicly” (as being gay) shortly after his win on Flop Idle!

    Will mate, it was the 2000’s when you came out bud, and – not wishing to piss on your strawberries – no one could have cared less, either about you, your music (in the loosest sense of course) or your sexual preferences!

    I’m sure many a person in the armed forces who have experienced or witnessed catastrophic events, resulting in life or limb being lost, would agree wholeheartedly that your PTSD is right up there with their own experience of it…

    I wouldn’t care, had you been outed in the 40’s/50’s when such practices were illegal, and where true heroes like Alan Turing submitted to chemical castration rather than be imprisoned (which eventually drove him to suicide), then I might have had one iota of sympathy for you.

    However, as it is now as it was in the 2000’s, no one gives a fuck and gays are happy to publicly state they’re gay. There is no stigmatism associated with it whatsoever, so get the fuck over yourself you (unfounded) victimisation cunt!

    Bet you’re not too fucking traumatised or stressed out to do every fucking media show you can over the next few weeks (and milk the anxiety card for all it’s worth) in order to promote that new album (which every cunt under the sun knows you have waiting in the wings).

    Don’t tell me, it’s an Xmas album titled: Will Young at Xmas – Music to Make Your Ears Bleed!

    Utter cunt!

    • That cunt ruined Light My Fire forever . because of the constant airplay it got ,i still hear it when I’m listening to The Doors version . how the fuck did they let Cowbell get his hands on a Doors song ? Jim Morrison wil be spinning in his villa in Tobago…………”Cowbell ” was actually the spell check ,even it is making up funny names for cunts

      • Its a bit rich a bummer talking about PTSD isn’t it? Considering they shove marrows up their arses you would have thought they were used to trauma by now. Not that there is anything wrong with being a perverted pillow biting cunt with no more right to live than a deadly virus. No, nothing to be ashamed of there.

    • A source close to Will is quoted as saying “Will is a deeply private person and has been out of the spotlight for a long time and he doesn’t enjoy being the centre of attention. It all got too much.”
      FUCK me Will mate it’s a dancing comp viewed by millions, maybe not the best place to be inconspicuous you mincing great attention seeker, throwing your toys out of the pram because not everyone was in awe of your “celebrity” jesus you had a few songs in the top 40 after winning a fucking shit contest and starred in a film with Judi Dench, it’s not like your Spencer Tracy and won Oscars. What a fucking entitled mincing homo.

  19. Robbie Coltrane is a fucking fat ugly Scottish alcoholic boring smelling-of-shit and piss CUNT of the first order.
    Why the fuck should we have to put up with seeing all that fat and sweat and fifty fat triple chins….and listen to stories about that fat cunt eating twenty fish and chip suppers then drinking five gallons of tenants lager.
    He makes me fucking sick.
    Fuck off and die now from your long overdue heart attack you fat ugly waste of space.

  20. An historical apology is a huge cunt. The fucking Germans have grovelled abjectly for years for gassing and deportations. So uch so they have let every Turk and raghead in with the aim of integration towards making Germany a rainbow nation. One of em got signed by Manchester City. German Goo Girls probably ought to read East European Goo Girls because their ain’t enough German birds left there to be spunked on. Another pisser is the blacks and leftard arty types banging on about slavery. When did it end? Fucks sake shut yer gobs and stop whining. And Rule Britannia – Britons never, never,never shall be slaves. Raghead cunt pirates plundered, raped and pillaged along our coast taking wimminz and kids into slavery. Them Romans were cunts too (except for Claudio Ranieri) and enslaved our entire nation. Do we moan and want payback and a “sorry ?” No we fucking don’t we just get on with it. No apology given and none asked for. Sky broadband is a cunt for losing my previous posting of this. Lily Allen is a pissy little cunt who nobody would fuck on an SS sex detail. Doubt even Dick would bother except he was on really hard drugs. Will Young is anopen goal cuntinv the butter bummed cunt. Anyway, not in my name exceot I would apologise for the BBC which is a sorry cunt of an organisation giving air time to sorry little cunt slebs.

    • Brilliant rant ,everything off the chest for a minute or two……….i have never enslaved another human being in my life ,so i have nothing to apologize for to the white apologist scum . they never mention that it was fellow Africans that gathered up the slaves who, if we are to be truthful would never have ended up in good old old USA today……

  21. Loose women theme. I see that two have come out of the woodwork with claims against Trump. One claims he squeezed her tits and tried to put his hand up her skirt on an aircraft forcing her to flee 30 odd years ago. Another (ex employee) says he kissed her full on the mouth in an elevator (lift) when she shook hands with him. I wonder if he had his Tic Tacs with him and if it was his hand she was shaking?
    On a more serious note namely the U.S. Presidential Election can it really be that in a country with a population of almost 325 million cunts Trump and Clinton are the two best prospects going for them? What a frightening prospect that one of those will in a very short space of time be the most powerful person on earth and either dealing with or pissing off Putin!

    • Firstly I should like to cunt those who fuck around with websites which worked perfectly well before but are now full of bugs.

      Secondly, I have it on good authority that the Isrealis have video of billy boy clinton raping a 13 year old girl and will release it later this week. Should trump anything Clinton has against Trump.

    • And the burnt cunts are just coming out now?! How interesting!, To think that the last tactic the MSM has on Trump is Pussygate but unlike Bill Clinton who actually fucking raped women.

      Isn’t it also great knowing that certain countries especially america,france and uk(but to a lesser extent) are the stupid cunts responsible in constantly provoking russia and putin in a war. Journalist ethics is in shambles, If we get a full out nuclear war thank the MSM and the douchebags in the pentagon for being corrupt cunts.

      • The MSM were cheerleaders of the invasion of Afghanistan. And Iraq. And Libya. And now they are screaming “we need to do something about Syria”. Sometimes its difficult to say who has the whip hand, the MSM or the politicians. Either way they are both a set of cunts.

      • You have it on good authority about Cunton ?. Please ,please let it be true ,i have been waiting years for his fall…….fingers crossed…..

    • Trump actually wanted to encourage further talks and trade deals with Russia a few months ago but it went unnoticed because he’d also said that he’d stop Muslims going into the USA until they knew “what the hell is going on”.

      The current incumbent has to be seen to be against Putin/Russia in order to tow the line with popular western opinion. Hillary Clinton merely echoes that opinion for the same reason.

      Trump couldn’t give a fuck about the world stage opinion (of him or the USA “we’re the greatest country on earth!”) and so that frees him up to be honest about wanting to nurture better relations with Russia and it’s leader.

      Amazing that a Republican wants to dampen down a re-emergence of the cold war, while the Democrats wish to fuel that fire.

      The US meejah is as bad as our own in trying to stifle change and will do anything to get their candidate in power even though they are Satan incarnate!

      Trump may be a buffoon who talks before he thinks but I’d take him any day over that malevolent cunt Clinton.

      I’d also like to cunt the so called “sources” who claim they have all this evidence to discredit the Clinton campaign making her chance of becoming President untenable (Julian Assange, et. al.). Where is it then you cunts? What are you waiting for? If you have hard evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton (no one gives a fuck about what Bill’s done now cos that teflon harriden would still avoid getting smeared) then let’s get it out there now!

      Unless of course you’re waiting for her to become President elect and then rubbish her meaning another campaign with different protagonists until you get the one YOU want! That makes you just as big a set of cunts as Killary and her meejah mates!

  22. I can knock one out to anything on TV, the merest hint of cleavage, a short skirt, even a pair of slutty heels, but in all my days I’ve never once managed to knock one out to Loose Women.

  23. extending the lily allen cunting not that its not long enough,it appears hundreds of Syrian shit stain kids are coming to the uk from Calais….I bet a tenner the allen cunt tries to take credit fot that…..followed by their parants before to long

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