Boris Johnson (12)

Yes, once again, this fucking useless ball bag is in need of yet another cunting.

I saw him on the telly tonight, holding forth about vaccines, Christmas arrangements and revised lockdown measures. He is under the illusion that he has gravitas and statesman like qualities, he has neither.

Rather than give an eloquent speech in measured, emphatic tones, with some conviction, he witters on about ‘ the sound of the cavalry coming ‘ and ‘ a jolly Christmas, but a time to be jolly careful ‘.

The man cannot seem to help himself, he trivialises everything.

I have never rated him and hold the opinion that whatever he does is in his own self interest, with no regard for the country or anyone else. I had hoped that I was wrong, but no, he really is a blustering clown, who has a degree in ‘ the classics ‘, because he was useless at everything else.

Fuck off Boris, you dumb blonde Turkish cunt, enough is enough, you are a massive cunt, so off you go.

If only Farage were PM.

Brexit sellout reveal, coming to a tv screen near you, soon.

Fat traitorous bastard.

Get To Fuck.

Nominated by:Jack The Cunter

54 thoughts on “Boris Johnson (12)

  1. The supreme example of a useless fool finding himself in position for which he is totally unsuited. We now that is the case; it might be dawning on him too.

  2. What’s happened to Farage? He seems to be missing in action. Agree he’d make an ace PM.

    BTW, why does Boris have the nickname Jellyfish? I missed that and would dearly like to know. It sounds funny if nothing else.

    Morning all.

      • He would benefit from a spine transplant. Reminds me of the old Spitting Image sketch – Thatcher ordering a meal for the Cabinet (raw steak) and being asked about “the vegetables”. “They’ll have the same”.

        Johnson wouldn’t even have made it as a “wet” in Thatcher’s govt.

      • He wouldn’t have made it as a cleaner in her government. She’d have had him for breakfast.

    • Farage and a friend reportedly saved a couple of dinghy rats in the channel. the other day. Silly twat. You’ll be hard pressed to find much about that in the MSM.
      Jellyfish: no backbone and quiver a lot.

    • Yes he is Flip Flop the Jellyfish. Because he says one thing & does the exact opposite & also because he’s a completely spineless cunt.

  3. Doris “the invertebrate’s invertebrate” Johnson.
    On course to be the undisputed worst prime minister the UK ever had.

  4. I do have a little sympathy for Boris, he is a good time PM, not really a man for a crisis. He was given some praise by Jeremy Hunt with regard to his 80 seat majority stating that if he had been leader he wouldn’t have managed that majority.
    He has been given a tough ride throughout the Covid saga while the ScotNazi and Welsh sheepshagger have been getting away with anything they like. Drakeford has been even more incompetent than Boris and Wee Jimmy has got away with a disaster in Care Homes and in and out lockdowns
    The latest Covid opportunism from the Wee Ginger cunt is to give away tax payers money to NHS, £500 bonus and stating it shouldn’t be taxed, well that’s simple don’t put it through payroll, not content with that she is giving £100 to the great unwashed who are on free school meals (forever) breakfast and lunch. This is a slap in the face to all the poor fuckers who just about pay their way by working their balls off.
    Nothing to do with being a caring cunt but all to do with a referendum, if Boris is a cunt (I agree that he is) he isn’t the biggest cunt in the country.

    PS, I hope the Jocks fuck off next year.

    • If/when they do fuck off they’re in for a bloody rude economic awakening. Popcorn, please. Tapadh leibh.

      • The bill for the Covid disaster inflated by the Barnett formula will be a nice little leaving present when we finally cut ties with Wee Jimmy and her clan.

      • Not to mention Scottish crude a) running out and b) being vewy vewy dirty, according to Ms Greta Thunderbox, who ironically is an Hon. of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.
        A bit awkward, that. Would like to see her lecture a load of Aberdonian oilmen. She’d be gutted… like an Arbroath Smokie.

  5. Excellent campaigner…..dreadful Leader.

    He has been exposed as the flim-flam spouting Windbag that I thought he was but hoped that he wasn’t.

    Put him out of his misery…ditch him and his tart.

  6. Boris is the most promising PM we’ve had for a long time!!
    He promises this and promises that but he delivers fuck all.
    I saw a word the other day that’s one of those new words that is accepted by the dictionary.

    It applies perfectly to Boris as the definition is “a shrewd person not guided by principles.” – especially a politician, although I don’t see how “shrewd” applies.
    I’m still going to use it though – You shit headed shyster of a snollygoster Boris.
    Great nom Jack.

  7. I sincerely hope this isn’t true:

    To be frightend of an old senile coffin dodger would send the signal this country is totally fucked. It is more likely that they will have screwed down the lid on Biden’s pine box before he finished his first term.

    Yes, Boris has been a great disappointment, but look at the alternative – fucking Starmer would have been on his knees licking Barniers ringpiece long before now. Despite the great flaws Boris is still better than Kweer

    Yes, Boris has been a great disappointment, but look at that quivering posing motherfucker of an opposition leader Starmer

    • There were better options in the Tory party for a leadership candidate; that is why I voted for Nigel. The Tories couldn:t even produce a decent line-up.
      He looks like a joke; he IS a joke. There were females and Dark Quays who could’ve done a far better job, not forgetting The Mogg.

      • Ooh, good choice H,

        Imagine JRM taking PMQs. His responses and put-downs would be fucking hilarious. The way he can deal with an insult and throw them back at people is world class.

  8. His unending metaphors and poetic like speeches reveal his farcical nature. So much blithering bullshit. He is a complete joke of a politician.

  9. Floated thru life with not a care in the world. If he fucks up, someone’s there to smooth it over, cover it up.
    Private or public school education. I don’t which and frankly don’t give a fuck what it was. Itll have been bread and butter pudding after evening meal then off to the chambers for a round of saucy buggery.
    The man is a fucking tool.
    Do see how good he really is lets see what turgid dross shit pile Brexit we end up with.

  10. He really is a dickhead. If he had an arsehole transplant the arsehole would reject him. That’s how much of a twat he is!!!

  11. Jellyfish v mollusc. Both know they will boiled if either backs down over fish. Fucking fish for fucksake, level playing field and ECJ massively more important. I am gunning for Jelly not backing down.

  12. He is a career politician. Most are!1 They are all self centred cunts only in it for themselves and to hear the sound of their own voice.

    • This, in a nutshell!

      When you think of all the useless cunts we’ve had as ministers and prime ministers over the last 30 years, and what has become of most of them now, you realise being a politician was just a stepping-stone to bigger and richer things!

      Cunts like Brown, Blair, Major, Heseltine, Lawson, May, Cameron et al, they all did a fucking shit job for the country back in their respective days, and quite rightly got booted out.

      However, their accountability stops right there as far as they are concerned. To them they did their bit for Cunt and Country, fucked it up, left and now find themselves in the private sector on big money using their shit influence and more importantly their contacts for lobbying purposes to become Billy Big Bollocks. And still having the temerity to poke their noses in current political affairs!

      Boris will be no different. Neither will Hancock, Gove, Sunak and all the other cunts on the front bench, who will soon shrug their shoulders, back their bags and fuck off elsewhere without a qualm in the world.

      Same shit different day!

    • Agree 100%.

      Westminster is full of political rats who couldn’t give a toss about the people who put them there.

      Johnson has only caved in to St Marcus of Rashford over school meals because the parents of the kids in the north are so poor they can only afford Sky Tv, fags, booze, Iphone 12 and XBox, so how are they going to afford to feed their kids as well? The trouble is, they are the ones who changed their vote to support his push for Brexit.

      And now this cunt looks like he is selling them down the river.

      Where is Guy Fawkes when we need him?

  13. Driving back from the Vets last Friday, I saw something in the windows of a block of social housing flats. Two words in Multi-coloured letters, each letter 3 foot high. the windows around full of NHS rainbows.
    The words?


    I was smiling all the way home👍

    • Great nom Jack!!👍👍
      Factual, concise, challenging in parts, like me your a natural.
      Boris is out of his depth,
      He got what he thought hed always wiished for.
      Found out it takes hard work,
      Long hours, and a spine and lost interest.
      Of course hell betray us,
      Monkeys climb
      Rabbits hop
      Its his nature
      He loves the EU!!!

  14. I voted for Boris because I thought he would get Brexit done and Corbyn was going to ruin the economy – oh the irony.

    The jury is still out, as it were, on Brexit. I think it would be great if Boris made the EU pay us to fish in our waters, 900 million a year would do nicely.

    As for Boris’ handling of the pandemic, well I’m with Julia Hartley-Brewer and Richard Tice on that.

  15. Utter cunt leading a Cabinet of utter cunts. Fed up with their bullshit.

  16. Yes the Jellyfish is a great campaigner and vote winner…… which other Tory could have won two Mayoral elections in Londonstabistan and even Sir Nigel admits we couldn’t have won the referendum without him. However Londoners know that he promises much and delivers fuck all. You voted for a Tory government and got a Labour one. The alternative is you could have voted for a Labour government and got a commie one. And there’s the fucking problem.
    Sir Nigel is the only answer. Four years to go……his new party could easily force a coalition with the Tories in the chaos that is to come. The danger is that Starmzy’s mob might learn lessons in election rigging from their friends across the Atlantic.
    Plus, of course, every immo bastard we let in is a vote for the commies. It’s not looking great I must admit.

    • I remember thinking how great Boris was in his Love Actually parody and now I realise he is an actor and needs to go.

      I would vote for Nigel but it comes back to splitting the vote. Nigel has been massively influential and I really admire him for his years of work on Brexit and exposing the channel migrants. Trouble is people label him ‘racist’ and MSM hate him.

      Labour and Lib Dems still shit. So what else do we have? There’s Laurence Fox. Unfortunately Laurence just seems to type stuff in Twitter and cause Twitter storms that reach the press.

      Otherwise Sir Desmond Swayne would be good imho as new leader of the Conservatives.

  17. This evenings vote is interesting. The “bung” of a favourable reward in the tier allocation, is not following the science. It simply proves the falsehood of the situation.

    Johnson does need to go, but Im damned if I can see anyone of any party who could measure the position. In short Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re fucked!

  18. The Mogg for the leadership.He is my choice.Boris is beyond useless.Larry the cat would perform better.The spine would reject the Jellyfish if Bojo needed a new one.We are truly shafted

  19. Fuck me fellow cunters , the warning signs were there in the 2012 London Olympics with the stupid cunt on the zip wire , and the amount of little bastards he’s sired around the country, usually with another mans wife , Uber cunt

  20. What should happen is Barnier should get a good boot in the bollocks, and told to fuck off no deal you cunt. Fishing, lets make it 200 million a year, nice round figure that.
    Enough of this shit already. Fucking clueless cunts.

  21. Tar…feathers…a rail…and a one way road out of Downing St.

    Merry Christmas to all. 🎄

  22. When he went into hospital in May with Covid he must have ended up having a brain transplant because he ain’t been the same since. U-turn after cunting U-turn: made to look a cunt by St Marcus (another cunt), letting his slag Mrs poke her nose into Government business, this relentless bollocks with the climate change scam, banning petrol and diesel cars, the bottomless pit of money that is the contract tracing App and the whole joke response to Covid, and he still ain’t properly addressed the endless stream of migrants pouring into the country either.

    He is the biggest disappointment ever. A total fucking let down. And I just know he is gonna sell us down the river on Brexit!

  23. Who fucking cares?
    Name a politician past or present who amounted to anything other than fuck all.
    It’s just a jolly club for the cunts.
    Gas them.

  24. He’s decided that we’re sticking to the ECHR. Which means that filth will still wash up on our beaches, or be picked up by the Border Farce.
    When the Brexit capitulation is revealed, ( soon ). He should make a grand speech.
    ” We few, we traitorous few, we bunch of cunts ”
    The bilious, sweaty whoremonger.
    Good evening.

  25. Listening to his bollocks, he now thinks he is John Bull. Probably gets it from Jacob Rees Mogg…

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