Laura Kuenssberg (2)

Laura Kuntssberg is a real cunt isnt she?

ALBBC – not content with sticking Abdul on the live hustings and the furor over his deactivated twatter account plus the awful Maitlis woman deliberately attempting to goad Boris into a corner they cant even tell the truth seconds after a live broadcast. The last vote which saw Gove kicked off leaving the PM job to either Boris or creepy Hunt ALBBC went live into the chamber for the announcement. A sigh of disbelief was heard when it was announced one paper was void. The result was then read and handed straight back to the wobbly gobbed Kuntssberg who declared “there was a huge gasp from the MP’s when the winners were announced” – no there wasnt you lying conniving cunt.

Why oh why do politicians take people like Kuntssberg and Peston into their confidence when its known the two cunts can’t even lie straight in bed? Were that me and I was approached by any ALBBC / ITV / Channel 4 / Sly news correspondents I would ensure it was quiet and just tell them to fuck off.

Nominated by cunto

Tom & Eve Penn

A Neighbourhood Watch, Friends and Neighbours cunting please for this *public spirited?* shitstain who was so concerned for the welfare of our future Prime minister and his tart that he phoned the police, and also had the presence of mind to record the brouhaha AND send it to *The Guardian*.

The Guardian says it all doesn’t it? Some fucking nose in the air do-fucking-gooder with too much sodding time on his hands. I smell stitch-up

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Boris Johnson’s neighbours are right Guardianista interfering cunts.

Its one thing calling the police to a perceived affray but recording it and giving it to the Guardian is another. They obviously don’t like Johnson and now have a perma-erection thinking how brilliant they are that they’ve knocked 10 bells of popularity out of our best candidate for prime minister since Maggie Thatcher.

I hope Boris get’s the job and gets to live in nice Chequers and Downing Street away from those awful Guardian remainer plebs.

Nominated by Cuntologist

The BBC (23)

The BBC again, the BBC has the same attitude to the people as pre Cromwell monarchs. We are there to enrich them and they’ve a divine right to lord it over us.

They have given a statement to justify the TV license, I’ll let you read it below. Suffice to say they purposely miss the point.

If the BBC wants 3 tv channels, regional channels, more radio stations than they can reasonably justify. BBC Asian or whatever it’s called, what the fucks that about?

It’s really time the BBC was commercialised, every defence they make of themselves just highlights how far removed they are from those forced to pay for the gravy train.

“Cutting the pay of stars and senior managers would only save a fraction of the cost of free TV licences for older people, the BBC has said.
The broadcaster has defended its decision to end universal free licences for over-75s because of the £745m cost.
In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, BBC director of policy Clare Sumner said the BBC could only save £25m if it kept all salaries at or below £150,000.”

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Mark Field MP

For any cunters who have been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, this is the fella who forcibly ejected a dopey Greenpeace “activist” from an formal dinner at the Mansion House on Thursday evening in order to prevent said fuckwit from approaching the top table and spewing forth a load of eco-bile to the assembled throng.

He has since come in for a great deal of flak from the leftie/feminazi/ecotwat brigade because he apparently used “excessive force” in so doing. Utter bollocks. Jesus H, if anyone was listening to that fucking daft bint Fogarty on LBC this afternoon, you’ll know what I’m on about here…..

He’s a bit of a hero really, so why, I hear you ask, is he a cunt?


Nominated by Ghee The Witches

Mark Field is certainly NOT a cunt. He did what any decent person would have done when demonstators stormed the Mansion House to potentially threaten life and limb of the eminent people present.

Even the security guards – where the fuck were they incidentally? – said he grappled the demonstrator in question exactly as they had been trained to do.

No, Field’s behaviour was in no way cuntish – but the actions of the Foreign Office in suspending him was cuntish in the extreme. And who is the Foreign Secretary? Why, none other than potential PM Jeremy Cunt – sorry, Hunt – who has just proved to all and sundry that he’s more than a wee bit weak and wobbly.

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

Rory Stewart

I wish to nominate Establishment flavour-of-the-month Rory Stewart for the consideration of the denizens of the award-winning website ISAC.

The media are currently indulging in one of their groupthink exercises over this escaped extra from the Planet of the Apes. Little bit of reality, Stewart gained 19 out of 313 votes in the first round of the Conservative leadership contest – a muscular 6%. But the media love him because he is one of their own.

Let’s just examine the evidence…
– son of a diplomat;
– attended Eton;
– PPE at Oxford (natch);
– Harvard;
– private tutor to Princes William and Harry.

A complete and utter Establishment figure.

What is it with all these beta-males in politics and the media at the moment? Rory Stewart is just the latest in a long procession of chinless wonders talking down to the public. Nick Clegg, Emmanuel Macron, Guy Whatshisname, Owen Jones, that twat from Channel 4 News, they are fucking everywhere. Perhaps Stewart is trying to get his own back on Boris Johnson for flushing his head down the bog at Eton?

The Chinese, the Russians and the various jihadist mentalists must be trembling in their boots

Nominated by Cunt’s Mate Cunt