Jen Stephens and Rob Walker

Apparently this pair of attention-seeking twats only have sex on Christmas Day…

This is really several mini-cuntings…

1/ the modern media for taking a prurient interest in what really should be kept private. And the desperate attention-seekers who let the papers publish the most intimate details of their lives.

2/ Jen Stephens for claiming her boyfriend is happy with this arrangement. I don’t know about fellow cunters but when I was in my teens and twenties I pretty much wanted it every fucking day. Come to think of it, that’s still the case in my 50s.

3/ Rob Walker for going along with this shit. What the fuck is it with all these sad Beta-males these days? Happy with one shag a year? Fuck off, get some self-respect and get down the fucking pub and shag a couple of drunk birds for fuck’s sake – you know it makes sense.

4/ Myself for reading a story from the Sun.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

47 thoughts on “Jen Stephens and Rob Walker

  1. Tats on a bird.

    Worse than genocide.

    I bet she isn’t going a year without, the dirty strumpet. I’m sure that kiddy is hers too.

  2. Three comments in return for the nom:

    -I had broader shoulders than that freakish looking cuck, when I was 12. He reminds me of the “one” with a long neck and buck teeth, from the “Monster Munch” adverts.

    -I don’t believe any young, virile, normal male would tolerate his situation. In fact, the more one looks at the mom photo. Can we be certain “it” is a male🤔

    -Its the sun. They very rarely print real news.

  3. Fuck me, this is unbelievable on so many levels!

    Well done to CMC for finding a wanker even soppier than Harry the Half Wit.


  4. Sad cunts, best thing for them is exterminate, exterminate, exterminate, what has the world come to, I blame the parents, probably God botherers or something….

  5. Bloody hell, I’m getting grouchy already cos it’s been 4 days and Mrs Mitten is ‘up on blocks’ and I’m in my mid 50’s.

    Sounds like a load of bullshit to me to get their 15 minutes of fame. Either that or he’s addicted to pornhub and she prefers a dildo to his micro penis.

  6. “According to a recent survey, published in The Guardian, 40 per cent of 18-24-year-olds have never had sex and six per cent have sex less than once a year.”

    I suspect this explains a good deal about what’s happening in this country.

      • Sex? FFS walk past any coffee shop with young people sat at a table, they’ll all be on their bloody phones, not talking to each other. Sex for them is like it was in Demolition Man, non contact.

    • Yes the Guardian would say that……in their world if you are not a bender or a trannie you are even lower than a brexiteer!

  7. They’re using a euphemism for him being a wanker, is there something to do with baby jebus about all this?
    Millenial cuckery programme.

  8. What a cunt he is: like how SHE says he is ok with it.

    She only has sex with HIM every Christmas. Each other day she runs a glory hole in a public shitter.

    The slut.

  9. So what has happened here is she has got pregnant on the one time they had sex that year.
    Rob me boy she ain’t playing on the same level field you think she is.
    But if your that pussy whipped you won’t push for a paternity test. Even when the kid comes out a darker shade of pale.
    Rob, watch Me, Myself and Irene if you are allowed you cuck cunt.

  10. If there was ever a man who enjoys being pegged, this is him.
    What a pathetic cissy.
    Bring back National Service!

  11. I’m sure I’ve seen her in xhamster being pummeled and peed on by 8 dark keys and a midget Rob lad, you daft cunt.

  12. Oh fer fucks sake. What is wrong with the Cuntlennial generation? They’re all called they them him/her that/them twat/twot, they Mickey Mouse around making up new names for wanting to shag someone of the same sex and now they can’t be fucked wanting to dork someone of the opposite sex at all?
    It’s pretty tiring. I wouldn’t want to Have it off with either of the twats even if Santa was watching.

  13. Looking at the state of the cunt, I’m surprised he’s even got one good un’ in him.

    Shaved head, damp sponge, chair, electrical connections until smoke emits from his ears.

    As for her, tats. Enough said, Unkle Terry’s oven.

  14. She sounds a controlling bitch, but she might well miscalculate – give it a couple of years and her sagging tits and stretch marks, he won’t even want it at Christmas from her – his “spirit will hunt after new fancies” as Shakespeare had it (in Othello if I remember right). For all she knows he might be getting it elsewhere already – either that or he is a champion wanker.

  15. It’s pregnant? Most likely used a turkey baster filled with jizz scooped off a shit stained Virgin Rail lavatory seat.

  16. A beanpole and an ink-stained bitch. Who gives a fuck about these attention-seeking cunts? Have to say though, they’re having more sex than I am.

  17. “We only have sex on Christmas day”!
    “Actually my mental munter – YOU only have sex on Christmas day – I spend the year spraying up your younger and more attractive Sister like a fire hose”!
    Somebody stop these fuckers breeding. And breathing.

  18. It’s a pity peacefuls don’t have sex only once a year. The world would be a better place and the UK benefits bill would be much smaller.

  19. Once a fucking year!!! Fucking hell, if my missus so much as lingered over doing her shoelaces up she’d find herself in receipt of a length. that’s why I replaced the oven with the eye level grill, ate a lot of burnt toast after that!

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