Justine Greening [2]

EMERGENCY CUNTING – The lovely, delectable Justine Greening is calling for a second EU referendum.

Three options. Option 1- Theresa May’s “fudged deal”, Option 2- Leave with No Deal, Option 3 (you’ve guessed it) is to Remain in the EU.

Well Justine, you stupid bitch we have ALREADY voted, and we (the majority) voted to LEAVE so absolutely no need for a second vote. Article 50 has been triggered, and we are leaving. As the EU threatened us initially “once article 50 has been triggered it cannot be reversed and there is no going back” (unless it looks like you are not sure and then perhaps it can be reversed).

To cite a game show we were told that a Deal (means we stay) or a No Deal (means we leave). No third alternative.

As in another game show to quote Anne Robinson (in the event of No Deal) suggest we tell the EU quite simply that you can Fuck right off, and “that you leave with nothing”.

If only we had someone in government willing to step up to the plate and tell these EU cunts what they can do. After all, its only our fucking country at stake.

I cannot put into words how much I hate our politicians for what they are doing to this country and to my (and other peoples) mental health.


Nominated by Willie Stroker

Justine Greening

Justine Greening the education secretary and equalities minister is a massive cunt.So she has announced today that she wants to make it easier for people to change gender by making it official via a form with no input of a Doctor or Psychologists as well as reducing the sex change age to 16.She has also announced she wants to make it possible for people to change their birth certificates to reflect their gender.To top it all off her deputy Nick Gibb wants teachers to be tougher on kids who use words such as “gay”.As a gay man himself, he says “this is personal”.So the Education Department led by Greening is now the department for Social Justice Activism and Cultural Marxism (Although it has been going that way for sometime).This is supposed to be the Conservative Party but its main influence seems to Corbyn and his unwashed brigade of freaks who will never vote Tory anyway.Unnecessarily throwing shit in the eyes of your members when you only just clung to power is beyond the pale.I doubt I will bother renewing my Tory membership unless another leadership election is on the cards.We need a proper Conservative Party not one that is just a watered down version of socialism.They should rename themselves The Cuckservative Party.The Tories have delighted at spitting in their loyal supporters face for years.Detestable cunts!Where is Farage when you need him!

Nominated by Shaun