James O’Brien (8)

Somehow, miraculously, James Obrien has only received a quite underwhelming, one ‘cunting’ on this most prestigious of websites. This simply won’t do. Today, I correct this flagrant injustice by nominating Obrien, not once, but a whopping 5 TIMES!!!. I don’t know how I’m going to justify this bending of the meritocratic physics of this website. But, one cunting will never suffice.

Alas, I’m hoping that my verbal volleys and linguistic nut shots on James will mount such a devastating deluge of beatdownery, such an orgy of rhetorical violence, that the rules of the ‘…is a cunt’ universe will be ripped apart and tally it as at least 4 cuntings for James.

He’s such a colossus of cuntiness – such an exceptional case of the cunts – IMO he deserves to be on the ‘Mount Rushmore’ of cunts (along with arguably Tony Blair, Gary Lineker, Diane Abbott et al). How he has slipped under the radar of this website (a place seemingly so tailor-made for him to be featured) for so many years is probably a mystery of the ages. No longer. His cuntery is uniquely loathsome and must be heralded as such for all time.

For evidence of this, look no further than his daily call-in show on LBC. It’s such hard listening you’ll wish that you were subjected to two hours of Jimmy Car’s soul-shattering, choked inward laugh instead of James’ bloviating, self-righteous, bleeding-hearted smugness. He is so cocksure of his own moral rectitude, so enamoured by his own intellectual pedigree he has to wear a near-constantly scrunched face of exacerbated contempt for the world to signal just how ‘not good enough’ everything is. It’s like a congenitally defective bulldog with a lego brick in its sock. I think his face might be the single most ungrateful point in the universe.

Poor ol’ James, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, sensing all the world’s pain. If only they could just do what he says and it would all go away. I picture him, up at 2 am, unable to sleep again, trying to block out his own neurosis with thoughts of himself as Woke Emperor of the World, Left-Wing Superhero, Captain Woke, there to right the evils of the world by pwning middle-Englanders with one stroke of his rhetorical mastery at a time.

This man even had the audacity to write a book called ‘How To Be Right’ with no hint of irony or self-awareness. One senses that a man like this isn’t much interested in free thought, but that everyone must agree with his prescriptions for the world, lest they fall into the bracket of wrong thinkers ripe for his ire. To him, there is right and ‘wrong’ think, in true Orwellian style. No humility, no missing of details, no bias, no possible way he might be slightly off by a whisker, no possible way that the other side might be on the money from time to time. None of that. His omnipotence and omnipresence is so, well, ‘omni’ he is like the universe itself.

And, low and behold all of his political opinions line-up neatly within the purview of a socialist, Guardian-reading, Pro-EU agenda. He throws around words like ‘fascist’ ‘racist’ ‘homophobic’ ‘Islamophobic’ like confetti and plays down the violence, censorship, lies of the Left, goes softball on left-wing sacred cows and becomes a fawning sycophant when in the presence of other left-wing bigots and liars like himself. What’s worse is that people actually buy his books and adopt his intellectually dishonest style of debate as a way to feel empowered and somehow badass, egging him on as a true prince for their side. In truth, he owns NO ONE in a debate because the debate simply never happens.

Instead, he berates, interrupts, scoffs, sneers, childishly harangues and bullshits his way through caller’s sincere attempts to reason with him as a way to APPEAR to have won. This is childishness you’d expect from a 9-year-old, narcissistic bully, not an adult of 40.

I’ve never hated anyone more than him. And that includes Piers Morgan and CJ De Mooie off Eggheads. They are unmitigated cunts. But, James takes the gold medal – by far. In fact, he’s an Olympic cunt. He’s the Sir Steve Redgrave of Olympic Cunts. And that’s why I’m giving him 5 Olympic cunts. It should be orders of magnitude more but Steve Redgrave’s athletic window closed too soon to keep up with Jame’s prolific and evident cuntishness.

By way of catharsis, I direct all readers to a youtube video of Jacob Rees Mogg calmly, soundly and effortlessly putting James O’Brien in his place on youtube, on his own turf, to the point of near mental breakdown. Look it up. There cannot be a person more designed for James to hate and he sends James packing on his arse.

Anyway, I don’t know if I can really do a cunt like James justice here. But, please lay in some extra digs in the comments to finish the cunt off. Lovely.

Nominated by: Flappy Cuntlips


…and this from GILES EVANS 

James O’Brien MUST have been fiddled-with as a kid (a big “allegedly” added here – DA). I can’t get my head around just how much attention-seeking bollocks he spouts-out. It’s beyond fucking parody.

Is this what a public-school education gives-us? If I could be bothered I’d love to ask him how he can justify thieving a living. I doubt he has ever done an honest days work in his entire life.

Plus he’s an ugly looking c*nt. Hand him a fishing-rod and put him in your front-garden. He’s a perfect Gnome.

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