Brendan Cox [2]

Mail On Sunday – 2015

I know he’s been nominated before but the white helmet enabling, self serving, lefty arseflute known as Brendan Cox deserves another cunting.

The shitweasel is a serial groper using his position in organisations to feel up his co-workers and subordinates while virtue signalling and profiting from his widower victim status.

Seems the slimeball has had his day and admits what a dirty, fanny grabbing, hypocritical lefty shithead he really is.

Nominated by Cuntspack of Notredame

Brendan Cox

I nominate Brendan Cocks for another cunting.

His “Make me your MP at the next general election” campaign was in full swing this morning and the ABBC were more than happy to oblige the cunt.

As the Batley & Spen area (like most of West Yorkshire) is very “peaceful” then obviously whoever wishes to get that seat needs to appease the “multicultural” aspect and is now shilling for his “The Great Get Together” street party designed to bring people “closer together”.

Actually we can all see that this is a barely disguised attemp to promote himself for future campaign use in his “multicultural” district.

Thing is Brendan, the “peaceful” cunts don’t much like us and while that sentiment may be mutual, is is clear – across the whole of Europe – that this “multicultural” experiment just isn’t working.

I’d say that until recent times 99.999% of the indigenous UK population have tolerated “peaceful” cunts (please don’t confuse that with “like”) but in recent times that tolerance from “peaceful” cunts has not been reciprocated, and it’s getting worse, and across the whole of Europe.

So Brendan, feel free to campaign for that seat if you must, just don’t expect me to get involved with a load of old bollocks to support you!

The direction you and your sadly deceased wife are taking us, sure you may get the “peaceful” vote and your seat in parliament (for now) but at the end of the day all that will guarantee is that you’ll be placed slightly further back in the queue to get your head lopped off!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!