BBC shit

By popular demand, we’ve set up this page to allow you to vent your spleen over the antics of our world class public broadcasting provider, the Biased Bullshit Corporation.

Frankly these cunts seem to have been pissing off cunters so frequently that the site is becoming somewhat clogged up – so in future use this space. And if you’re a real glutton for Beeb cunting passim, you find them by clicking here.

We also recommend The Eye’s Biased BBC site if you really can’t get enough of their bullshit.

So here it is. Fill yer boots.

68 thoughts on “BBC shit

  1. Thanks Admins, for the exclusive BBC thread. Just what we wanted given what a bunch of cunts this incredibly woke corporation has become!

  2. I have long been content to simply read and enjoy this excellent site, but this week I have finally been tipped over the edge into nomination by (who else?) the BBC.

    I was enjoying breakfast with my pre-school aged children when CBeebies presenter Nigel Clarke (no, me neither) started nominating his ‘heroes’ for Black History Month. Well, what else would you expect at 7.30am on a television channel for under sevens?

    Nigel began, with breath-taking originality, by nominating Muhammad Ali. He told the tale of Ali going from being a poor boy to ‘the best boxer in the world’. Enter – ‘What’s a boxer daddy?’

    Now, I love boxing, and Ali is an absolute legend, but I have enough trouble stopping the kids hitting each other without CBeebies extolling the virtues of a man who is largely famous for being really, really good at hitting people.

    Nigel then moved on to his next hero, who was (imagine my surprise) Barak Obama. He described Barry as ‘the first black president of the United States’. At which point I switched to Channel 5, adverts and all.

    Fortunately, the kids did not pick up on the overtly racial nature of Nigel’s statement and start with ‘What does ‘black’ mean daddy?’; ‘Am I black Daddy?’; ‘Why not daddy?’

    I do not believe children should be raised to view themselves or others in racial terms. Only division and hatred can result from this. But it seems Auntie disagrees and has no lower age limit for indoctrinating the next generation with this vile propaganda.

    And all for a mere £157.50 a year.

    (It’s gonna be a long fucking month! – DA)

    • Totally agree. Biased Bullshit Cunts. For an organisation that preaches Anti Racism they seem hell bent on (not just for black history month) promoting people with very dark skin at every opportunity and even using broken afro carribean voice announcers. Now I may be wrong but racism is based mostly on skin colour so by constantly pushing *black skinned* people to the front of every programme they are being racist. They almost never show or push Chinese, Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Maldovan, Mexican or any of the other many colours/cultures of the world. The bbc cunts seem to think that a multi racial society (which no one voted for) is simply black people and white people. They also seem to suggest that *black* people are virtually God Like in their perfection. The bbc loves to keep telling us racist stupid war mongers how vile we have always been to the whole world and how inferior we are in every way shape and form to our *Perfect* black brothers and sisters.
      If the bastards bullshit cunts hate their own people so much they should piss off to Africa.

  3. The BBC and the scraping of the barrel.

    I see, pushed endlessly before the 6 pm news that the BBC have hit on the ultimate shit fest. Going one worse than ITV they have come up with a new ‘talent’ show.

    Take a bunch of warbling, autotuned posers put together by the monumentally untalented X Factor/Voice/Britains got cunts judges. (Fuck knows which one.)
    Get said oxygen thieves to judge other warbling, talent free, me me me autotuned wankers wailing karaoke shite. And call it Saturday night entertainment.
    The latest BBC brainwave – Little Mix do the X Factor/Voice/Britains got cunts.

    Well worth the poll tax. The 2 Ronnies and Morecombe and Wise would be so proud.

    Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

  4. Yet again the BBC !!!!

    Mainly for the supposed line up of A Question of Sport. I called this as well as all of you cunters I bet when it was first announced sue et al were axed.

    Sue Barker looks to be replaced by a second rate ex footie strictly come dancing star of a certain colour Alex Scott. Surprise fucking surprise although I had my money on that wheelchair bound Rasta boy that played basketball.

    Names in the frame to replace Matt and Phil include footie pundit Jermaine Jenas, ex-cricketer Alex Tudor, former rugby ace Jason Robinson, hockey star Sam Quek and cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy. All of them apart from Chris yes you guessed it of colour.

    Just fuck off BBC we’ve had enough now. Defund don’t pay. I hope the ratings fall through the floor like Dr Who. Although that won’t change anything as they will just double down and produce more of the same as the money is pouring in.

    My Mrs says I’m always angry.She’s right. When will we kick back? Probably won’t as most people like me cannot afford to be arrested lose job lose house family etc. My only hope is to win the lottery and fuck off somewhere. Trouble is there isn’t anywhere in this world that isn’t affected by this woke bollocks.

    Sorry admin went off piste for a mo there.

    Nominated by: Once a cunt always a cunt

    • Thats Alex Scott MBE to you. Not sure why she got an MBE – would be racist if just as she was coloured, from the hood, wouldn’t it?

    • I agree totally with everything you said, however, may I ad that one thing I don’t lament, is the long overdue replacement of Barker !

      Ruddy cheeked, grinning hag, Sue Barker, has needed elbowing from our tv screens for a very long time…
      As talented as a pound of scrag end from the local butcher, the 1970’s test card would have been a better presenter 🙂

  5. I’m delighted to see that BBCunts have decided to make a four-part drama about the rise of Jimmy Savile, and the subsequent scandal which erupted after the cunt’s death. It’s to be called ‘The Reckoning’.
    ‘It’s a story that must be told’, trills the Exec. Producer. He reckons we need to know how the creep managed to avoid having his collar felt for so long.
    Good. Perhaps you’ll inform us as to how Savile got away with committing 72 sexual offences ‘in virtually every one of the BBC’s premises’, as reported in 2016. Didn’t anybody see or hear anything?
    ‘The Reckoning?’. Make that ‘My Part In The Cover-up’ more like. If you ask me, it could well be that the Beeb is getting its excuses in and paving the way for some good old fashioned back-covering.
    Fucking cunts.

    • It’s bound to be a work of pure fiction that will have the Beeb coming up smelling of roses and lavender, whilst pointing the finger of blame at white working class English people.
      Because that’s all the poxy BBC knows how to do…

  6. I won’t be happy until these smug cunts are cast adrift from the public tit!

    Thatcher introduced privatisation to unlock the monopolistic state-subsidised industries. Rightly or wrongly it meant more competition, cheaper prices and more choice.

    Seems the BBC escaped this new-fangled concept, but I think it is time in this age of streaming and 24/7 satellite and cable channels. that they compete on a level playing field and see how they get on without the fucking licence fee.

    Let subscription TV decide their fate!

  7. Proud to be seeing true cuntmanship towards the beeb. What raging twats! When the licence inspector called he wished he hadn’t I ran the cunt off the premises.why oh why o why do we subsidise the bastards there not getting a fucking penny from me. Seemed the poor cunt had heard it all before……..

  8. The BBC
    Yet another cunting for our old friends at the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation please. Aren’t they the gift that just keeps on giving?!
    I was reading a story on the BBC news website entitled ‘My Asian family couldn’t accept my black boyfriend’ ( don’t know how to put links on here, apologies )
    The story talks about how a young Asian woman had been shunned by her family and the community because she was pregnant by a black man. It then talks about racism being rife in the Asian community. I shall now quote;
    “Her mother’s anti-blackness, informed by the British colonial system she had once lived under in Bangladesh, not only took it for granted that lighter skin was better it also accepted the worst stereotypes of black men”
    What?? So not only is wicked old whitey racist himself but it’s also his fault if anyone else is racist too!
    It later says her mother came to England 30 years ago (ie approx 1990 ) Now unless my history is wrong the British left India in 1947. So she didn’t live under the British colonial system then. Get your facts right you cunts.
    I used to love the BBC when I was younger, a great British institution that you could rely on for the truth and impartiality. What’s happened to it?
    It’s run by a bunch of total woke cunts and they are not only traitors to their own country but also the skin that they live in. I’d love to see all their heads on spikes at traitors gate.
    Unbelievable Cunts.

    • Maybe she should ask Kamala Harris whose mother was an Indian and her dad a Jamaican of black stock. Her family back home in the Punjab were probably delighted. Just think of the Green cards to go round. Kam´s mum loved black men so much she virtually pimped her daughter to the corrupt mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, to smooth her career path as a prosecutor where she, ironically, sent hundreds of young black men to prison. Nice to have a story with a happy ending for once.

    • It’s a pity there isn’t a collective revolt against the TV licence, if everyone in the country refused to pay what the fuck could they do about it.
      If the BBC stopped broadcasting tomorrow it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference.

  9. The ‘Campaign’ by Marcus (Loads of Money) Rashford, Man United cunt for free meals for kids who are starving for a whole week over half term seems to have become a virtue signalling campaign by the fucking BBC, it’s no longer a single news item it’s a fucking soap opera.

    Bunch of cunts, report the news and stop being a platform for a twat who thinks everyone who pays tax has a responsibility to feed the kids of the irresponsible, immigrants and fucking bone idle.

  10. The outgoing Chairman of the BBC, Sir David Clementi, seems to think its the over 50s who believe the corporation is Left-leaning, and feels Millennials and Gen-Zs think differently – that the BBC is Right-leaning.

    He also denied any woke influence was going on, although he didn’t mention why some long-standing white presenters were suddenly dumped to make way for a bit of diversity and inclusion.

    He also believes that abolishing the licence fee for subscription, would be far too complicated. To quote him :-
    “Of critics who want to see the licence fee scrapped in favour of a Netflix-style subscription, he said: “I have no doubt that the BBC could thrive as a subscription model, but it would not be the BBC that the nation knows and values.

    “Those who promote – and there are a lot of them – the notion of a subscription services brush aside these points. They rarely grapple with the technical problems, they do not explain how radio is to be paid for, they don’t engage with the commercial reality of a subscription service, nor do they point out to the public the types of investment, programmes and services that would be lost.”

    Laziness, in other words. People are demanding choice rather than being forced/threatened when they don’t want to renew their licence. But again he glosses over that.

    (This link is from the Telegraph, and regrettably behind a paywall for those that don’t subscribe)

  11. Another MOTD, another two BAME pundits (watch out Shearer you’re a boring bastard and you’re the wrong skin colour, your days are numbered) another load of kneeling “highlights” and smug face Linekunt conducting the orchestra. Fuck you BBC.

  12. Agreed CS. Those of us from the sub-continent know full well how rac-ist our kind can be. This stuff goes on in India all the time and everyone’s a shade of brown. However, some (lighter) shades are more equal than others.

  13. “BBC Radio 4 is broadcasting new commissions to educate and entertain students, families and listeners of all ages. These new programmes contribute to the BBC’s plans for supporting education and learning whilst children are at home and people continue to be in lockdown.”……

    Today’s highlight?….

    ‘Drink? Dinner?’ Phillip Schofield, 58, is asked out by Rev Richard Coles, 58, LIVE on radio as they get flirty while chatting about being ‘gay in their middle years’

  14. The utter cunts, just watching BBC news.

    A report from Nottingham, female reporter (looks a bit BAME but quite fit) standing in front of a building in the centre of Nottingham with a fucking banner for Black History.

    The absolute virtue signalling cunts!

  15. The BBC is not fit for purpose. I’m so fed up with the stupid political correctness bullshit and fake news. If there is one thing worse than watching a bunch of cunts on tv it is that the fact I am forced to pay their wages. Fuck you BBC and fuck you again!

  16. BBC World has been showing a range of opinions on the state of the US in the run-up to the presidential election. In one of them, five of the six talking heads were black or of mixed race. Of course, the solitary whitie was a woman! You don´t even need to see their ugly faces to know they were black because their names – shall we call them “decorative” – were a dead giveaway.

    Bubba Wallace. He´s is the Nascar driver who called for the removal of the Confederate flag at race courses. He also the claimed racists had left a noose in his garage. The mighty FBI stopped trying to find killers and bank robbers and launched a massive investigation which found that the “noose” was a piece of rope used as a handle on the door and had been there for a year.

    LaToya Cantrell. She is the mayor of New Orleans who outwoked wokeness by apologizing for the lynching of 11 Italian – yes Italian – immigrants in the city in 1919! “Mil graze” signora cried millions of Italian-Americans but will go onto vote for Trump.

    Philonise Floyd, the brother of St. George Floyd, the martyred hero, presumably known as “Phil” to his mates.

  17. I am waitng for the BBC news when Trump wins. The ‘Beeb’ blaming it on the Russians, then blaming it on Covid. Numerous luvvie cunts and celebrity slags crying on camera (again) and saying they are going to Canada (again!). Throw the BLM tantrums and savagery into the mix and Michelle Obama getting her knob out, it should be an entertaining night.

    Viva Big Don!

  18. The BBC are cunts, when everyone is asked to reduce travel and only fly if it’s essential the BBC have sent Emily fucking Maitlis to the USA to report on the election.
    Not only is this not essential but it must cost an absolute fortune and why is it necessary, the BBC have a reporter over there already, Jon Sopel


    • They have more reporters there than in some parts of the UK I´ll wager – Katty Kay, Laura Trevelyan, Gary Donoghue, Michelle Fleury, Barbara Plett-Usher, Nick Bryant, Nada Tawfik, Larry Madowo and a few others whose names I can´t remember. They also flew Yalda Hakim over even though they have a partnership with an American network – “sister network” as they call it – where they can get in-depth coverage.

  19. Another for the list. I popped to check the old man today and he was watching the BBC News election coverage. I the space of 5 minutes they were insinuating that the only reason Trump was doing better than “predicted” (lots of shiity pants in the studio) was due to his reckless act of campaigning (covid) , while Joe had responsibly done less.

    Funny that as Joe has been about just as much, wondering where he is half the time mask on mask off rambling and coughing over his pulpit etc.

    And who exactly turns up to a campaign event in the hope it might just change their voting preference anyway. The last one I saw, Obongo was there, laying the slick intro, and when he called creepy Joe up it was farcical. Back and forth “Put your mask on” “where is it?” Then he found it in his his pocket and had to be guided off stage at the end by the fake black man. FFS

  20. I notice that the Biden Broadcasting Corporation can’t hide their delight at the demise of Trump. When they mention his allegations of vote rigging they automatically tag on “for which he has provided no evidence.” It’s obviously an “on message” instruction which has been issued to the entire broadcasting media just like repeating Tommy Robinson’s real name. They really do think we are as thick as shit.

  21. You will never get on the BBC if you’re over 5f 3in , you will never get on the BBC unless you’re committed lefties, you will never get on the BBC because you don’t fit in, you didn’t get bullied at school, you didn’t join the police force, you think for your self; you have a back bone, everything you say doesn’t begin with me me me.
    I can’t be bothered as it’s pointless the BBC will continue to steel from us all.

  22. Listed to a radio 4 thing the other day and they were interviewing a veteran BBC journalist who stated that some politicians and ideas should be shutdown, that the BBC should be setting the narrative.

    Remind me why i have issues with the BBC?

  23. Looking on BBC Iplayer you would never know that this country is majority (by a long way) white. The only time I can think of that foreign culture became the dominant culture with the complete connivance of the political elite was the British Raj. Its colonialism pure and simple.

  24. BBC practically buzzing themselves over Biden’s steal and dismissing any claims the Don makes as ‘false’.

    Unbiased? What a fucking joke!

    The Yanks are fooked. The leaders of the democrats are on twitter going on about fixing ‘racial equality’ (Operation kill the honkyyys) and ‘climate change’ (huge taxes and money for the leaders’ side business and their backers).

    They’ll also set up a ‘reconciliation council’ (Put conservatives in prison council) and make changes to online censorship (big tech will back them and all conservative voices will be silenced).

    They’re fooked unless DT can pull off a win in the courts…but just imagine the riots if they annul Biden’s win?

  25. And a piper was shoved over by a cozzer in London today at the Remembrance Sunday commemorations. Not a whisper from the ‘Beeb’ though.

    Had said bogey taken the knee for Saint Chiggun Floyd George, the cunts would be wanking over it.

    • He wasn’t “shoved over by a cozzer”. He deliberately tried to barge his way through a police cordon, and got pushed back. The lard arse in a skirt then fell over.

      He was looking for a reaction and he got one. I’m really not sure what else the policeman was supposed to have done in that situation.

  26. Islamic State extremists chanting “God is Great” have beheaded over 50 people then chopped them to pieces in northern Mozambique. This is the latest of a long line of atrocities committed by these scum who think their religion gives them the right to murder people who don´t agree with them and want to worship God in their own way. The BBC World news site, in its usual way, gives prominence to the fact that the region is poor and neglected by the government and this helps “recruit” disaffected young men to the Islamist cause. It ends by quoting “human rights groups” that accuse the government forces of “arbitrary arrests, torture and killings during operations to curb the insurgency.” I wonder if these “human rights groups” have complained to the Islamists about their behavior.

    In another report, the BBC is gushing to tell us that a “husband and wife team from Turkish immigrant families” in Germany have “spearheaded” a breakthrough in the search for a vaccine against the Covid virus. God is Great after all, isn´t he?

  27. The lesbian boxer and her dance partner on Strictly have been sidelined allegedly due to Chinky Flu. We old cynics might think that it is diplomatic Chinky Flu in an effort to restore ratings.

  28. Fucking beeb going orgasmic at the news of Dominic Cummings leaving number ten. I’m not a fan of the cunt, but I liked how he annoyed all the cunts I despise. The crooked beeb also think that the government will now stop bothering them over the license fee. Looking at who’s left, I tend to agree

  29. I´ve always thought Alfred Hitchcock was overrated. Apart from the cultish “Frenzy”, I´ve never cared for his stuff. BBC World is marking 60 years since “The Birds” was made and – guess what – baldy old Hitchy was a misogynist. Gasp! Tippi Hedren, now a frazzled old bag with smudged lipstick, who starred claims he “stared” at her during the making of the pic and behaved as if he was “stalking” her. The next talking head was an ethnic wimmin who was not even born when “The Birds” or “Frenzy” were made and claimed they were “misogynist”, resulting from the male-dominated society etc. etc. Within two minutes of switching on, I switched off.

  30. This is the BBC’s unbiased natural reporting. The first two sentences of the first paragraph of their report on the pro Trump protest in Washington DC.

    “ Thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump have turned out in Washington DC to back his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in the US election.
    Flag-carrying demonstrators were joined by members of far-right groups including the Proud Boys, some wearing helmets and bullet-proof vests.”

    There we have it, the protesters were the far right. According to BBC logic any pro Trump protesters are by default far right, the black and Latino protesters, the Jewish protesters, all of them Nazis!

    I won’t bore you with a comparison of the BBC reporting on the BLM, Antifa protests where neighbourhoods were looted and set alight, where plover officers were attacked.

    Fuck that, fuck reporting the news, push an agenda.

  31. Fucking cunts are calling Trump, ‘Mr Trump’ in every article.

    It’s ‘President Trump’ you fucking cunts, until any official handover in January.

    Oh, and Biden isn’t ‘President elect Biden’ until results are officially declared and ratified by any legal challenges. Twats.

    • Perhaps you have to behave in a Presidential way to earn the right to be called President?

      Trump just acts like a petulant school yard bully, and he has done throughout his presidency.

      • Actually no, he’s the fucking President and the ‘unbiased’ state funded broadcaster should address him as such, even if they (or you) dislike him.

        But we’re taking about the BBC who really are a bunch of lying bastards.

        • The thing is, though, he isn’t our president, so the BBC are under no obligation to refer to him as such. They don’t refer to Boris as Prime Minister Johnson, do they?

          If he hadn’t been such a cunt for the past four years perhaps they might treat him with the respect you think he deserves?

          • In the old days the BBC news did used to say ‘President Nixon’ or ‘President Carter’ and even ‘President Clinton’ in the 90s. While our PM (Callaghan, Maggie, Major, Blair) was usually just referred to as The Prime Minister.

            Whatever one’s opinion of Trump was/is. I do think the BBC and their news people do address Trump the way they do because they do dislike him. That, however, is not how a supposedly balanced and impartial public news service is supposed to operate.

          • But that’s just not true. When referring to any world leader they call them Mister – Mister Trudeau, Mister Macron, Mister Putin etc etc etc.

            Why should Trump be any different?

  32. Had to laugh at R4’s description of trawler crews as ‘fisherpeople’, in spite of the fact that only about 2% of the UK’s crews are women.
    Good ol’ Beeb. Woke even if it sounds ridiculous.
    #Defund the BBC!

  33. BBC Radio 1

    “ BBC Radio 1 will not play the original version of Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl this Christmas, because its audience may be offended by some of the lyrics.
    The station said young listeners were particularly sensitive to derogatory terms for gender and sexuality.
    It will instead play an edited version with different lyrics sung by MacColl.
    But the 1987 original will still be played on Radio 2, while 6 Music DJs can choose between the two versions.”

    They can play songs about beating the Ho’s and shooting and stabbing but fuck me the poor little snowflakes can’t hear any bad words about gender or the gayness. It’s almost funny, the BBC made this song into a Christmas classic when most of us would rather of never heard it more than once and now it’s toxic for the little Snowflakes ears. Will have to make do with Stormzys Xmas classic the 12 slayings of Hackney instead.


    • Typical knee jerk no research offended by anything BBC shite. MacColl used the word ‘f@ggot’ as in the old English definition of the word. As in a liability, something to be carried. As in you useless old f@ggot’.

      These same cunts have butchered ‘Oliver’s Army’ by Elvis Costello and the Attractions. Instead of the ‘One more widow, one less white n*****r’ verse they just repeat the first verse (‘Have you got yourself an occupation’) and it sounds totally fucking stupid. Thing is, Costello’s song does not reference blacks even once. It is about the Irish (in case they haven’t noticed, he does sing ‘White n****r’), but, as ever, the liberal woke cunts have to make everything about ‘them’ and offending ‘them’. They even want the name of a popular Australian cheese changed because it is called ‘C*on’. It was the real surname of the man who invented the cheese, for fuck’s sake. The bastards see it in everything. They are obsessed. Woke is a disease.

      • So, they won’t play a song that uses the word ‘f@ggot’.Yet they have no problem whatsoever with some bitch saying ‘Kill Whitey’ on BBC television?

        No wonder people are cancelling their license in droves. The ‘Beeb’ truly are cunts.

      • Hard to believe this, but I just read that well known Gay, ISaC favourite Owen Jones, has said he isn’t bothered about the words and called it an “epic song”.

        If a professional whinging poof doesn’t care, why the hell does the BBC?

    • Forget about Coronavirus – Radio 1, have officially ruined Christmas for me.

      How the hell can we listen to a radio at this time of year and not hear “You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot?”

      I, as a scumbag AND a maggot, have never taken umbrage to this song. Why are the faggots all upset now? Oh, wait, they aren’t. Just some woke cunt at the BBC trying not to upset poofters.

      Never mind, I haven’t listened to Radio 1 for about 30 years and wasn’t planning on starting anytime soon.

    • A couple of years ago we drove through Switzerland on holiday (incredibly beautiful place). One of the first things we heard on a local, German language radio station, was Mumford and Sons happily blaring out “I really fucked it up this time”.

      Can you imagine BBCunts playing that? No, me neither.

  34. Lovely large photo of assorted weird creatures on BBC news website today with the headline ‘ When one transgender person is hurt we all feel it’.
    Christ on a Kawasaki, can’t these cunts ever give us a rest from the inane ?

  35. These interviews on BBC breakfast news (I use the word news in the widest connotation) are either “the expert” sat by a massive bookshelf or “joe schmuck” sat in his spare room with crap everywhere. Tidy that house up Joe! YOU SCRUFFY CUNT!!

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