Polly Toynbee [6]

I was watching Politics Live today (23/10/18), and who should pop up? That insufferably arrogant far left fuckwit, Polly Toynbee. Andrew Neil did a good job of showing her up as the hypocritical cunt we all know her to be. The subject was Brexit (what else?) and the Losers Vote. Toynbee, unsurprisingly, was singing its praises, when Brillo reminded her of something she said last year, which was, “never try another referendum”. Her response to this reminder? “Well, except possibly this one”.

Clearly, she’s convinced that a loser’s referendum would suddenly swing in favour of Remain, and all those traitors can finally stop whingeing and acting like spoilt three year old girls, because it would mean that they have won and Brexit had been consigned to the political bin. Along with democracy. The problem that Toynbee and all the other sad twats calling for a second referendum have, is that their dream of reversing Brexit through a completely undemocratic second referendum is more of a cocaine induced hallucination.

Besides, every honest poll that I’ve seen has not only shown that Leave would win again, but it would win by an even greater margin than in 2016. So what would happen if they if get their Loser’s Vote, and the people again vote to Leave the EU by an even greater percentage? Will the Remoan whingers accept that result and finally shut the fuck up? No, of course they won’t. They’ll stamp their feet, scream and shout, and demand a THIRD referendum. Motherfuckers like Toynbee despise the UK and the British people, and want to see our country turned into an irrelevant province in an unelected, unwanted, anti-democratic, totalitarian new country called The European Union.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If scum like Toynbee love the EU so much, why don’t they fuck off to an EU country of their choice and live happily ever in their Socialist Utopia? That’s easy to answer. It’s not enough for them to be miserable, arrogant, left wing dick lickers, who want to spend the rest of their lives as slaves to an unelected group of foreigners, they want the rest of us to be miserable cunts too. Well fuck that. Life’s too short to be like Toynbee. I want to be happy.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

TV With No Sound

A friend and I recently went for a snack in a nice little place in Crouch End.

It was great coffee and cake, but the experience was somewhat spoiled by the fact that my attention was constantly drawn to a large telly screen above the door. This was showing what appeared to be a lecture to a small group by that arsehole Gordon Ramsay. It was difficult to know what exactly was going on because there was no sound; in one sense a relief, because noisy distraction when eating out is a constant pain in the arse.

But I’m always puzzled as to what end proprietors of cafes, bars and restaurants feel is served by displaying a picture with no sound. Now fair enough; if there’s a football or cricket match on, you can see the score at top left and follow the play without the blessing(??) of commentary. But what in the name of fuck is the point of displaying a picture of (say) a film, or a music channel, without the sound? It’s just a completely irritating cunt.

On the way out, sheer curiosity compelled me to ask ‘the barista’ why the place was following this odd and annoying practice, to which I received the reply ‘boss say play picture’. I suspect that’s the closest I’ll ever get to a rational explanation on the matter. In the scheme of things it’s a minor cunt, but it’s a cunt all the same.

Nominated by Ron Knee


Philanthropy. My argument in a nutshell; a philanderer plays about with women. A philanthropist plays about with money.

George Soros played the market Black Wednesday. Made a billion dollars in a single day. Then gave a lot away. Was he embarrased? I suppose it’s a sort of redemption redeeming your investments and giving the money to what you consider good causes.

Warren Buffett gives his money aways as well. But he has a way of doing it so nonchalantly. He gave billions to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation without any stipulations. He didn’t seem to care.

And (by the way) isn’t there something obscene about one immensely rich man giving another immensely rich man immense amounts of money. Monopoly money.

Nominated by Miles Plastic

Harry Redknapp [3]

May I venture into the unknown cuntly territory (for me) of English football, and hereby nominate English manager-that-never-was and all around cunt jockey, Harry “Facking” Redknapp. I’ll grant you, Harry “Facking” Redknapp is small fry compared to the deified cunts behind the current Brexit debacle; but at the moment my television is being comandeered by others and I am seeing far more of Harry “Facking” Redknapp than I would normally opt for.

Harry “Facking” Redknapp – geezer, wheeler-dealer, cockney, tax dodger, cunt. This Droopy-Dog looking, scrotum-faced ‘facking cant’ has the unenviable record amongst footballing managers of nearly ruining most of the clubs he ever managed. Whilst I do see some entertainment value in Harry “Facking” Redknapp and his barrow-boy schtick, Harry “Facking” Redknapp very quickly gets on my nerves, giving it large and talking absolute bollocks whether the cunt is in the jungle or talking at a Portsmouth post-match interview.

Not an evil person by any means, Harry “Facking” Redknapp may indeed be seen by some as the last in a dying breed of no-nonsense football managers. Unfortunately, I can only see Harry “Facking” Redknapp as a “roight facking cant’ who deserves to be nominated on ISAC, if for nothing else than for spawning the equally annoying modern footballer archetypal cunt and mincing ponce, Jamie “Facking” Redknapp.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back


Misogynists are cunts

Why, well here goes, we now have poor Diane Abbott (a super cunt) complaining that there should be more funding for the police to tackle the “would be hate crime” of misogyny.

She doesn’t think the Police should have to prioritise their funds to take on serious crime rather than pulling in wolf whistlers.

Yes they need more funds I completely agree with her on that score but not for chasing “non crimes”

The like of already cunted Stella Creasy who is upping her profile on all this shit would do better routing out all the fucking illegal cunts who reside in her wonderful constituency of Walthamstow.

So back to the misogynist cunts, you have caused this fucking dilemma, do police chase you fuckers who upsetting these “poor” women or chase down the fucking cunts (from a particular country) who are grooming, raping and pimping out young vulnerable girls all over the north of England.

Or do we blame the likes of the real cunts, yes you know who I mean ….. the retard Abbott and Stella up her own arse Creasy for making such a fucking issue of this bullshit.

What a fucked up country we live in today!

Nominated by sick of it