Dominic Littlewood [2]


The cunt, Dominic Littlewood, is the reason I stumbled on this website.

I was watching the ‘I obey the law, and Im fully legit’ cunt on some shit show. I think it was ‘Don’t get done, get Dom’ and I thought what a CUNT. I mean that title alone is enough make him a strong favourite for Cunt of the year.

Then there is the cunt that is Dominic, don’t get me wrong sometimes he helps people who have been duped or conned and thats ok with me, what I can’t stand is his ‘I am a knight in shining armour’ smugness and him in general, the way he speaks, the way he calls people up trying to find out why they ripped off some cunt, the way he chases the rip off merchant around like a little fucking Terrier. If he chased me like that I would knock the cunt out.

Anyway, after thinking “What a cunt!”, I searched ‘Dominic Littlewood is a cunt’ and I found this website. I suppose I owe ‘Dom’ a thank you for helping me find ‘Is A Cunt’, but that does not change the fact he is a Universal Cunt. I mean imagine he was your Dad, “Dad I found a fiver” Dom replies “Now now son lets go to the police station and fill out some forms and try and get the money back to its owner”. Aaaaaaaagh the cunt pisses me off.

Dominic you fucking CUNT.


Nominated by: Black and White Cunt