Farah Abraham


This cunt called Farah Abraham (sounds like a Chinese version of the bloke who sang with the Smurfs!) became a ‘celebrity’ by appearing in the MTV show ‘Teen Mom’

Which basically means the little slapper got up the duff to get on a crappy TV show…. Then the gluebag does a porno DVD: titled ‘Teen Mom XXX’ or something like that….Now this cunt is on the abomination that is Celebrity Big Brother, with a new pair of plastic tits and celebrity status….

We live in a world where slags like Abraham, Kardashian and Katie Price are seen as celebrities… I partly blame Beckham for this modern celebrity famous for nothing culture…. After all, he married that talentless, obnoxious cunt, Posh (except she isn’t!) and with her help, they became a ‘celebrity couple…’ And this (especially her) set the template for the famous for fuck all celebrities we have today…

Nominated by: Norman