Lewis Hamilton – The Musical (12)

Who needs a laugh in these dark dark times, uba cunt extraordinaire Lewis the cunt Hamilton world champion of cunts has decided to bless us all with with the ear fucking of a life time.

This fucking bell end of a cunt has decided to take a foray into the music industry and is on the verge of a debut album to torcher us all with, if watching the wanker making a cunt of himself regularly we now have to here all the bullshit that he is about to elaculate into the airwaves.

Strongly suspect its just going to be rehashed bollocks with slightly different lyrics [if you can call them that] the that cunt with the woolly bullet on his head Craig David, it was the only good thing Bo Selecta ever did was use that talentless prick for piss taking material.

Anyway i’m sure Lewis the cunt wont disappoint if piss taking material is required……he is the Formula 1 of cunts

Nominated by: Fuglyucker 

54 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton – The Musical (12)

  1. I wish somebody would point out to smarmy arselicker Peter Hain (who thinks it “unacceptable” little Lewis hasn’t got a knighthood) that in order to qualify he might do well to live in this country and pay taxes here. Perhaps haughty Hain fancies him?.

    The scene above looks like a hi-tech version of Hyacinth Bucket treating her candlelight supper guests to one of her piano/vocal recitals – and probably as “musical”

    (As I stumble over Night Admin’s empty fast food cartons, 2% strength beers and copies of Big Dong magazine here at Admin Towers, there does appear to be a nom in the queue regarding Hain and Hamilton, by some old cunt called Boggs. – DA)

  2. I maintain – though competition is fierce i think this cunt must be on shorter odds for the title he most truly does deserve – Cunt of the Year 2020

    • I suggest we make Linecunt and Hamilcunt fight to the death for the honour of “Cunt of the year” at the IsAC christmas bash!
      (I managed to make the, ahem, “potential legal issues” from last years do “go away” and reports are that surgery to remove Sir Fiddlers hunting horn from the arse of the landlord went well by all accounts!)

    • Are we all forgetting the train crash that is Dianne Abbott?
      True Lewis is a grade A cunt, but I think Abbott operates on a completely different level, her cuntishness has so many facets. But then Lewis has a face that you just wouldn’t get tired of punching, but there again so does Abbott. Ah fuck it this years so fucked up we could possibly have a double cunt of the year?

  3. Is it a recording of Hamilcunt screaming as he is caught in a fireball and fried?
    Then I shall save my money for some Wagner or a stuffed bear that opens beer bottles in its teeth in case I get Sir Fiddler or MNC in the IsAC secret Santa draw.
    *Hint – I need a new axe with the “easy DNA removal” facility*! 😀👍

  4. Reckon we’re going to need a separate page for this cunt soon just like the BBC.
    As far as being a cunt goes he really is a cu(n)t above the rest!

  5. “Diddy” Lewis Hamilton on the deck. I wish someone would deck the tosser.

    Indeed – what a plutonium grade cunt.

    (I’m sure he is Doreen Lawrence’s love child – DA)

  6. Let me guess, it’s “Grime, rap, or Jungle” to recollect his hard times in ‘Da Hood’ when he lived in his Mum and Dads five bedroom house in Buckinghamshire. Fuck off you ponce.

      • But Hain is an uber cunt as well.
        Hamilton comes from a very rich Family, was sponsored and equipped by McLaren from being a kid and more talented drivers were deliberately sidelined.
        Utter cunts.

        • Ron Dennis thought getting a black (albeit only half-black) F1 champion would be his route to a knighthood. Hamilton fucked that up when he became a tax exile. Trouble is with your full sooty, as opposed to a half-one, they have no fucking ambition. Do you think Obummer would have made US president if he had a black mum and black absentee father?

  7. There’s a teaser out there, but I will not publicise it further.
    Autotune, sampled backing, bollocks words. As expected from a driving bot with the intellectual capacity of a light aircraft’s autopilot.

  8. Nice ‘I have no fucking idea what these controls do’ picture. The ubercunt will undoubtedly will sit there with a ghost producer barking orders at him to “Make me sound like Stormzy to raise awareness, innit.”

  9. Hmm….love of flashy cars,music producer,vain as a peacock, arsehole-aficionado…but enough of B+W Cunt,that Lewis Hamilton is a right Wanker.

  10. I suppose as we are approaching Christmas they are looking for the usual Yuletide one-hit wonder. Little Lewis will have a lot of competition with Dame Kweer’s rendition of TipToe Through The Tulips and Bye Bye Blues, as he sings and tapdances his way through – they will put studs in his ballet shoes. These records (on the “Incompetent” label (released by Get-A-Grip Ltd) won’t be released – they will have escaped.

      • I trust all my IsAC compadres will be buying my novelty christmas single – “I’m dreaming of a punched snowflake”! 😀👍
        But it can’t beat “TRUMP”! – the Van Halen remix for the Donald – quality!

  11. A world championship cunt of the highest orde . First it was climate change and now black lives matter . This absolute asshole seems more interested in driving bandwagons than driving racing card . Hopefully theres a Senna moment round the next corner for him

    • Ripping round in the best car on the grid, so far advanced a monkey could win in it! (I won’t do the obvious joke!), and tiny Tom Thumb Hamilcunt never brings up the fact that he drives for the manufacturer of choice for the third reich, or the fact they used Jewish slave labour to make them.
      Racist rodent cunt.

        • And and a very underdeveloped cerebral cortex.
          Must have gutted the little pansy when he found out Nicole Scherzinger was fucking another driver behind his back – poor little micro cock Hamilcunt! 😀😀
          Teach him for making her dress as Max Mosley as he bummed her!

  12. Hamilton is a loathsome git of the first order.

    He has repainted himself as a victim of racism bit this is total fakery.

    We used to watch him down at the old Rye House race track and believe me he had the flashiest gear and the best go kart right from the start of his career. He wanted for nothing.

    The idea he was held back or disadvantaged in any way is sheer bunkham.

    He is a selfish, greedy, lying, disingenuous bastard who doesn’t even have the decency to pay tax in his native country and yet expects us to listen to his ridiculous rantings.

    • Sponsored by McLaren from the age of 8.
      More talented Karters and drivers pushed out the way or given uncompetitive vehicles because they had the wrong colour face for PR purposes.
      Cheating every race by insisting Bottas is given inferior equipment.
      Feeling the pain of the discrimination against you there Lewis Markle.

  13. Heard the Hamster’s Dad interviewed on Talksport yesterday. He came across as a decent bloke grateful for the opportunities this country had given him, in particular Thatcher allowing him to buy his council house. (something I don’t agree with but that’s another story)
    So at least there is one immo who appreciates this country, unlike his son who, despite being born and raised here, despises where he came from and gobs on his own country.
    One thing he said sticks with me…….” Lewis was taught from the age of 5 to do all his talking on the track.”
    Well that didn’t fucking work did it mate? This publicity whore will do anything for attention, jump on any bandwagon, embrace any woke cause…..so desperate to be liked. Try not slagging off your own country and paying some fucking tax you CUNT.

  14. The BLM bottybasher Hamilton will be a shoe-in for BBC Sports Personality Of The Year. Tyson Fury should win it. But he won’t, as he’s not PC and he’s not the right colour.

    • Totally agree Norman. His only rival is Saint Marcus Rashford MBE. The kind of wankers who can be arsed to vote in the first place will be going for these two cunts you can be sure.
      Whoever wins Smugface Linekunt will be delighted to shake the hand of his fellow Taxdodger. Both black as well which is fucking handy.

  15. He was a right uppity little cunt when he started in F1, even tried to use his race card when the stewards were giving him a kicking for driving like he was on the dogems.
    Now he has progressed to become, not an iconic world champion racing driver but a virtue signalling little hypocrite. I wonder how far he would have got without all the white mans money supporting him throughout his career.

    Total fucking Cunt!

  16. The FA are cunts.

    They are bringing a ‘diversity code’. The Football Leadership Diversity Code aims to tackle ‘racial inequality’ in the English game. It also hopes to increase the number of female coaches in women’s football. ex Chelsea plodder, Paul Elliott, head of the FA’s inclusion advisory board, says the new code will “hold football to account”.

    In doing so, the clubs have to agree that:

    15% of new executive appointments will be from a BAME background, with 30% female.

    25% of new coaching appointments will be BAME and 10% of senior coaching appointments.

    50% of new coaching appointments at women’s football clubs will be female, with 15% BAME.

    Shortlists for interview will have at least one male and one female BAME candidate, provided applicants meeting the job specifications apply.

    Which basically means a job will be got or offered based entirely on skin colour and not on ability. And anyone who argues will be ‘racist’ and against ‘progress’ and ‘diversity’. Cunts.

  17. It’s an Iron clad guarantee that the trash this tiny prick is about to shat out will favor the colored kind. I would rather have a Wank in my local market than have to listen to his non musical effort’s, no doubt Zoe Ball And her likes will love It.!

  18. There has to come a point when Lewis finally runs out of bandwagons to jump on and says “i’ve always been gay.”

    Yes, we’ve always known that shithead but don’t let that stop you going on the endless round of chat shows and eliciting the fake sympathy of the libtards. You might even get an invite to the Sparkletits mansion. Then you know you have really arrived.

    • But he HAS really arrived Freddie. He’s received the ultimate accolade. A place on the IsAC Wall of Cunts. From here on, the only way is down.

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