Anthony Blair [22]

Ho-ho-ho – a special Yuletide cunting – it’s that cunt again – Anthony Blair, who has obviously been given a junior doctor kit for Christmas, because he now offers medial advice, with fuck all knowledge:

Clearly he is not a Dame Keir fan, as he seems to be determined to come back into the limelight.

Half a loaf might be better than none, but is half a dose better than none?. I doubt it, some scientists doubt it, but hey it gives Anthony a chance to camp it up on TV again.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

Added to with much aplomb by Harold Steptoe:

Just to hop aboard this cunting.

Anthony Bliar has also suggested the government implement “Covid passports” which would only allow travel abroad for those who could provide proof of their disease status.

No doubt this would then filter down to music venues, restaurants, pubs, etc,

Sounding familiar?
It should.

Cast your mind back to when Tone was so keen for everyone to carry ID cards.

See you all at Checkpoint Tony in a few months.

…and a follow-up from W.C. Boggs again

A limp-wristed, Mandy luvs ya cunting please for the Princess Tony as he continues to mount his comeback to “fix his reputation”, with a wordy and windy essay published in the Evening Standard on January 11th 2021:

He takes so long to say so little (perhaps Alcoholic Ali helped him?), platitudes, sophistry and stating the bleeding obvious are grist to the Blair mill – what a shameless little cunt he is, using a major health crisis to try to relaunch his fifth rate career. It was hardly worth getting his eyebrow pencil out of his handbag to write this tat on one of Cherie’s jamrags. Take retirement now, duckie.

The paper is free. I advise getting hold of several copies to use when you run out of bog roll.

48 thoughts on “Anthony Blair [22]

    • I read your piece, Mike. I have often wondered if “Pandora” was based on a mixture of Barbara Follett, Ruth Kelly and Yvette Cooper?. IN which case I wouldn’t wish her on my biggest enemy!

      I can’t help feeling, now we have the “Brazilian” as well as the “South African” variant of Covid if we should not have banned international travel last year, which I am sure would have cost less than 3 lockdowns, and the that that we might get 3 metre social distancing, which will ruin even more businesses. But I leave the what-if’s to Captain Hindsight, Dame Keir.

      Interestingly, the return of the Princess Tony might divide what they like to regard themselves as the “centre” of the Labour party – the poofters and remoaners would definitely plump for Blair – for the shadow cabinet no-hopers (Rayner, Ashworth & co) there is nothing like a Dame. I am looking forward to the punch-ups, but for Blair to use wholesale death and destruction to try to move his reputation up from the sewer to the gutter, reminds again of the utter loathsomeness of this guttersnipe. I blame the lockdown – it’s January and Blair’s natural home in the pantomime as the fairy godmother is closed to him this year.

      • A man who lied to my country to take it on a war of aggression which cost thousands of British soldiers to lose either their lives or limbs and the cause of the loss of 100’s of thousands of Iraqi lives.

  1. I think we owe no one person a big cunting than this cunt. He totally fucked the UK for his own benefit. I’d personally like to see him burn for what he has done. That fucking scarecrow he calls a wife can go on the fire too.

  2. Just another first grade filthy cunt from the Political Factory that churns them out ad nauseam.
    This one turned out to be a first rate murderer to boot.
    Oven entire family.
    Double annual bank holiday to celebrate.

  3. Blair and Thatcher…Cunts to some,heroes to others. I suppose the one thing that can be said of both of them is that they were “Leaders”…unlike the succession of nonentities and weaklings that we’ve had since.

    “In a democracy, the people end up with the government and leaders they deserve”

    • He is the industry standard cunt. When Jim Davidson degraded to 99.9% of a cunt they replaced the standard measure with one Tony Blair.

  4. When asked for a comment about the resurgence of Anthony B. Liar within politics, the widow of Dr David Kelly, made the following statement:


    • In reality the Kelly family have been surprisingly quiet since – they obviously didn’t want any of the “vaccine” BLiar’s mates gave to David!

      If anybody reading this would like to curdle their p1ss I recommend reading “an inconvenient death” by Miles Goslett (isbn:9781788543118).

      BLiar is the ultimate (unt.

      • Or listen to Harrowdown Hill by Thom Yorke. Admittedly a tofu wearing lib but its a good song about Dr Kelly.
        Don’t walk the plank like I did
        You will be dispensed with
        When you’ve become
        Up on harrowdown hill
        Near where you used to go to school
        This where I, this where I am lying down
        Did I fall or was I pushed
        Then wheres the blood?

  5. Anyone else remember his gargoyle of a daughter getting mugged at knifepoint by one of Tony’s illegal imports?

    I do and I still laugh about it now.

  6. I can only express disbelief that the BBC has been cunted more times than Satan Blair on this illustrious forum.

    By chance, have a few cuntings been missed along the way? Should we have a re-cunt (sic).

  7. Ah! The return to our screens of Lynton ! Seemingly now intending to found a new Political Party of one issue ( Return to the EU ) (why does that remind me of “Return to the Planet of the Apes” ?)

    Of Course it will be led by Lynton himself, his companies will be awarded contracts on the ferris wheel of cash a plenty, and he will score all but what he truly deserves! A full jacket !

  8. Lots of these carpetbagger types keep popping up,
    Blair, Major, Campbell, et al,
    They had a chance to serve their country and misused it,
    Squandered money, social experimenting, war,
    Then expect another roll of the dice?
    Nowt like cheek eh?

    • Do you think it’s because the one job you can totally fuck up in and have no accountability is government? I don’t but the accountable at the ballot box hog wash.

  9. “Vaccination, in the End, Will Be Your Route to Liberty,” says Satan’s greatest spunkbubble, Tony Blair.

    Excuse me, what the fuck.
    Arbeit macht frei?

    I’m pretty sure coercing people to get a medical procedure is a violation of the Nuremberg code. You know, that thing established because of war criminals just like this scumfuck Blair.

    Incredible it just flew straight under the radar and went unchallenged by Piers gobshite Morgan.

    Trading a potentially dangerous and unnecessary medical procedure for freedom we already established with the blood of our ancestors? GET TO FUCK YOU GLOBALIST CUNT.

    Fucks sake.

    • Transero im Libertas. I think you put that comparative very nicely Big Chunky. Echoes from Krautland….ah yes.Mr Blair. ( Of course )

  10. Blair is a cunt no doubt but no worse than that bumbling scruffy fat cunt we have now, at least he made decisions even if many of them were wrong.

    I just wish we had a strong, experienced government now instead of the smears of excrement we have…..they fuck up everything they touch.

    Still, at least Matt and Boris’s chums have done well out of the PPE fraud.

  11. Appears the horrible cunt is practicing the “standard political return” very simple how this works. You become a cunt, attempt to destroy the culture of your country, allow mass unfettered and unwanted immigration, bring the human rights act into law so your fucking wife can make millions suing the government you are head off, get involved in pointless wars for which the evidence of threat posed by the enemy was invented by some parasite in your office, allow participants of a terror group with many killings etc on their heads get out of jail cards letters of surrender or some thing. Finance via legal aid bent solicitors and their employees to hound service men and women re war crimes they may not have committed, to be the father of wokery along with your treasonous comrades and give every pervert, deviant and mental case more rights than a Pakistani child abusing gang.
    I think dear Tone it will take more than a few years in the shadows for me and many others to forget what a total cunt you are. Fuck you Tony.

  12. Blaircunt is Lord God Almighty to the globalists, at least in this country. A man who is pure fucking evil and totally beyond the pale. Easily the biggest cunt this country has ever produced.

    • I’m not a religious person, but if there is such a thing as the antichrist, it’s this evil bastard.
      Double oven for him…

  13. I’d love a time machine. I’d go back and shoot him, Gordon Brown and George W Bush before they became leaders and the world would be much better for it.

  14. Here we go again….another divine intervention from the World Expert On Everything. I’m only surprised he hasn’t corralled eg Slough University to confer an honorary PhD on him to add more credibility. It’d be a classic New Labour tactic – all presentation / no substance.

    Examples of Blair’s ’expertise’ litter the UK and world; sadly with terrible long term consequences eg

    1. “The benefits of colossal (but secret) inwards migration”
    2. “The certainty of the existence of Weapons Of Mass Destruction”
    3. “The (spurious) 50% of youngsters entering Higher Education”

    Truly this cunt should be locked up out of sight in Belmarsh for the rest of his life.

    • Why? when all that’s required is half an ounce of lead inserted soviet style into the nape of the neck at a suitably high muzzle velocity, someone put him out of our misery ffs… or Tez’s rotisserie oven… set to a “VERY SLOW ROAST” … I’m good with either.

  15. Tony Blair Institute For Global Reform 👎👎
    Says it it all really this pompous prick will just not roll over and die 👎👎

    Instead of trying to resurrect his tarnished career he should just crawl back under the stone he came from under.👎👎
    Blair is a politician not a scientist slippery as they come he should be answering for war crimes The only good news about Blair’s return is if it happens Labour will be out of power for the next 8 years he is toxic 👍👍

  16. Let’s think about this; it may not be that bad having him back in power with his troll “fit 5 cocks in her wide mouth” wife.

    The rationale behind my thinking being he will want to go to war with any country he suspects of having naughty weapons by having dodgy dossiers drawn up – the result this being untold death. The consequence of that being less people on the planet to die from the ‘Rona which will result in more vaccines for those who are still here, which will result in quicker vaccinations for those souls fortunate enough…

    I like his style – not


  17. The unflushable turd of British politics , Blair’s never really gone away , he’s always been skulking around in the shadows, plotting, manipulating, looking for a way back in ,
    Unequalled in the lack of self awareness stakes he still dreams big but unfortunately for him the stain of the iraq war hangs heaviest amongst his many other crimes against the U.K. , we are told you can judge a man by the company he keeps and that speaks volumes about blair and should preclude him from ever being a political force again.
    A relic from a bygone age

  18. I saw him on the TV the other day. Looking old and haggard. The spirits of all our dead brave soldiers haunting him in his sleep perhaps?

  19. Actually it looks like he’s about to pull his wife’s buttocks apart and plant a big sloppy kiss on her gaping ring piece.
    Probably a less traumatic experience than having to snog her.
    The filthy fucking traitorous cunt.

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