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Teachers are cunts aren’t they?

I know three of the fuckers, and, predictably, they are all libtard lefties. All moaned like fuck when they had to go back to work: “it’s dangerous”, “government wants to kill us” etc etc ad nauseam.

Now they’re moaning again because they can’t have another month off tax-payer funded holiday, unions winding them up again.

The bullshit that teaching is a calling is fucking shite, it’s a fucking soft touch and they know it. Try digging roads or burning off bolts in mid winter from a submarine’s propeller casing.

Fucking sappy cunts!

Nominated by: West Cuntry Cunt 

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  1. Credentials for being a teacher 2020:
    Likes kids,
    Likes lots of time off,
    Easily stressed,
    Can read from a manual.
    These are to name a few. My old headmaster was a spineless cunt who became a liberal candidate locally. He always hid behind his deputies and one of them was a hard as fuck rugby man who I had a lot of respect for because he told us as it was. There can’t be any like him left now.

    • Im going to use uncharacteristic caution here so not to offend my mate Bertie.
      Teachers arent known for being overworked,
      Some are diligent, and want to educate.
      Some are lefty wankers who want to indoctrinate.
      Lot of the last type about.

  2. The real worry is what these cunts are teaching our kids when they can be arsed to turn up. Self-flagellating woke shit as prescribed by a mentally ill Government, mostly. To be a teacher nowadays your main role seems to be to transform your chosen subject to ensure it is not hurty to others. History, geography, literature, all subsumed by leftist propaganda. Fucking disgusting. Shove your Marxist dialectic up your own shitters where it belongs.

  3. As a retired teacher, teachers disgust me. I entered teaching as a vocation when the pay was really crap and believe it or not, many teachers were more right than left wing (admittedly it’s going back a bit.) Many of the lazy cunts today go into the job as a last resort solely for all the fringe benefits and are certainly well paid.
    I was left puzzled the other day when a Morrison advert mentioned they were giving 10% off shopping to front line health workers. Nothing wrong with that. I’m in agreement. Then for teachers! WTF? Why? Are they having a giraffe? I’d make the fuckers pay 20% more and divert the monies to deserving cases.

      • I know. I’m not an advocate of The Great Race To The Bottom and anyone who is is a cunt that can jump off the highest building they can find, but, as someone that’s worked constantly throughout the year, no sickies, no isolating, even I was stunned at that as I didn’t get one.

        • There is MASSIVE public anger about this DCI and I am part of a lobby group which is putting the boot into Boris more and more to get the people who DESERVE IT a pay rise – he will not do the right thing without being made to (as one of 3 million self employed etc excluded from any financial help whatsoever I know that one all too well).
          Johnson pays up or Johnson goes – I work best with the gloves off and this cunt has been in my sights for a while now.
          Gone by March and slimy Sunak in charge.
          Unkle Terrys educational oven.

      • Because the fuckers wouldn’t have gone back to ‘work’ without one and if they didn’t go back nor could half the working population as they would have had to be at home looking after their offspring. The teaching unions held the government to ransom.
        What comes around goes around, they should remember what happened to the miners as soon as Mrs. T came to power. They had their payback.

    • A good teacher can change a kids future.
      In my junior school had a great teacher, really liked him,
      He saw I was a bit gifted with art and encouraged me,
      Im still grateful to him for that.
      He taught us to think for ourselves and question things,
      He was a great teacher.
      By secondary school the teachers were a bit more leftie, bit patronising.
      Learnt fuck all from them.

    • I never realised there were so many ex-smokers who were also retired teachers! Or should that be t’other way round? Fly no flag, Bertie! Should that be “fly no flag?”

      Whatever would Victor Hugo have said? Unusually pithy for such an habitué of the prolix, eh Les?

      I’m apt to aver (and agree, ibidem) that a blanket cunting of teachers of whatever epoch is doomed to disagreement – howbeit am concomitantly cheered that Mr Blunt wasn’t my house master – even though teachers were a shower of cockatrice(s) last time I looked.

  4. Great cunting WCC.
    These wankers deserve a whopper sized cunting with extra fries and a large coke.
    They are bequeathing us a generation of idiots and morons all indoctrinated with left wing, libtard, woke bullshit.
    Thanks a bunch.

  5. You can’t bring back communism without proper commisars and their footsoldiers in the education camps you know.
    The world spent 40 years almost eradicating communism and now is intent on spending the next 10 re-implementing it.

    • “…The world spent 40 years almost eradicating communism…”

      We did indeed kill Bolshevik communism Cuntles (mostly) but Marxism (its Knotweed-like root stock) cut itself free from the horrors, starvations, tortures and atrocities, disowned them and floated free to drift into the West with a clear conscience.

      • With respect CC, they’re inextricably linked despite the perceived differences.
        It doesn’t work in practice. I’ve not read Das Krapital, nor Mein Kampf but I have started on ‘Tell the truth and shame the devil.’
        Hellstorm is on the list too.
        Marxism is user friendly PA for communism.
        The elites take all, the rest have subservience pushed on them.
        I blame leather elbow patches and a predeliction for goggle-eyed, easily swayed young females.
        Communism killed 100 million and counting
        Bring it on.

  6. My daughter in law is a teacher, and she’s definitely not your lefty, cultural Marxist type, she’s to the right of my good self and she is fucking terrifying, but she’s definitely the exception, most are just woke cunts!!!!

  7. “Teachers” have been making children dumber for forty years. Complete bunch of indoctrinated cunts spouting bollocks. Stick your equality and diversity up your arse.

  8. I’m completely out of touch with teaching and teaching methods

    Back in my day (70s) you had infants, junior school, comprehensives and grammar.

    But now its receptions and junior high, high and year 6, year 9s year 10s, whatever the fuck they are!

    Moreover teachers seem more concerned about results and league tables than actually teaching kids properly.

    Oh and would I be right in thinking that if a child gives an incorrect answer teachers are no longer encouraged to put a X, but have to write something far more positive so as not to upset the little dedums?

  9. Education seems to be an obsessively Leftie mafia-run affair employing some of the most sanctimonious cunts in society: Loonies, Lefties, Trannîes, lesböes, nutters, perverts, nancîes, failed musicians, failed historians, failed chemists, failed writers, failed footballers, failed tycoons, failed IT cunts failed spouses, all repetitively bending your ear as to how hard these indolent, self-important mooks work as if no other industry does anything.

    Having a conversation with a teacher, whether it’s one from infant, primary or secondary school is a tolerance trial from the 6th plane of torment.

  10. Teachers bother me – always have, always will. In my day at school, you had teachers who were undisciplined bastards, who wouldn’t have needed much training to work under Hitler – vindictive aggressive, sometimes violent bullies who took out their frustrations and disappointments on small boys, who were allowed far too much freedom. Our sports master was a drunken voyeur.

    Years later we have these ghastly soy boys and masculine wimmin, spouting their left wing bollocks and scared of their own shadow, and totally unable to instil discipline, and who allow the kids to grin at their own inanity.

    There should be a middle course, but nobody has ever found it.

    If I were a kid today, I would prefer todays bunch because at least the pervy teachers get weeded out, mind you, there are barking mad and dangerous most of them.

    • Lack of real discipline is the problem, I remember at grammar school we had a fear of the teachers which made sure we behaved, not so anymore the kids know that the teachers have no authority.
      The only effective sanction is exclusion and then the libtards complain about excluding too many kids.

      No one at my school was ever excluded because we had discipline

    • “If I were a kid today, I would prefer todays bunch because at least the pervy teachers get weeded out.”

      Ahem… Epstein? taught at the prestigious Dalton School where he hooked up with that cunt Ace Greenberg’s kids who somehow got this sub-par mathematics ‘teacher’ in the door at Bear Stearns… and that when the shit really fucking started.
      FYI the head at the Dalton at the time was fucking a 14yr old he had installed as a ‘house guest’ while his Wife was hospitalised and dying with cancer. Nice people.

  11. Who would want to be a teacher in the inner city schools, full of fucking rubbish, but then again the new wave teachers are full of shit so perhaps they deserve a class full of ethnics and architects.

    The indoctrination of kids by these left wing wanker is a disgrace, fuck BAME, fuck LGBT and fuck all the woke shit.

    English Maths and Science, the rest is just window dressing.


  12. I went to a Grammar, dont’cha know. In the swinging 60s.
    Some teachers were good.
    Some were so so.
    Some were cunts
    One turned out to be a molester of small boys. He did the right thing and topped himself. He was also a snobby cunt.
    None of them were overtly lefty though. But, when I got to college on a chemistry course, we were obliged to do Social Studies or some such. The lecturer was a total openly lefty twat. I assume that those who study pointless social type courses are all like that. The science lecturers were all hard nosed no nonsense cunts.
    Same at the students. Those of us doing science or engineering got on with it. Micky Mouse students fucked about. I dont suppose anything has changed. And we now have a plethora of Mickey Mouse subjects with Mickey Mouse lecturers.

    Teachers are cunts. Oh, the marking, the marking! Fuck off.

    • I remember that…. they called it Liberal Studies, designed to give us a more rounded outlook.
      It was fine we had some fun with it, even had an afternoon off to go to watch Clockwork Orange and had a bloke from the Krishna temple to give a talk.
      Made a bit of light relief from Chemistry, there wasn’t any exam, only attendance.

      • I remember liberal studies well. I’d lost interest in my education to an extent by then. It was a lesson exclusive to sixth form students at the time. 1985.
        Even then there seemed to be a majority of fellow sixth formers who were lefties. Many didn’t take much notice of me as myself and friends were too busy playing cards during study breaks. Well, one day we had the local conservative mp in for a q&a session and the lefties were in their element shouting and belittling, giving the mp no chance to get his point across. I sat there in silence knowing that the following week it was the turn of the labour candidate.
        I blow my own trumpet here but I fucking destroyed the cunt that afternoon while leftie classmates just looked on in disbelief.
        They knew who I was after that.
        Fuck em all.

  13. You don’t see many lefty cunts working as educators in private independent schools. Just the lower orders.
    Our lords and masters are protected👎

  14. I did a job at a teacher’s house recently and we got onto the subject of books. I mentioned that my favourite book was the gulag archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He just looked at me blankly and asked what its about. When I explained he just said “but communism is all about equality”.
    I tried the explain (as politely as possible) that all communists are cunts and anyone that doesn’t think that is also a cunt, but I don’t think he got it.
    He seemed to think that all the wrongs at that time were because of Stalin and Hitler individually. I tried to explain that the entire society needed to be pathologised and indoctrinated over years and that millions were willingly involved, not just 2 people. He didn’t get that either.
    Nice guy, but not the sharpest tool in the box. Fully indoctrinated, says and believes what he’s told without question and somehow thinks that makes him clever…..

  15. The only real highlight of my days at comprehensive school back in the 70s was looking up the short skirt of Miss Ross, my form tutor.

    She was a real prick-tease, and would often sit on her desk cross-legged in her short skirt, and I was almost directly in front save for one row, and could just about make out her white panties.

    Fuck knows what she was talking about though

    • Techno-can you advise me, can I purchase and use any keyboard with an Apple desktop, or does it have to be specific?
      My Apple keyboard has stopped functioning fully, one fucking month after the expiry of the warranty.
      The little electronic CUNT😂

      • Excuse moi for butting in here hope this helps…

        My Bosses buy Macs for some unknown reason. The folder system makes no sense to me nor do their mouse or keyboard.

        Right click all wrong and you need to press control with your other hand. And the mouse is not designed for a human hand, and scrolls the wrong way.

        Keyboard doesn’t have a number pad. Yes some people actually process numerical data on computers, and sometimes it has to be keyed in..,

        I just get a wired mouse keyboard twin pack suited for Microsoft and plug em in the USB ports. Fuck the little USB remote plug, always losing them!

    • We had a right prick tease at my grammar school too. The year was 1981 and we were all 1st years learning binary. Mrs Shephard she was called; must have been early twenties I guess. She’d lean over us boys with lowest cut tops imaginable, her pert tits straining the fabric to burst out….I’ve been cunt for cleavage ever since! Fucken dorty hooer!

    • Miss Barton, my Computer Science teacher at college. She was in her mid 20s and looked like a young Catherine Zeta Jones, but much fitter.

      None of us lads learned much in her lessons as we just gazed at her like love struck morons with raging hard ons and practically fought each other to help her put the computer trollies away after her lesson.

      To be fair, it was a relief when we got a bloke teaching us in year two as I managed to get back on track and passed. I was learning fuck all with Miss Barton in charge. She was probably a good teacher, but I don’t think I heard anything she actually said.

  16. What isn’t taught anymore is critical thinking. Teachers are burdened with admin and targets. Schools have long been factories pumping out little worker ants and office clones.

  17. Fair do’s (Apostrophe police, this is a traditional expression).
    I lived with a teacher for a few months back in the day (her place, had nowhere else, didn’t pay my way properly either. As previously noted some women are insane) She really fucking cared about the snotty-nosed social lepers she was trying to teach – some of whom vandalised her home – she was rarely finished with her out-of school work by 10PM and the school holidays merely dialled her workload back to normal. Yes, she was a far-left wimminz lib diversity-rules stereotype, but she literally put her money where her mouth was. Non-veterans, please get back to me on that one when you have physically driven relief supplies through an active warzone. She had.

    Most of us have memories of evil cunts who taught us. Some of us remember the good ones too. They’re not all cunts. So if this is a blanket nom, it’s toss. Sorry.

  18. I was engaged to a woman years ago, who decided to become a teaching assistant, and subsequently an art teacher.
    She was a good laugh, not bad looking and normal. Within a year she had coffee breath, and wore fluffy jumpers.
    I ended the relationship on the grounds that her political correctness became a sticking point and also she found out I’d had a threesome with my ex and her best mate. ‘‘Twas a great night, and worth it to be fair 😁

  19. Think it’s unfair to blame communism for this, teachers in the Soviet Union didn’t skive because of snow, you can bet your arse it wouldn’t stop Chinese comrades and North Korean teachers damn we’ll turn up for work no matter what

    Thinking about it the last thing these snowflakes want is a real commie regime.

  20. Speaking personally, as retired teacher, yes 80% of teachers are libtard cunts. 10% are excellent and not only fill in the gaps in kids education that should have been done by parents (manners etc) and 10% at least try. However 80% of teachers are moaning complianing useless fuckers.
    Footnote the most highly educated (those with more than one degree or a shit load of letters after their name are by my experience the most useless fuckers of all. Phd in being thick..

  21. The nomination picture, if staff are unable to get in, how did they print that sign and attach it to that wire fence?

    I’m glad I don’t go to school. I’ve done my time. I dread to think what it is like for children these days.
    Don’t make the teacher cross or else get hit with the blackboard rubber? Or has that been banned?

  22. ‘Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.’ ~ George Bernard Shaw

    It’s amazing how low-paid, private sector, supermarket workers have managed to work uninterrupted since the first lockdown in March whilst being surrounded by constant influxes of people. Weird how that works.

  23. Many teachers trust me many hold the views of those on this site. However many teachers are not just cunts but pure cunts. Off with stress, illness, you fucking name it, they literally steal a living but many just get their heads down, graft and as my old man would say earn their coin.
    A family member is high up in the teaching profession and he fucking hates so many of them but others he would walk over broken glass for. Stymied by government bollox, he says the best thing that could happen is that the change the sick pay laws. You can have six months off on full pay with a fucking headache.
    Also Far too many part time women earning a second income (pocket money) and they just don’t give a fuck and sitting here trying to keep my head above water while these cunts fancy another month off makes my piss boil. However I think he has a point when he also says if you think it’s easy come and do it there are always vacancies.

    Teachers fuck em, especially thinking back the girls PE teacher Miss Davis. I bet she was one hell of a ride.

    • ‘However I think he has a point when he also says if you think it’s easy come and do it there are always vacancies.’

      That would involve putting your money where your mouth is, and, the biggest gobs of all prefer to snipe from the safety of social media with glib one-liners. They know who they are.

  24. They’re actually giving teachers 10% discount at the Morrison’s in Hillsborough, Sheffield. You couldn’t make this shit up. Most teachers are on a minimum of £40k a year. I’ll never be on £40k a year and I don’t expect discounts when I food shop. Teachers, the mouthpiece of liberal woke socialism, brainwashing kids since 1997.

  25. Teacher here. Not a libtard leftie though (I’m on here for a start).

    It’s ironic that a few people on here are slagging off teachers for not instilling discipline in children today. I wonder why students are less respectful? Probably because a lot of their parents slag teachers off at home all the time, and stick up for their kids when we do try to discipline them. I’ve seen it first hand plenty of times; parents bursting into reception, shouting and swearing in my colleagues’ faces because they’ve dared to give their little angel a detention, put them in isolation or confiscate their phone. I’ve taught abroad in the past and it’s not like that. In other parts of the world, parents respect teachers and funnily enough, so do the children.

    I hate left wing bollocks and I agree that most UK schools are mainly of that mindset but it’s not all teachers.

    In regard to snow days, do you really think it’s teachers who get to make that decision? The regulations are put in place by local councils for when schools need to close and the Headteacher will make a decision in line with those regulations. Are you telling me if your boss rang you up and said you don’t need to come in today, you’d be arguing about it?

    And finally, it’s always that old chestnut, “Teaching is a cushy job, blah blah blah”. I guarantee most people who say that wouldn’t last a month in the job. They’d be tearing their fucking hair out on the first day.

    • Can I just ask Lancashire, and if you do not wish to answer I totally understand, if you were allowed to discipline unruly kids, would you? I’m not on about caning kids just for the sake of it, just caning the pieces of shit who have no semblance of discipline, the lairy ones abusing teachers knowing they’ll in the main, get away with it. To be honest I do take my hat off to you, it must be hard trying to teach kids who have the same attention span and willingness to learn as Beavis and Butthead.

      • I’ll be honest, there’s been times in the past when I’ve wanted to drop one or two of the cunts (mainly older lads – I’ve had them square up to me and get right in my face, etc.). But I wouldn’t call for the return of corporal punishment if that’s what you mean. I wouldn’t hit my own kids so I wouldn’t want to hit anyone else’s either.

  26. I think this is where society started to loose control.
    I was threatened with the cane around 1977 at the age of 11, with some other lads, for smoking round the back of the bike sheds. Scared the shit out of me and the others and we all started grassing each other up. School was an ex-grammar school but still run like one.
    Cunty kids now days either stab the teacher or get their parents to beat them up.
    Society has lost respect for authority in this country and I think lack of corporal punishment was the start of it.
    If there are no consequences then the attitude continues.
    We had a sports master that beat you with a slipper if you forgot your kit, a metal work teacher that could take you eye out with a bit of chalk at 50 feet and a geography teacher that would do the same with a board rubber. No one fucked around in those lessons. Never did me any harm (slight twitch)

  27. Most teachers are lazy lefty cunts who shouldn’t be anywhere near kids. Overall, I agree with the cunting.

    There are a few right wing teachers though. How do you think Patriotic Alternative are making a curriculum? It’s teachers donating and making material for them. It must be a nightmare for them working in such an environment and trying to keep their heads down, but the kids as unindoctrinated as possible. I do know a few right wing teachers and they are heroes in my opinion, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

    What we need is for righties to infiltrate the education system. Yes, they have to teach bollocks like black history month and gayness stuff, but it could be skirted over quickly and even questioned by a good teacher (“Some people think we are patronising black people for small and insignificant achievements. What do you think?” – could be asked in a class that didn’t have too many dark keys).

    I had to laugh at the teachers who were angry about teaching online because the parents could see what they got up to. The fucking cheek of it.

    I’m more angry at the ‘Conservative Party’. They’ve sold us down the river by allowing our education system to be overrun by Marxists. I remember Gove promising to sort it all out, but then getting moved from his role as education minister as soon as he mentioned it.

    It needs infiltrating from within (like they did) or we are fucked.

  28. If teachers are worried about the parents seeing them on line then they must be shit with something to hide.
    I also think that the National Anthem should be sung in every school assembly to increase patriotism.

  29. We have become too soft as a country in every aspect. I have genuinely been told not to mark in red pen because it’s “too harsh of a colour”. That’s where we’re at people.

    And that’s why prison bosses need to order 72-inch waist trousers for inmates who eat fry ups and watch TV all day. Imagine what a skin and bones poor bastard in some Far Eastern hellhole prison would think of that.

    We are a fucking laughing stock.

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