Lewis Hamilton [14]

Whiiine! Whiiiiine! ‘What’s that?’ I hear you say. “Is it the sound of finely tuned Formula One cars racing round the track?’ No you stupid cunt, the race finished days ago, that really irritating incessant whining sound you can hear is emanating from the gob of that horribly repressed, shockingly discriminated against, practically a slave, cunt supreme Lewis cunting Hamilton. With his miserable face looking like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle, he can’t stop moaning about how un-fucking-fair it all is and what a bunch of cunts everybody else is.

When he’s not being paid £60m a year driving a fucking car round a track, or flying around the world on his own private jet so he can get paid even more millions for being photographed looking ‘urban’ wearing a stupid fucking £10,000 watch that only a cunt would wear anyway, or taking a selfie while jet-skiing off the coast of his luxury tax-avoiding no-plebs-allowed fucking degenerates ghetto with such a smug cunting face on him you would think he was auditioning for “Britain’s got Smug Cunts’, he’s lecturing us hoi polloi on how we all need to be even poorer, live in boxes, and stop going on holiday to ‘save the fucking planet’.

Now he’s just been crowned ‘Most Influential Black Person in Britain’ even though he doesn’t live in Britain and his only influence is to raise the level of sheer fucking cuntingness to previously unmatched heights of cuntery. I hereby nominate Lewis fucking Hamilton to the exalted title of ‘Cunt of Cunts, Lord High Cunt of the Fucking Universe’.

Nominated by: Biggus Cuntus

…and another from CuntyMort

Lewis Hamilton,
I know it’s the Daily Mail, what a piss boiler to wake up to.
For Fucks sake, That’s 2021 fucked up before 2020 is even finished. Stop the world, CuntyMort wants to get off. Fu ck what this spoilt CUNT wants. About time to abolish the honours system methinks.



….and this from Freddie the Frog

Yes we all know the Jellyfish is going to give this tax dodging, anti British, rich as fuck cunt a knighthood in the New Years Honours List. Given his woke bird threatening to withdraw her pussy services the useless cunt has no choice.

Meanwhile Sir Lewis has had a major setback. He has lost a court case against Hamilton Watches for daring to use his name to sell their overpriced shit. The fact that they have been using that name since 1892 doesn’t seem to matter to Sir Lewis because he makes his own history.

I doubt if he will bother to turn up for the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year award from fellow hypocrite and libtard Gary Taxdodger, but I look forward to his private jet arriving at Heathrow to receive his honour from Her Maj. (Sorry, Charlie the Chimp or Baldy Bollocks just won’t do for the great Sir Lewis ……. although Sparkletits might be an acceptable substitute)

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  1. This is a little off-topic, but didn’t I hear that prickette of a Welsh bloke who introduces the pathetic F1 show on tv, yesterday pass near a huge blow up photo of George Russell and say: ‘I can’t believe the length of is eyelashes!’

    Did he really say that? It’s errrrk! horrible! And I don’t think it’s the first time he’s made homo erotic asides.

    Stop it! Be blokes on blokes sport! Man Up You Willywankers!

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