Litter Louts

I’d like a quick rant about the feckless Cunts who are too fucking lazy to take their fucking litter home with them.

I live in a rural area,but we get more than our share off tourists.I went out this morning to find one of the horses chewing on a plastic bag which contained some half-eaten sandwiches and empty plastic pop bottles. The cunts had obviously had their picnic,and on the way home,decided to wind the window down,and chuck their rubbish over the nearest hedge.

Who the fuck comes out to the country and decides to spoil it by dumping their rubbish? It can’t be that hard to put it in their bin when they get home. It’s typical of a country which seems to have lost all self-respect,manners and common decency.

I swear if I ever pick up any rubbish which has an address on it,some cunt’ll get a visit from an extremely irate old cunt.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

Sophie Tanner

This cunt is priceless… The woman who married herself…

Sophie Tanner has told BBC (what a surprise!) she married herself to celebrate being single….

Sophie Tanner said she had no regrets about tying the knot with herself and is currently celebrating her second wedding anniversary….

So, ‘celebrating a wedding anniversary’ when you’re on your own?!… This smacks of desperation and a craving for attention… Tying the knot with yourself?! This daft bitch needs locking up… No surprise though… No man on earth will obviously have this pathetic sad cunt…

Nominated by Norman

Tim Farron (4)

That weasel worded stratospheric cunt Farron is looking more stupid by the day.

After the referendum he really thought he could reach out to the 48%, so much so that he has run his election campaign on it. Unfortunately for little Timothy people have moved on and polls suggest that the 48% now sits at around 22% and the rest of the country just wants to get on with Brexit!!, so in effect he is fishing in an ever decreasing pool of potential voters!!

I can’t wait to see the look on the pricks face on June 8th when as fucking dim witted a cunt as he is, even he will realise it’s game set and match to the people that took a brave decision to say enough is enough!! That’s when he will make an even bigger cunt of himself (if that’s possible) by still refusing to accept the decision ..

Nominated by: Quislings

Harry Styles (2)

Harry Styles of One Direction ‘fame’ seems to be intent on heading in the ‘Wrong Direction’

The pretentious self important cunt says that his latest single “Sign of the Times” is influenced by the terrible decision of Brexit and by Black Lives Matter. He reckons he will vote for “whoever is against Brexit” adding the push to leave the EU is “creating the kind of world he does not want to live in”. Actually, it’s Harry Styles and his ilk that want to create the kind of world I don’t want to live in.

Well, Harry, here’s a couple of things you seem to need reminding about : Despite what you think, you’re not really that important and nobody really gives a flying fuck what you think except you.

It’s no wonder you support the Labour Party because it’s full of left wing politically naive fuckwits like you. So please get back to churning out more of your bubblegum pop for the kiddywinkles, put your ego back in the box and just shut the fuck up, there’s a good boy…

Nominated by Dioclese


I’d like to nominate barbecues for a cunting.

Anyone that barbecues deserves all they get. Barbeques….smelly fucking things stinking out everything around them for a couple of hundred yards.

Oh let’s have a barbecue on the decking luv and invite all our BMW X5 driving chav mates round to keep the neighbours awake until four in the morning” Cunts.

Barbecued food is awful, undercooked or overcooked and all tastes the same. Burnt.

What do these cunts think an oven, grill, toaster, hob, microwave etc are for? Cunts.

Nominated by Ian Appropriate