The British Medical Association (2)

Cough and say “ahh” please for a cunting for the British Medical Association, who Whitty-like, has been stirring up the scare stories about Covid 19 today, now breathlessly demanding “face coverings” (face nappies) for every working environment, unless you work solo.

They had some self important old tart and a parking stanley rep of the BMA on Wireless 4 PM just now, and of course they are lapping it up. Like a pair of old maids, scaring each other with stories about a dangerous rapist on the loose, both the BMA/BBC were really wheeling out the hyperbole, tempered with that faux concerned tone of voice..

Of course, the fact that many people will be travelling on buses and trains where the ignorant fuckers will be wearing their nappies as chinstraps never even crosses their minds…..

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

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  1. I’m done with this shit now and I don’t care if anyone wants to label me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or loony. The paper masks are pieces of shit that are porous as fuck and let your breathed out vapour in all directions of the compass. What they are good at are capturing your gobby germs and then you breathing them back in, as well as the mask fibres which actively clog up your lungs.

    My Health Authority, Cwm Taff Morgannwg, was supposed to be starting its ‘Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Programme’ as of Monday coming. They aren’t, as a result of leaks and bad PR. But the salient point is, they would have otherwise. What ‘vaccine’?? Globally we’re told one doesn’t exist yet. Any answer from the Welsh Assembly on this question? Nope, nada other than the automated ‘thanks for your query, you’ll receive a reply in due course’ bot-generated response.

    If you do nothing else today folks, please just tell everyone you come into contact with that as of coming Monday, there was meant to be a ‘Mass Vaccination Programme’ rolled out for a vaccine that officially doesn’t yet exist. Wake people the fuck up. The time for politeness and patience is done.

    • It’s alright mate, we’ll all be under house arrest in Wales by next weekend. Reichsfuhrer Drakeford has decreed so.

      • And now we are, for the next three weekends.

        Who goes there Japseye?? 😉

    • Moreover just say you’ve a medical or mental health condition and you’re exempt from wearing any kind of mask. So what’s the fucking point?

      • I already do that anyway. Haven’t put one on once to go anywhere since this shite began.

        I have made a concession once or twice with a scarf. A scarft is an established item of clothing. A mask is an established item of uniform.

    • Newsflash: asbestos detected at 0.5% of total fibres in all Chinese-manufactured face masks.

      https:/bullshitstorymadeupbyThreeStrokes/as a joke

  2. Note face ‘coverings’ not masks, as a mask would be required to meet and usually exceed the protection requirement for any given purpose, and those stupid blue pieces of crap now lining the streets and hedges of Britain offer nothing in the way of protection from any particulates.
    Coverings suggest a visual level of compliance, nothing more.

    • Visually they make people look sub-normal and zomboid. Which is the point. Public humiliation and shame at being the filthy, disease-ridden and transmitting human piece of trash that you are, you vermin-ridden peasant you.

    • Sorry, Gutstick, those blue masks, if they’re the same ones we wear WILL protect from particulates. Surgeons wear them, we wear them on the ambulances, ED staff wear them. I’m as sick to the back teeth of this shit as the next man, and I’ll be fucked if I’ll wear one walking down the road like some cunts do, but, if we’re having a (justifiable) rant, we need to stick to facts rather than internet conspiracy theories and hyperbole.

      • Hi Gene. Let me start by saying how much I respect your opinion. My mate does your job, and reading your posts is like reading his WhatsApp messages, so I have a real understanding of what you deal with on a daily basis, and I tip my hat to you.
        I tend to avoid conspiracy bullshit, unless I fancy a laugh.
        My experience with PPE is 15 years working in the chemical industry, which required different levels of protection depending on what materials I was working with, powders, liquids, solids, vapours etc. A lot of the time I had to wear a mask, and we had training on how to use our ppe, correct filters, making sure it made a seal against the face, how to clean them and so on. So, when I’m wearing one of these disposable blue jobbies, and it’s steaming up my specs, I know the effectiveness it’s providing is negligible.

      • Yeah, properly fitted FFP3 – I’m a FFP3 tester/trainer – shouldn’t steam up your specs, but, the blue ones are more protecting people from you. They soak up snot and stuff a treat! If you wear specs, you don’t have to use one, FFP3, I suppose. We wear Level 3 on arrests which is powered hoods, the hoods are individual issue, which are positive pressure, and, won’t carry out aerosol-generating procedures until donned up. But, normal patient contact, broken legs, etc, just surgical masks. I can’t wait until this shite is over…

      • I bet! That’s why I have a problem with the term ‘face covering’ as it is meaningless, as it offers no idea of what level of protection for the wearer, or the people in their vicinity.
        Never mind, we will have a full apology from the government when it’s over, the mistakes they made, and that pearler that almost guarantees my foot going through the TV, ‘lessons will be learned’
        Stay safe buddy.

  3. No doubt NICE and SAGE will say “fuck off to that advice, listen to us instead!”

    This covid shite has become nothing more than a political and scientific football, kicked around by twats trying to out-do each other, but making equally sure they don’t take the responsibility when it all goes to shit – that’s what the PM is there for!

    People should do whatever the fuck they want – science and politics can go fuck themselves.

    6 months in, with at least another 6 to go. Enough is enough of Project Fear 2

    • There isn’t ‘at least another 6 months to go’. There’s no intention of there being. This is it, forever. IF you let them get away with it.

  4. If the BMA are that brilliant, why didn’t the stupid bastards stop cunts from bringing the disease to our shores in the first place?
    The only medical training I have ever received is as a first aider, but even I can be wise after the event and try to sound important by saying, “You should have done it this way”.
    I’ve no idea what the current regulations are as I’m bored shitless with the news, and it gets turned off the moment Covid is mentioned.

    • If we have a BMA, why the cunting fuck does the government need ‘SAGE’? Which, oh, happens to have two signed-up UK Communist Party members on the board. Just a coincidence, nothing to see here.

  5. I’ve had enough.Bore off Jellyfish Johnson and your cretins.He wants social distancing to last another year.Nope.People will be tired of his rhetoric

    • He doesn’t want it to last another year. ‘He’ doesn’t know what the fuck he’s been paid to say one day to the next.

      ‘THEY’ want it to last another year. And the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after…

      How soon we forget that ‘three weeks’ has turned into seven months. If anyone really still thinks “oh well let’s just do it for now, it’s only temporary”, then they truly deserve what’s coming to happen to them.

  6. In London now that Sadiq Khunt has seen the public will buy wearing “face coverings (he was agitating for them from day one), I can see his next edict being that we all have to wear burquas and Hajibs – even the men. Oh my goodness gorblimey…

  7. If you are in a workplace it’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure you are safe, if the employer requires you to wear PPE it will have been decided after doing an appropriate risk assessment. Covid 19 requirements have to be part of the risk assessment so leave the employer to sort out who needs a mask and who doesn’t.

    I do get pissed off with all this macho shit from the people who don’t think rules apply to them, I mean does anyone really think that the government require people to wear face coverings in shops and on public transport just for a fucking joke!

    • It is a joke. Face nappies are too remind you there is something to be frightened of even if long ago you realised thereally isn’t.

    • Yes it is a kind of joke. it’s a pisstake to see what they can get away with. Every day when the reports came in they look on in utter astonishment. They submitted silently to that? haha, let’s see if they bend over and take this up the arse. Next day, fuck me they did? No shit? What about this? And so on ad nauseum

  8. Flatten the curve, he said.
    I’ll flatten YOU Jellyfish you cunt!

    NB If Jellyfish can threaten to take control of Manchester from Burnham why can’t he take control of our capital city from that short arse traitor cunt who is systematically destroying it?

      • Ha ha-nice one Moggie😂

        Boris has complete contempt for anybody beneath his social group.
        He is complicit in the misdemeanours of Border farce, Suckdick Khunt, Cressida Dyke et al.

  9. SOI: If you are going to have rules, make sure they are enforceable. I was on a bus this forenoon. I always leave a row of seats infront of me so that if there are say three rows of two I will use either 1 or 3 so another passenger can use either 1 or 3 leaving 2 empty. Anyway, this old tart gets on, mask at half mast, she sits directly in front of me (row 2) pulls the mask right down then talks non stop on her fucking mobile phone – she was still wittering on when I got off and my journey takes 18/20 minutes.

    If things are so dire, they should stop people from wearing the bloody things as chinstraps and they should stop people yelling into mobile phones. The old cunt in front of me was not talking about anything important, just mthering to another old trout.

    However safe the workplace is, the employer – or employee – cannot be responsible for these old crones who could infect on the bus. The driver or bus company staff make no attempt to prevent these old bleeders from breaking the rules.

    • Sadly unlike many other countries we don’t have sufficient numbers in the Police force, sorry Police service so it has to be done on trust.
      If there were more coppers then it would be enforced more rigorously and besides they far too bust investigating hate crimes.

      • In Oz the cops are too busy gang arresting single old ladies 100yards away from anyone else whose face nappy slipped off her nose

  10. BMA doctors who gave up treating illness and took up politics. Fucking left wing cunts, fuck off.

  11. Why are fucking shitty unruly kids allowed to run around spreading the virus to all and sundry?
    Went food shopping earlier and there was this smelly “Earth-mother” type with four of the little fuckers, three of them larking around, picking up food items and sniffing them with their green snot-festooned noses,whilst their other sibling was standing in the shopping trolley stamping its dog-shit-encrusted boots.
    The cunts that bring these horrible little
    ‘vectors of disease‘ into shops should be told to fuck off.

    • noody is spreading a virus – the virus is the regime/cabal/unelected government/dictatorship – can’t you see it yet?

      • Boris is a fat useless cunt this!
        Boris is fat useless cunt that!
        On every issue.
        Except of course, the all conquering not so deadly “virus”
        Oooh I’m with him 100 percent on that.
        Now pull your masks up.

  12. Whitty and Valance remind me of Jack Hawkins playing a preacher in Zulu as he was transported out in a horse and cart:’don’t you realise you’re all going to die? DIE’.

    • When it’s my turn you’ll see some rabid goblin shrieking doom and gloom while clutching handfulls of flaxen hair.
      Fuck Bozo, fuck half whittytwitty and fuck unvallanced.

  13. Any terrified of their own shadows, old, face nappy obsessed fascist cunts. Fuck off and stay indoors for the rest of your sad fucking lives and let normal people get on with their lives.

    Ooh somebody’s face nappy slipped off their face a hundred metres away.
    Quick, call the cops!!!

    Fuck off!

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