BBC Oneness ads

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“BBC One is the nation’s favourite channel, and its role is to bring people together. So we celebrated this by commissioning Martin Parr, one of the most celebrated documentary photographers of our time, to create idents that represent the rich diversity of communities living in the UK today”

I will tell you this boy, I will tell you this. First of all every cunt ah huv’ ever met despises the commie BBC, maybe the fuckin’ Hamilton Accies doon at Govanhill like it but ah don’t associate wi’ they smelly cunts. “Bring people together” HA HA FUCKIN’ HA – the fascist globalist cunts at the Beeb are dividing more people than the SS at fuckin’ Birkenau.

“Rich diversity of communities living in the UK today” – call me a cynical old cunt but before they stabby bomby cunts started to infest our lands weren’t we a community? Very tellin’ dae ye no think so? As fur rich diversity, would that relate tae oor white trash daughters gettin’ groomed, turned intae junkies, raped tae fuck an pimped oot? Or maybe the diversity bollards that now adorn our Christmas markets tae stop some raghead cunt fae knockin’ us over like fuckin’ skittles? FUCKIN’ CUUUUUNTS

Words cannae describe how much these cunts boil ma pish wi’ these sanctimonious Oneness skits. Ah never watch the BBC and hate the cunts wi’ a passion but sometimes ah get unlucky cos Mary Doll is watchin’ Eastenders or some shite when ah roll in fae the Two Ways pished oot ma tree.

Fuckin’ Oneness yer huvin’ a fuckin’ giraffe ya cunts. The cuntry is mair divided than ever before, partly thanks to these Marxist thundercunts at the BBC drip feedin’ their shite an onions tae the deluded arseholes that watch it. As soon as ah see they wee diverse fuckers in the U7s football team or a bunch ae spastics playin’ rugby in fuckin’ wheelchairs or some sad cunts climbin’ up some hill in the middle ae fuckin’ naewhere ma pish starts tae boil.

But see when the cunts all stop whit they’re dain and look at me like ah’m a useless deadbeat alky ma bottle of Bucky goes through the fuckin’ telly every time. CUNTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Now if ye’ll excuse me, me an Gash are away on the rob tae git another fuckin’ telly.

Nominated by Rab C Nesbitt

Jon Kotler

Jon Kotler is a cunt.

Who, I hear you ask? First, he an American. I know, right? Second, and it gets worse, he is a fucking lawyer. Third, for some inexplicable reason he is a fan of Fulham football club.

Let me make it clear that I have no issues with Fulham football club or their fans.

This cunt, however, is suing the Department of Motor Vehicles because they wouldn’t let him have a licence plate with COYW on it. Apparently, this stands for Come On You Whites ( the nickname of Fulham football club, or at least what their fans chant at them).

He claims to be all about his right to freedom of speech. Well, I, and anyone reading this, am all in favour of freedom of speech. BUT, when you live in a country where black people are shot by trigger happy white cops for committing the offence of driving while black, to have “Come On You Whites” on the front and back of your car is surely going to encourage some braindead redneck with a shed full of automatic weapons to go and shoot some black people just for the sake of it.

This shit-stirring snowflake, and people like him, who deliberately do things that they know, or if they are an educated adult bloody well ought to know, are likely to encourage people to commit violent acts, are cunts of the highest order.

Nominated by I Want To Be Alone

The benefits system

The benefits system is a gigantic pile of cunt. As I have mentioned on here before, my brother is severely autistic. He is one of those poor unfortunates who, thanks to his disabilities and developmental delay, may not ever be capable of work (although he has made some good progress in the last few years so you never know). He is one of the people who actually needs that money, and yet he gets barely any of it put towards his care because its all going on jihadis, migrants, perfectly able bodied, able to work benefits scroungers and others who neither need nor deserve it. Our family has had to care for my brother all by our fucking selves with little to no provision for respite care, or carers, or anything else that might help to make the burden a little bit easier for us and give him the best quality of life possible all because the government are spunking what should be spent on society’s unfortunates like him on those who are undeserving – and we’re far from alone in that predicament. The way the system functions is a national disgrace. And that’s without even touching on other groups who should be getting this money like war veterans and the mentally ill.

Nominated by OpinionatedCunt

Nancy Pelosi (3)

Foreign cunts….
I’m sick and fucking tired of foreign cunts telling the UK what to do……

I know isac has been heavy on the EU but what the fuck! , every day some political Pygmy opens their big fat mouth and gives us their unsolicited opinions , always followed up with a direct or indirect threat…

This week US democrat shit bag Nancy pelosi visited Ireland and had to put her two cents in “ if the UK fails to address the Irish border issues to our? ( eh!) satisfaction there will be no trade deal done between the UK and the US “

Listen you discredited sack of libertard dog shit!! Mind your own fucking business and stop trying to curry favour with your mostly ( fake) Irish population..

After her and the rest of the so called democrats turd hunt into Russian collusion with trump hit the buffers she’s been looking for ways to build herself back up, So she’s happy to talk tough on her trip to Ireland and stir the pot…..

Fuck off back to America you utter cunt and launch another turd hunt with your pal Chuck Schumer and leave UK politics alone……

It’s none of your business BITCH…..

Nominated by Quislings

Turkish barber shops

Turkish barber shops.
I live in between two small towns; there are six Turkish barber shops within three miles of where I live. Fucking six. I know it’s the biggest, most obvious drug/human trafficking laundering front ever. The one I drive past most days always has the owner(?) outside next to his £100000 Range Rover, smoking and on the phone. This cunt is not cutting much hair. At £8 per crop and various other options does not afford to pay for his fucking awful choice of a shit car. Don’t get me wrong, I know of a lot of hairdressers who have made a very good living operating shops where there was a need. But fucking six within six miles?. And fucking Turkish. I’m calling fucking shenanigans on this. Fucking nefarious cunts all of them. Are the police just finished with everything now apart from hate speech?. Fuck this utter shit hole.

Nominated by W.A. Anchor