Lockdown violators

I want to nominate the as yet, nameless cunt, who flew his private plane from Surrey to a closed RAF base in Anglesey (I think), last bank holiday. He did this because he wanted to go to the beach and was not going to be kept at home on such a lovely day. When confronted he then flew off again. Why wasn’t the cunt arrested for trespass on a military site. He said he was not breaching lockdown because he already had recovered from covid 19.
Cunt should have been arrested, fined and had his plane crushed. Irresponsible silly cunt.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Labour lockdown flouters.

Stephen Kinnock broke lockdown rules, driving from Wales to London, to be with his bald old dad Neil for his birthday.
Then we had Tahir Ali, who represents Birmingham Green, among some 100 guests at a funeral.
Next up we have Labour’s Kevan Jones, who represents North Durham, attending a 100th birthday celebration for a Second World War veteran during lockdown.
All given a quick rap over the knuckles.

The BBC, Guardian & Mirror strangely didn’t have so much to say. Where was the BBC driven desperate attempt to get these fuckers to resign? Where was the Newsnight starting monologue telling you what you are supposed to think?

Galling hypocrisy by the loony hate filled left and further proof of Al-Beeb’s liberal agenda.

Nominated by Four Eyed Cunt

Social distancing

Fella at work invaded my personal space yesterday. No problem to me. Thing is, he started going on about “social distancing” (cunt, I didn’t invite him over!) even though he was wearing a mask. Why is he even wearing a mask? And why does the mask sometimes dangle round his neck, or sit on top of his head like a party hat? If you think I’m riddled with the pox, stay away pillock.

He’s a fucking covidiot, is why. Yes, I’m re-purposing that term. It now refers to idiots like him who are quite content to chew the cud while the media and Bojo tell him what to think.

The WHO (cunts) guidelines recommend 1 metre, not 2. So that’s pretty much your normal personal space. No need for all the queuing. No need to shut everything down. No need to practically cross the road to get away from the postman, you cunts. No need to let your elderly mother go months without a visit, which is what’s happened to my mother in law because her other daughters are too thick to pop round and take precautions. If *we* were closer, it would be a different story.

Supposedly, I’m not supposed to have been visiting my mum or aunties. But it’s perfectly OK for me to visit OTHER PEOPLES mums and aunties, as their postman.

How am I supposed to take any of these “rules” seriously when they are so fucking stupid? The fact is, if you take appropriate precautions you can go anywhere and visit anyone.

The latest thing I’ve heard is that from Monday (not Sunday though!!) we can gather in groups of 6. And then presumably go off and join a different group of 6, and so on. So why not groups of 36, or 72 or whatever? What’s the farking point?

I’m sure that a lot of people are keeping their distance because they don’t know that that other people also think it’s bullshit. I’m going to start wearing a badge that says “hug me”. If you are scared of the virus, wear a mask and feel safe. If you are not scared, wear the badge instead. If we are ever going to get back to normal, WE have to be the ones to do it.

Nominated by Paul McCuntley

Yankeedoole riots

I have no idea of the rights and wrongs of the case of George Floyd but from the early pictures I have seen the instigators of the riots appear to be white. I have no doubt some oppressed black people will have joined in. Probably for a bit of late night shopping but why are young white fuckers kicking things off? Could it be an excuse for organised, anti Trump bullshit? If so these cunts are far more insidious and destructive than any ghetto inhabitants.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

The Minneapolis Police Department are CUNTS.

Now, I will be the first to admit, that I don’t know all the ins & outs of the George Floyd incident.

I don’t know if he did buy cigarettes with a fake $20 at 20.01

I don’t know if he ‘resisted arrest’ at 20.14

I don’t know why a police officer felt in necessary to draw his handgun, while accompanied by 3 other police officers, whilst detaining one un-armed man suspected of a relatively minor, un-violent crime. – (I know that I would find it strange in the UK, if a team of armed response police officers were needed to arrest someone of passing one note of counterfeit money in a newsagents).

I don’t know why 4 armed police officers felt that one unarmed man, handcuffed, lying face down in the street, represented such a threat to them.

I do know, that people nearby, filmed the police officers conduct, and drew attention to the fact that Mr Floyd was having difficulty breathing.

I do know that officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Mr Floyds neck for 6 minutes, and after being told Mr Floyd was not moving, and another police officer checked Floyd for a pulse & failed to find one, that officer Chauvin knelt on Mr Floyds neck for a further and a half minutes. Officer Chauvin removed his knee at 20.27

I do know that George Floyd, a 46 yr old man, who had buying cigarettes at 8pm, was pronounced Dead, just 90 mintues later.

I do know that The Minneapolis Police Department released a statement regarding Mr Floyds arest, that detailed him being detained, expressing his difficulty breathing, officers calling for medical assistance and Mr Floyd later dying in hospital – no mention of a 20 stone police officer kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes.

I do know that the legitamate peacefull protests, subsequent looting and eventual violent riots, have cost substantially more than $20.

Nominated by Lord of the Rings

Glow Up

A nomination for some BBC Three piece of degeneracy called Glow Up.

More like throw-up..

It’s sad that old people are paying for this shite, and not even aware it exists (apart from the trailer on the main channels).

More flapping, mincing, and shrieking from our national broadcaster.

If BBC Three isn’t putting Stacey Dooley on a plane, or asking rhetorical questions about the ‘urban yoot’, it’s making scream-athons featuring the alphabet soup, and promoting non-binary demi-kin weirdness to kids who will end up convinced they need blue hair, a nose stud and a pseudopenis, or to tuck the old chap between their legs, shriek and flounce with a yellow-and-green feather headdress and peacock pattern facepaint, botox in their lips and a theatrical agent’s cock in their arse while ‘Goodbye Horses’ plays in the background.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

Flaunting your wealth

A show and tell ‘look what I’ve got’ cunting for the obscenely rich who flaunt their wealth on cuntstagram and then seem astonished and bewildered when some cunts rob them at knifepoint.

Recent example Dele Alli.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to buy nice things if you have worked for it and have the money. But you must be a bit of a mug these days if you advertise the fact you have a £150,000 watch on social media for all to see.

Would you walk around the seedier parts of town with a wad of £50 notes hanging out of your back pocket?

I believe that Kuntye and and Kim Kuntdashian have suffered a similar fate in the past from flaunting their possessions on social media.

As an aside I seem to remember a few years ago that thieves planned to rob Dolph Lundgren’s house in Spain and then realised it was Ivan Drago’s house and got the fuck out of there faster than B&WC’s tongue would go up Sophie Turner’s bumhole. 😂

Nominated by Harold Steptoe