Wearing Sunglasses Freestyle

Cunts who wear sunglasses ( or any glasses ) on the top of their heads.

I have no idea who started this but their originality is lost in the mists of time. If you don’t want to wear them take them off and put them in your pocket or manbag or what fucking ever. We all know you think you are cool by doing this but you are just making a cunt of yourself.

Don’t get me started on the massive wankers wearing baseball caps with the glasses perched on the peak. You are beyond help mate.

(I cannot stand the cunts who wear baseball caps back to front. The brim is to provide eye shade you utter knobs – NA)

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

48 thoughts on “Wearing Sunglasses Freestyle

  1. Well done -NA ! have you heard the speech of the wearers?
    utter,utter. Cunts of the Cuntitude, ever last one of ’em!

    Whenever I see one of these cunts I have to assume they either didn’t read the instructions or didn’t understand them. How difficult is it to put on a baseball hat correctly? Funny screen name by the way. Well done. Carry on – NA

    • Even worse is people who wear them indoors or at night.
      Rock star types and hollyweird poseurs like this, that cunt from the Eurythmics does it.

      • I bet Bono has a little stand for his sunglasses on a table at the side of his bed the same way other people do for their dentures.

      • That looks so fucking Passé, You always looked a cunt Doing it But like sheep they felt safety in numbers but nowadays any cunt wearing sunglasses when it’s

        A .. raining
        B… cloudy
        C .. being interviewed in a studio
        D… at night

        Need to be told in no uncertain terms it’s not the fucking 80s or 90,s you Utterly clueless cunt, go buy a Delorean if you wanna go back to the future…

      • Dave Stewart indeed he does and so does Gene Simmonds* (who has none of Dave’s talent).

        * I refer honorable cunters to last weeks Kiss Nom

  2. Fake tan, bleached hair, sunnies on the head, look at me cunts. Baseball caps backwards ok in the desert, stops your neck frying, otherwise,cunts.

  3. Protect eyes from glare and flying objects.
    I wear anti ballistic sunglasses on the bike (cheap sh*t don’t stuff thrown up by cars etc and I don’t fancy losing an eye) and raybans when not (on the the three sunny days a year in Yorkshire!) – and you soon learn not to wear them on head etc when you see a hundred and fifty quid bouncing down the pavement!

  4. Usually women, sunglasses with lenses like MG Midget windscreens, permanently perched on top of their head regardless of the weather or tine. You look as fucking cuntish as footballers that have their socks pulled over their knees making them look like Pretty Polly hold-ups. No, hang on, Gene, that’s fucking worse.

  5. Remember the knobheads in the 90s who used to make a big noise about wearing Ray Bans? These cunts bought these fucking things and then never shut up about it. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on a pair of sunglasses is cuntish enough,but then letting everyone know what they are and what was paid for them? That is stratospheric cuntitude. The sort of cunts that wear Ray Bans indoors in the pub. Utter fucking cunts.

  6. People who wear sunglasses indoors. Acceptable behaviour if you are:

    Ray Charles or other partially sighted blind person.
    Everybody else is a cunt.

    People who wear sunglasses indoors are insincere and do not wish / are unable to look the person they are talking to, in the eyes.

  7. Being a four eyed cunt, this is dodgy territory, as there is no way I’m wearing bifocals, so the fucking bins, that have been a fucking curse since my late twenties are on and off all the time. I’ve just realised they are on my fucking head as we speak, can’t wear the fucking things for close up shit. And, if you put them down, you forget where the cunts are, or step on them. I did try contacts once, as out on the motorbike or on the piss is a cunt with specs, but try getting them out pissed, I nearly pulled my cornea out. And now, with the bifocal issue they’d be pointless.
    That said people who do it because they think they are cool are cunts.

      • I might have to soon. Would love to have laser surgery, but it’s expensive, it apparently doesn’t last that long, and knowing my fucking luck they’d fry my eyeballs!

        • Could be worse you dont want to end up like mr magoo an i symphathise with ya being a 4eyed driver meself.it is right tho as ive become an old fuck i find meself putting them on my head as for the above mentioned reasons.

  8. Off topic, sorry…but it’s good to see the frogs holding a massive rally to protest against the mużzīe scum who beheaded that naïve teacher.
    How many more honkies must die before the tide turns and the governments start shutting down mosques and repatriating hundreds of thousands of smelly, carpet riding pædös?

    • There was a story earlier about some bellend called Dana Nawzar Jaf, an Iraqi Kurd who came to Britain as an exchange student, and some time contributor to the new statesman. He is upset because French police shot the Chechen maggot who carried out the beheading, mentioning his religion rather than his ethnic origin. Seeing as the cunt had just killed a man horrifically in front of kids, and was armed with a knife and a handgun ( an airsoft pistol, which looks realistic at three feet, never mind thirty), and was shouting snackbar, I think the police weren’t going to take a chance, as they get stabbed up by mentally ill followers of this fucking religion regularly.
      It’s funny how this murderer thought it was despicable to show kids a cartoon of a peedo conman, yet it’s ok for them to witness an horrific act.


  9. By the way, completely off topic I know but it is really boiling my piss. A friend has been told to self isolate for a week as he has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus. My friend has had no symptoms whatsoever. He asked if he could just go and get tested. No, was the reply, your immediately classed as having Coronavirus. So by my guessing, the daily figures of people they say are positive could probably be halved or maybe even be three quarters less than the daily figure they give us. I’m coming to the conclusion this is done deliberately by the Government to deflect away criticism, instill fear and to deflect away that they shit themselves and got it wrong not going for herd immunity. Meanwhile my friend and tens of thousands of others are locked away when they could be working, paying taxes, contributing to local economies and getting the country back in its feet. This fucking Government stinks to high heaven.

  10. I am such a sweaty cunt if I put glasses on my head they steam up rendering them useless. That is the price of hard work I suppose, absolutely no fucks are given here.

  11. I usually put my Prada or Dolce and Gabbana back in the case… expensive and I don’t wanna have to replace them.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  12. I would exempt people who do this in shops while wearing face nappies. I do this because they fog up and I can’t see shit…

  13. What an inconceivably docile cunt you are Freddie. How can anyone take you seriously when the shit that comes out of your mouth is so unbelievably absurd it borders on jibberish. The statement that I am referring to is the baseball cap providing protection for the eyes, now I’m not saying that I wear a baseball cap at all (that is for children or sensitive bald men that are embarrassed by their lack of hair follicles) but surely anyone with just an inkling of common sense can see that a baseball hat turned backwards can be particularly useful in protecting ones neck from the dangers of the mid day sun, a behaviour that has been displayed by the likes of Ed Stafford who most certainly is NOT a cunt.

    (And take a breath – DA)

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