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IPSA very much deserve a nomination. After displaying their cuntery by giving MP’s yet another massive pay rise for doing even less than usual, IPSA are now telling MP’s that it’s ok for them to claim for Remembrance Day poppy wreaths on expenses. Well, I’m hear to tell MP’s that it no, it so fucking NOT OK!

Poppy’s and poppy wreaths are worn and laid at memorials as a sign of remembrance and thanks for all those who gave their lives in service of the UK. If you’re a highly paid, elected official who feels it’s entirely appropriate to have the taxpayer fund your act of virtue signalling (which is what it is with these cunts. If they actually cared about the armed forces, we’d be better paid, housed, fed and have all the equipment we need), then you do not deserve to be in office.

The wearing of a poppy is entirely voluntary. Nobody is forced to wear one. And along with the wreaths and wooden crosses, they don’t cost much. Especially if you’re an MP. It also doesn’t take much to show a little respect to the people we owe our freedom too (not that we’ve had much lately). To be fair, a lot of MP’s are criticising IPSA over this, and Labour bosses are telling MP’s that it would be a very bad idea to listen to IPSA. But in my opinion, IPSA needs serious, top down reform, because they are out of control, and I doubt they’re as independent as they like to say they are.

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  1. I couldnt agree more why should some fat bastard mp with 3-5 homes on a cushy salary be able to make a bounce back donation^some genuine people out there who do donate to a worthy cause such as this unlike these freeloading workshy bastards who expect to claim it back words fucking fail me at this new level of cuntery what a fucking country.

  2. Wholeheartedly agree. NOT OK! Cheeky cunts. An MP, after the latest award, is paid as much as a senior Army lieutenant-colonel. Add exes amd perks and you’re talking full colonel, an extremely responsible job requiring much training and experience, and hell to pay if it all goes tits-up. When did I last see a PPE Oxfrod party hack MP taking any responsibility for anything? *wracks brain*

    • If they can get anything, that is. The Pensions Service is in meltdown – four weeks to get a response by mail, and probably about the same to get connected by phone. It’s been seven months since the plague hit and they still haven’t got organised. Think I’ll try adding “MP” to my signature next time.

  3. I find the deliberate dumbing down of Remembrance Day extremely abhorent – if ever there was an example of gross hypocrisy by this regime, this is it! Let’s remember the freedom those who died gave us by remaining in an unlawful lockdown whilst they try to bring in the great reset – – fucking odious clowns.
    The expenses bit is trivial in comparison but nevertheless, shows them up for the cunts they really are – anyone fancy a bit of fun on November 5th???

  4. The IPSA is just another Quango, a bunch of “pencil pushing sons of bitches” (Clint Eastwood) appointed by some other Quango…..follow the money trail and it all traces back to Parliament. Of course these cunts are going to lick MP’s arses, what the fuck else are they gonna do?
    Just a bunch of cunts sucking on the taxpayers’ teat and who controls that teat? No prizes for the correct answer.

  5. I’m sure that there’ll be plenty of MPs who do indeed claim for poppies on expenses. The message this sends out is that they feel duty bound to buy a wreath for show, rather than as a genuine act of remembrance paid for out of their own pockets.
    The brass-necked arrogance of these cunts shows no bounds. Hope they get named and shamed in some way.

  6. Black Poppies? I’m sure news reader Charlene White who refused to wear one last year (‘might seem as if I’m favouring one charity over another’) will be up for that!

    • Black poppies? Why not? We’ve had white poppies (for cowards), rainbow poppies (for poofs) so why the fuck not? I’m surprised nobody has come up with green poppies yet (for faggoty cowards who don’t like trees being taken out by high explosives)

  7. I think it was 2018, I stand to be corrected, when you had Mavis, Steptoe and Cablecunt standing there all solemn and laying their wreaths at the Cenotaph. I was fucking sick to my stomach. Can you imagine three bigger traitorous hypocritical cunts than that fucking mob?
    Fuck me, even I felt sorry for Her Maj having to mix with that trash.

  8. IPSA.
    Busy doing nowt.
    Like a ashtray on a bike.
    Useless, chinless, pat yourselves on the back you sponging cunts.
    The only thing I’d give a politician is a black eye, shaven head, then 10ft of hemp and fast short drop.

  9. MPs can fuck off. I am surprised they haven’t all drowned in their own jizz.

  10. I wouldn’t claim back money for a poppy wreath donation out of principle. Sort of takes the whole spirit out of making the donation from your own pocket as you value these brave servicemen/women and what they had done/do for us.

    Still, I expect nothing less from our beloved MPs. Most of them are no more than walking, talking, breathing, p0ncing sacks of shit.

    • There are 650 MPs. Do you know of 4 that don’t deserve hanging or have you run out of rope? I can probably help you out there.

  11. My dad was badly damaged in WW2. He was entitled to a disability pension the second he was demobbed. Thing is nobody told him about it. Found out 40 years later he’d been entitled all along. Three guesses as to whether or not the government would backdate it. Went in to areas where being able to walk properly were not important. This is how a man who is on the Honour Roll at Bletchley Park for his work on Enigma was treated by HMG.
    The military are put into situations they shouldn’t be on many occasions, then thrown on the trash heap, having fulfilled the role required of them by cowardly psychopaths.
    This is how the cunts work.

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