Andy McDonald

You may struggle with disbelief at this but Andy McDonald is a platinum cast “shadow” cunt.

He wants my train journies to and from London to take 9 hours again like they used to in “the good old days” of nationalised British Rail just so he can keep prices artificially low and fill the rolling stock to the fucking brim with chavs, students and other undesirables.

Here’s one for you; you bearded, bald, midget twatacular cunt. I LIKE THE TRAINS BEING EXPENSIVE. I have no desire to sit in steerage with grubby Irishmen, football hooligans and half dressed tarts. They have a separate line system operated by Town & Cuntry for the scum to ride on. Instead of dragging everyone down to your level how’s about a leg up for small and medium sized businesses leaders.

An idea for you. MAKE THE WHOLE TRAIN FIRST CLASS. That way fewer cunts would be able to afford the tickets improving the journey for the humans amongst us.

Nominated by Fuckwit