Eleanor Smith M.P

Labour MP Eleanor Smith deserves this nomination because she wants to scrap the flag of the Black Country because of its “racial connotations.” Smith has looked at a flag with the colours black and white and a stylised chain and jumped straight to the conclusion that the flag is “racist.” Fuck’s sake.

The flag represents the industrial heritage of the West Midlands. Chainmaking was a major industry; apparently the chain for the Titanic comes from there. There a big fucking differences between a chain for the anchor of a ship and manacles used to lock up slaves, you fucking thick twat.

A few historical points, if I may:

1/ Slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1833. The earliest reference to the term “Black Country” is the 1840s. Got a Tardis have you?

2/ Slavery has existed in virtually ever human society.

3/ Berber (modern Algeria) slave traders were notorious for raiding coastal communities all over Europe. They even raided as far north as Reykjavik.

4/ The Eastern African slave trade lasted centuries longer than the West African slave trade. The reason there is no substantial African population in the Middle East is because Arab slave traders used to castrate their male slaves. Incidentally, if the cunts buying slaves in West Africa were cunts, then so were the cunts selling the slaves.

Smith is typical of the knee-jerk arseholes who go looking for offence and see racism, sexism and Islamophobia everywhere they look. If you want to find something, you will find it – whether it is there or not. Smith and her fellow identity politics mongs are the real racists and sexists. They don’t look at a person and see a human being, they look at a person and see their colour, race, sex, etc. Cunts.

This website, I think, follows the philosophy that you are a cunt because of what you DO not because of what you ARE. I have no problem with people of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent but I have a big fucking problem with cocksuckers demanding special privileges because of their fucked up religion. Ditto gaylords – fuck who you want, just don’t expect me to join in. Look at the cunters here – we have mixed race cunts, northern cunts, cunts from all over the world. Fuck, we even have a token poof who once snogged a black man. Equal opportunities – if you are a cunt or behave in a cuntish way then someone will nominate you.

Nominated by Cunt’s Mate Cunt.