Stephen Kinnock (4)

In this time of national crisis it’s good to know that we’re all in it together – unless, of course, your name is Stephen Kinnock, a Member of Parliament, and arrogant fucker who thinks that the law is beneath him and only for other people.

Not only was this idiot breaking the rules on essential travel during a health emergency that is killing people all over the planet, but he was stupid enough to post it on social media and them bleat that he was being ‘targeted’ by the police for having audacity to reply thus to his rather inappropriate tweet :

Hello @SKinnock we know celebrating your Dad’s birthday is a lovely thing to do, however this is not essential travel. We all have our part to play in this, we urge you to comply with @GOVUK restrictions, they are in place to keep us all safe. Thank you.”

Pretty fucking mild targeting in my opinion. This arsehole drove 200 miles to visit his father on his birthday. This is not essential travel. It contravenes the government rules. I can’t even drive a mile up the road to visit my grandchildren, yet this fucker thinks none of this applies to him.

Predictably, that well know left wing arsewipe, The Guardian, had this to say : “Critics said the police were overzealous in publicly criticising the MP, as others warned they could could lose the respect of the public.

No, no, no!!!! If anything, people like this should be setting an example to the rest of us. He’s an MP for Chrisake! If criticism is due, it should be levied on the police for not slapping a £60 fine on him. I’m sure they would have slapped one on me if I’d behaved like this.

I would not wish this disease on anyone – but wouldn’t it be a poetic irony if the Kinnick family now succumbed to it?

Mr Kinnock, you are not above the law, but you are my candidate of choice for “Cunt of the Week”. Congratulations…

Nominated by Dioclese

The Liberal Democrats


A Busy-doing-nothing, deeply sincere and inclusive cunting please for the political party who is to the smack of firm government what Alan Carr is to heavyweight boxing – yes it’s the Lib-Dems, who, in an effort to prove how fucking pointless they are, has decided to put off their “leadership” election for a year (due to Coronavirus, they say, more likely there isn’t anybody good enough to take it up):

The current incumbent, as “acting” leader (though not acting very well) Ed Whatshisname, is up against dimwitted four eyed, EU worshipping fuckwit
Layla Moran (who yesterday whined that the government put “Brexit before breathing” as we wouldn’t subscribe to the EUs ventilator scam). The daft cow couldn’t lead the Monster Raving Looney Party as she is gravitas-free.

When will the sandal wearing, Archers worshipping, knit your own lentils supporters of this pointless party realise just how useless they are?

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Piers Morgan

Just shut the Fuck Up,you self-important Sack of Shite.

Screaming hysterically over the answer any “Guest” tries to give,the Pound-Shop John Bull is an expert on every subject known to Man….of course, if hindsight is a gift,Morgan truly is one of The Blessed. He always knows/knew best and woe-betide any expert or professional who attempts to get a word in before Gobshite Piers puts them right with his view. Wonder if his hindsight extends to his decision to print faked photos or tap phones? Probably not,his pompous,opinionated,bombastic Windbag type are quick to forget/ignore anything that might actually expose them as lying,egotistical cowards.

Crawl back under your stone Cunt, before someone splatters you like the slime-oozing slug you really are…and take your “celebrity mates” with you.

PS….I won’t wish that Piers gets Coronavirus…there’s a chance the Wanker may recover from Coronavirus and that would never do.

Nominated by

Joanne Rust

Joanne Rust deserves a nomination. Now I know what you’re thinking. Well, it turns out that Joanne Rust is the ignorant dipshit who broke the quarantine rules in Spain, by taking a swim in the hotel pool and getting arrested for it. I was going to write this one off as just another entitled twat who thinks that rules are for other people. Except I recently found out that Rust isn’t just another lowly member of the proletariat. No, it turns out that Rust is a Labour councillor, a Unison member and a three time Parliamentary candidate (lost all three times).

As a public figure, albeit a minor one, Rust should not only fucking know better, she should be setting an example to others by being seen to be following strict rules that were put in place to help slow the infection rate of a DEADLY FUCKING WORLDWIDE VIRUS!! But no, being a Labour slug, her attitude is that she can do whatever the fuck she wants. Well, as the Spanish police taught her, she can’t. Joanne Rust, you are a cunt.

Oh yeah, a cunting for the fucking brain donor who rocked up in Spain a couple of days ago, for a ‘sunshine holiday’, despite knowing that Spain was already on lockdown. During a pandemic? Bitch, have a word with yourself.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

I nominate Joanne Rust for a red flag waving, champagne Socialist cunting.

This detestable piece of wank rag was recently identified as the cunt who flouted the Spanish hotel and authorities by ignoring advice to use the swimming pool in Tenerife. She apparently was protesting because boo hoo she didn’t get a fucking free upgrade to her room.

I hope the Spanish fuck her over royally and send her to jail on top of a heavy fine and is thrown out of Labour Party.
I have met this Harridan a Couple of times and can honestly say hand on heart she is THE most loathsome putrid piece of self serving shit I have had the non pleasure to meet.

Coronavirus if you are listening please fill your boots and give her your strongest dose.

Nominated by Once a cunt always a cunt

Mike Ashley (3)

Mike Ashley is a cunt, I would be tempted to say he is the ultimate in cunts. He treats his staff like shit and encourages his supervisory team to adopt aggressive and repressive disciplinary tactics.

Now we find the stupid greedy oafish fat fucking cunt feels that his shitty knock off Fashion Not Sport shit shop is essential for the UK’s well being in a crisis.

Ashley, NO you fucking cunt.

It’s not essential, it’s cheap mass-manufactured shite you sell for too much money to ignorant cunts who don’t actually do sport, they just like to look like they do sport, the fat fucking oafs wandering … or waddling about in tacky Nike shit slippers, and voluminous baggy sweat pant set out to disguise their obese carcass underneath.

I hope you are fucking ashamed of yourself using a national crisis to leverage your shit shop into the essential category. Fortunately for your employees, the public, the transport systems, the police, NHS and all the vital services we need to stay healthy, the government has called your obtuse cunting bluff and told you to fuck the fuck off you utter cunt.

Nominated by GGRF

That despicable cunt Mike Fucking Ashley is a cunt among cunts, buys from cunts, supplies to cunts all the while acting like a total cunt, this fuck monkey has hiked his prices up now the the gyms are shut, talk about taking advantage of his customer base, they should boycott sports direct and shop elsewhere, just so the greedy, sweaty, slave driving cunts goes through the hoop, his staff would be better off working for someone else anyway as they all have to suffer this utter utter leather clad cunt cunt, treble cunt….did i mention cunts Mike Ashley you cunt, fuck you…

Nominated by Fuglyucker