Bob Geldof (5)

A top-of-the-morning cunting to that old Oirish queen Geldoff, elderly former pop-singer who arises from his coffin from time to time to hold forth on matters dear to his wallet. By the look on his face he has recently sniffed Anal-ease Dodd’s shit stained bloomers. This time it is the Foreign Aid Budget, which is rightly due to be pruned:

“Orders” you notice – as does gurning nerd Bill Gates, who has a personal fortune estimated to be well over $100 billion. If these rich cunts are so philanthropic, why don’t they open their wallets instead of their big sanctimonious mouths.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

64 thoughts on “Bob Geldof (5)

  1. It’s funny how real philanthropists, who gave away vast amounts of their fortunes to worthy causes, and made a real positive difference to untold people’s lives, are now vilified, while skinflint cunts like Geldof just bleat ‘give us the fookin money’
    At least we will be spared the sight of a statue of the cunt, or whole areas of Britain named in his honour.
    Fuck off pikey.

  2. What’s it got to do with this rich hypocrite? He’s fucking Irish…….go tell your own government to blow taxpayers money away cunt. Or go tell the EU who you fucking love so much. So he’s teamed up with Cameron, Blair and Welby has he? What a quartet of fucking bastards. You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps.

  3. He says, with a straight face: “It is also an act of political and economic self-interest.” Well this cunt would know all about economic self interest, wouldn’t he, the hypocritical, grasping, pikey arse wipe.

  4. 🎶 Tell me why I don’t like Geldof
    Tell me why I don’t like Geldof
    Tell me why I don’t like Geldof
    I wanna shooooooot the old cunt down 🎶

  5. A foreign cunt ordering our elected government to carry on paying British hard earned dosh to other foreign cunts.
    The idle bastards who he champions look cleaner and better dressed than this bog trotter.
    Fuck off back to Ireland where you belong, and tell them there to give their money away.

  6. Where did his money come from? A couple of iffy hits 40 years ago does not a fortune make. Midge Ure is much more talented but lives modestly and quietly. I wonder if being the self proclaimed saviour of Ethiopia helped? He certainly made a difference. There are even more of the fuckers starving now as were then. Although there are more guns available.

    What really puzzles me is – if he is so pro EU and pro UK foreign aid, why the fuck does he live here when we are leaving and cutting aid?

    • I thought that.
      No way hes rich off the Boomtown Rats, they were fuckin rubbish.
      I heard he skimmed money from Live Aid!
      Cackling maniacally

      “Fook da skinny twiglet cunts!”
      While filling his pockets with donations meant for Ethiopian dieters.
      While this is just a rumour I heard you can treat this as solid fact.

  7. I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating. I know somebody who lives near him in Faversham, Kent (he hates Britain but doesn’t live in Oireland). Apparently he haggles over prices in charity shops. A dirty, rancid, EU-loving poîkey arsewipe.

  8. Two Oirish cunts together. The Irony is, Bono and Geldof detested each other back in the early days.
    They say: “Give Ireland back to the Irish”-well lets make a start by banning this vexatious gobshoite from mainland Britain.

    PS: Bobby-you time would be better spent keeping the progeny of your withered cock and Paula’s foetid diseased mine, from overdosing, 2 down, 3 to go?????


    • Word is certain members of U2 still think Geldof is a cunt. Apparently there is no love lost between drummer, Larry Mullen (the only non-cunt in U2) and Slob Geldof. In 1979, as a young U2 recorded their first single, Mullen is reported as saying ‘If that useless cunt (Geldof) and those cunts (The Boomtown Twats) can make it, then we fucking can’.

      Stout fellow, Laurence.

  9. Perhaps if he’d spent more time caring about his ex-wife and daughter, rather than random blackies, they might not have committed suicide.
    How can he have the gall to show his smelly, unwashed face in public?
    I hope he gets murdered by the asylum-seeking offspring of an Ethiopian that Live Aid had directly saved from starvation, thereby indirectly causing his own demise.

  10. Anyone who calls his kids Fifi Trixibelle, Pixie and Peaches is obviously a cunt.
    Maybe their names are Paula Yates’ fault but he’s a cunt for putting his dick anywhere near the dirty old slapper.

    • Paula was pretty tasty in her Tube days. But her association with Geldof took the shine off her, shall we say.

      By the time she was with that strangle wanking cunt, Michael Cuntchence, she was an STD riddled smack filled faghag par excellence with a worn out arsehole the size of the Hollywood Bowl..

          • Never understood Hutchence, myself.
            Dumps a piece like Helena Christensen – and before that he had access to a 22 year old Kylie Minogue’s arse – for an aging and well worn Paula Yates. By the time she hooked up with ‘Hutch’ Yates resembled Iris Krell from the League of Gentleman.

          • What a daft cunt. I’m no oil painting myself, but Paula Yates was a fucking dog.

            If I’d have had access to Kylie’s arse, I would’ve worn her away to the stage of invisibility, by the sheer friction wounds to her every orifice.

          • Hutchens had a massive personality change after a brain injury when he got knocked off his bike. Sure he would have avoided Yates if that never happened.

          • Norm-I reckon it is because she was prepared to perform acts of such sexual depravity, things that Sweet Helena and slapper Minogue would have run a mile from.

            Do not forget-he topped himself-perhaps he asked himself the very same question.

          • You’re probably right, CG.
            Hutch should have gone for Dannii Minogue. She had much nicer tits than Kylie.

  11. Should have been scrapped years ago, what a waste of OUR money, if the silly cunt wants to buy umbongo a nice clean water hole with added tap then he is welcome to do so, but not with my money.


  12. In 1980 Ethiopia had a population of 35 million, now in 2020 it has a population of 115 million. That’s more than tripled in 40 years.
    Obviously not too many were starving.
    I’m fed up with mega wealthy cunts telling us to give our money to charity. Both these could donate £1 million each and not even notice it. Cunts.
    I’m never donating to an African charity again. Their population is booming. It needs no white saviours.

    • True. Apparently the strangle wanking INXS rocker, Michael Hutchence had an abusive Geldof on the phone. Something to do with that shagbag Yates and child custody. Geldof is supposed to have shouted ‘I am untouchable! I am above the fucking law!’ Meaning his ‘Saint Bob’ status in the press. It certainly sounds like something the arrogant gobshite Motorway Mick would come out with.

      Needless to say the Aussie AOR crooner topped himself.

  13. Christmas is here and good old rent a tramp is off on one
    Just fuck off
    And that reminds me ……I need a scare crow up in the top field ….. I would offer him the job..,But he would have to smarten him self up a bit
    Scruffy cunt

  14. Three dead by suicide around Geldof. His Mrs, his daughter and his wife’s lover. Am I the only one who goes ‘hmmmm?’ about this?

    He might be loaded ladies, but I’d be careful and avoid him if I were you.

    And not just because of the smell.

    • Had the extreme misfortune to walk downwind of him on Regent St.

      I can confirm that he does indeed stink of BO. Even the tramps were complaining.

  15. I see The Express said spending on foreign aid is dropping from 0.7% of national income to 0.5% which isn’t much of a drop considering how our horrific amount of borrowing. Should be dropped to 0%.

    Geldof is ridiculous.

  16. That picture at the top… How can two scruffy, Guinness breah, big gobbed, pontificating and punchable Motorway Micks like Bonio and Geldof be Knights of the British Empire?!

    Both these Fenian fucks have spouted sly anti-British crap over the years. Yet this pair of Tinker cunts are perpetually arselicked because they exclusively hire out their ‘services’ to the favoured by the lbifucks shithole that is Africa. If these two taxdodging spudbummers love the Dark Continent so much they should both fuck off and live there.

    • How can two scruffy, Guinness breath, big gobbed, pontificating and punchable Motorway Micks like Bonio and Geldof be Knights of the British Empire?!

  17. If they care so much about starving types, Bonio and ‘Sir’ Bob should do a remake of that old Oirish classic ‘Could You Go A Chicken Supper, Bobby Sands’.

    With those Fenian fucks, Westlife and Sinead O’ Baldy on backing vocals.

  18. What business is it of this Irish spudbumming fuck what the British government does or doesn’t do? Be honest, what has this motormouth scruffbag ever achieved? Been in a substandard post-punk band who weren’t very good at all. Then he was the publicity (but not the brains) behind a Christmas record that was like a bad version of the Z-Cars theme. Then he (again, fronted but didn’t organise) a pop concert which was the biggest showbiz ego wank of the 80s and now remembered for just one band (Queen). The scruffy gobshite then insulted British working people by demanding they don’t go the pub and give all their money to flyblown Banana Republics. And errr… That’s it.

    So how does this give him any say or any political clout? The cunt isn’t even British. What a fucking gobshite bogtrotting cunt he really is.

  19. Bob can live on 17k a year. After all what’s he got to pay for . Some champagne, handmade shoes upkeep of his druggie daughters grave.
    The rest he can give back the whites who gave money to shitty Africa and just had it thrown back in our face.

  20. Boo hoo Bob.
    Fuckoff to the African continent.
    And pay your taxes, hypocrite cunt.
    Saint Bob has done VERY well from running charity foundations..

  21. Perhaps Bob and Boner can play some of their “music” on a Funktion 1 to the rubber boats carrying countless gimmigrants as they approach the shore. That’ll send the cunts packing back into the sea.

  22. Geldoff & Bono, oh and that other total prick Sting, what a shower of complete cunts, make a few quid in the music industry ( fair enough) and then become some sort of self elected authority on fucking everything. Hamilton, another cum stain from the same ejaculate. What makes these people think that anyone gives two fucks about what comes out of there completely out of touch shit dribbling gobs? Fucking tedious twats!

  23. All Africa needs to solve its problems is a hundred Hercules dropping crate fulls of condoms all over the shitty gaff. Overpopulation and stupid fucking cunts like Geldof are the problem. Throwing trillions of dollars at the continent has had the effect of achieving sweet fuck all. If they can’t achieve self sustainability after all this time, there really is no fucking hope.

    • That’s one way to do it, Bob.

      Another is to get all the animals out of there and put them into decent zoos where they can breed and be cared for.

      And, when all the animals are safe, nuke the fucking shit out of Africa.

  24. Bear in mind that this fucking p4ddy cock-socket had to watch stage-left whilst Hutchence got his Mrs wet enough to seal envelopes live in front of a few million viewers and then went on to shag her. The sad sack of shit.
    His band sounded like joey deacon having a cactus pulled out of his arse whilst being fed through an industrial dryer.

    Never mind the oven.

    For services to music and cuckoldery this sweaty tinker should be lowered into a deep fat fryer and fed to M’Tembe and his 18 kids.

    A feast fit for a king.

    Get fucked!

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