Dominic West, and other Lefty Hypocrites

Once again, I find myself having to nominate the left, particularly luvvies. As we’ve all heard by now, Trump has been visited by Flu Manchu and the left, with depressing inevitability, are celebrating. Dominic West, that public school educated twat who starred in the Wire, told Kate Garraway, a woman whose husband has been suffering with it for months, that he “jumped for joy” when he heard the news. How’s that for being an ignorant, insensitive prick? Unconfirmed reports also claim that he asked his wife if he could he give her boyfriend a celebratory blowjob.

As with those far left scum who celebrated the passing of Margaret Thatcher, I find the actions of these window licking mouth breathers utterly disgusting. They are filth. They are shit on the pavement. They are living proof that some people are born anally. I don’t like Trump, and to be honest, I’m not in the least surprised that he’s caught it. But I do feel sorry for him and his family and I wish him a speedy recover. He does wind up the far left better than anyone else though, and that amuses me. The left have NO redeeming features. And, as always, they are hypocrites. These are the same people who preach to the rest of us about the importance of tolerance and being kind to others, but never practice either of those.

The left, especially luvvies, are the lowest form of life on planet Earth. And a bunch of complete and utter cunts.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

and seconded by: Captain Ian Douglas Van Der Byl Quimson 

Dominic West

Emergency cunting for the first person to admit that they are glad POTUS has become infected with Covid, I imagine the joy he felt was only equal to my own joy that “The Wire” was cancelled starring this cunt, I’m sure that fellow cunts in Hollywoke may pat him on the back for a while, but to wish illness upon someone because you disagree with their policy and world view is as low as you can go, even for this Fred West impersonator, Dominic West you are a nasty evil cunt of the first water for this admission!!!

He looked stupid playing Fred West has he was a lot bigger than him, but he was excellent in Appropriate Adult I must begrudgingly admit!!!!

50 thoughts on “Dominic West, and other Lefty Hypocrites

  1. All that is left to say is that I am ready to die on the front lines of the upcoming left/right wing wars, and I will gladly sacrifice myself, if it means eviscerating and disembowelling several arch-cunt shit fucks like Dominic West on the way.

    • Hes orrible, true.
      Im a Trump fan,
      But id be a hypocrite if I said I was outraged because im not.
      They HATE him.
      I understand because id happily stand and watch the woke marxists, lefties, etc rounded up and gassed.
      Id do a little dance if Dominic West died of coronavirus, not nice I know,
      But then im not out to get a Duke of Edinburgh award.
      Fuck Dominic , hope he has health complications.

      • I think his wig will live on and find another perma-tanned billionaire host.

      • Im with you on this mnc i like the donald and i hope this sack of shit excuse for a human being dies og something far fucking worse than flu manchu to coin a phrase lower than whale shit

  2. I bet he would take a totally different tone if someone was glad he or one of his family tested positive with the virus!

    Such a two-faced cunt, and so typical of the Left: abhors hate and yet vehemently hates Trump; wants everyone to reach out and be at peace with each other, and yet he would gladly dance on Trump (or Boris’) grave. They bang on about diversity and inclusion, and yet distance themselves from the Mob…. just in case!

    West was a fucking nobody before The Wire came along and made him a star (and admittedly he did a good job back then). But now of course he’s part of the Hollywoke luvie set, and mustn’t be seen to take any opposing view to the “new normal”. So here he is desperate to look relevant in order to earn his woke credentials!

    His buzzline in The Wire was “What the fuck did I do?” I tell you what you did: you have just proved to most normal people what an utter, utter vile hypocritical cunt you really are!

    Be careful what you wish for, West. You might be next, and by gum I will laugh my arse off!

  3. Yeah a fucking disgrace.

    Takes a special kind of cunt to ‘jump for joy’ at a 70 odd year old man getting the bat flu.

    The cunt better cross his fingers and hope karma isn’t a thing. To be honest, I hope he doesn’t get it.

    I may be a cunt, but I’m not an utter cunt like this prick.

    I notice Twatter, Faceache and YouTube aren’t banning people wishing death on Trump and his wife. They’re utter cunts too in this.

  4. If getting bat flu stops Trump sounding off like an arsehole about the disease being trivial, then I’m fucking glad he got it. Unfortunately he can’t stop sounding off like a mouthy drunk* at an all-night lock-in, so that will deprive me of a small helping of schadenfreude.

    *Apparently he doesn’t drink. The mind boggles at what he’d say and do if he did.

    • I’m sure he will spin it about a “Superhuman Trump immune system” fighting off a foreign invader.

      • They called him ‘The Come Back Kid’ for a while because he’s lost everything and got rich again a couple of times. Will he come back from this? Dunno.
        But I suddenly really want him to. For the reasons others have said for a while. The War on the Progressive Left.

      • The Great Illusionist, perhaps?

        The (NY) Times said the president appears to be responsible for $421 million in loans, most of which will come due within four years. On top of that, a $100 million mortgage on Trump Tower in New York will come due in 2022.

        https ://

        (remove space to link)

        Digging a bit deeper:

        Pick the bones out of that one. May be right, may be wrong, but certainly hangs together.

  5. On another note i find the timing great how he bollocked biden for always wearing a mask then trump gets covid a few day later (just saying trump is smart)put it this way if it turned out to be a put up job and he guilt tripped loads into voting for him i think itd be fucking genius
    Prolly not i know but a way of dealing with it

  6. I also believe Kate Garraway referred to it as “karma”. If that’s the case wonder what the 1 million dead had been up to, or indeed her husband.

    • Garraway’s a fucking cunt for saying that after what her husband went through. She knows full well how bad this shit can be. Oooh, let’s hope you don’t get it bitch.

  7. Whatever some twisted people may think about The Donald, to wish death on the man is the lowest of the low. He has a wife and kids for fucks sake. It’s about time scum like this were brought to book. I can imagine the uproar if was directed at Barack Obama. I’m not a fan of Obama but never in a million years would I wish that on him.

  8. With luck, he’ll get relected. The second he’s sworn in, I hope he activates the insurrection act and the army rolls into Portland, Seattle, New York, LA and all those other liberal cities and literally starts shooting dead commies, BLM activists, transbumders, anyone “woke”, ANTIFA cunts and luvvie celebs.
    What a wonderful day that would be.

    • A few nukes aimed at China wouldn’t go amiss either, the dirty, disgusting, diseased little yellow bastards.

      • I think cuntish Smiths frontman Morrisey once described the Chinese as a sub species of human.

        I think he had a point.

      • @ECB .. Totally agree. I happened to catch a snippet of one of them Australian Border Control programmes this morning .. usual story of Chinks entering a country with their suitcases filled with god knows fucking what.
        Granny and Grandad, about 150 years old, wearing all the clothes they owned .. wearing about a dozen jackets and two hats each ( you couldn’t make it up) so they could cram all the home brewed shit food of the day into their suitcases …
        Ok, between the two of them, financially they probably don’t have a pot to piss in, but why the fuck bring all that non-descript food shit into someone elses country. Any border control should turn these fuckers around and send them home until they learn that the rest of the world doesn’t need to deal with the shit and hazards caused by what they call food. That’s why we are where we are now. Cunts.

  9. There will be many a woke party to celebrate the President of the United States contracting Wuhan flu.
    I hope he fully recovers and tasks the Special Operations Group of the CIA to hunt down the Twatter keyboard warriors and exterminate the cunts.
    That would be a vote winner.
    Fuck Off.

    • I didn’t exactly celebrate, but I did smirk to myself when that cunt Bob Crow died, as I’m pretty sure he celebrated when Thatcher died. It’s typical of the fucking left, always trying, and usually succeeding, in getting political capital from smearing their opponents as hateful and divisive, usually imagined, yet can’t hide their inherent hate and divisiveness. And that’s why I hate them so much.

  10. Just what you would expect from these Leftie cunts Say what they want 👎👎
    Just don’t you dare say it otherwise they will have you in Court faster than you can say Wish Corbyn would die of COVID-19 👍👍

  11. surely The Donald can pull a few strings and kick Dominic West out of the USA ?I fucking would.
    Stop the cunt from ever working there again. He will have to come back and beg to be on the Great wank off along side that weird looking bloke that looks like a horse.
    CUNT !!!!

  12. Totally disgusting and sadly just what as become the norm for lefty cunts be them rich kids, politicians, actors, shite pop starts or so called Celebs.. Fucking wicked cunt of some magnitude.

  13. I can’t really be too hard on West….I laughed like a drain when I heard that Rod Hull had fallen to his death while trying to adjust his telly aerial to watch footy.

    In fact it still makes me chuckle.

    • I like to think it was a dark rainy night Dick, as Rod lost his footing and slid down the rooftiles, a growl of thunder and flash of lightning lit up the true murderous face of a finally triumphant Emu…

      • I was always surprised that some Cunt didn’t just break Hudd’s arm when he started with that Emu shite….I would of….then I’d have kicked seven shades of shite out of the Wanker who operated that green duck puppet.

      • Norman…know you’re keen on your music…I had the old music channel on earlier and actually heard a song from McCartney even worse than “Mull of Kintyre”….How the fuck did the Cunt manage it ? I honestly thought that Mull of Kintyre must be the pinnacle of his Cuntishness…apparently I was wrong……

        Dreadful stuff….truly dreadful.

      • Those who had a career with puppets paid a heavy price.
        I remember going backstage at Blackpool pier, Roger deCoursey had cigarette burns all over his back from a temperamental Nucky bear.
        And Orville spiralled into drug use developing a massive cocaine habit.
        Orville once told a crowd in the palladium to
        “go fuck themselves!!”
        But it was just the beak talking….

      • Gordon the Gopher is still too scarred from years in the broom cupboard with Philip Schofield, he had to take his years of repressed homosexuality out on someone.

      • I heard Gordon was at the Barrymore pool party and was pressured to join in.
        But he wouldnt gopher it.

      • I wonder if Schofield has ever been elbow deep up Holly Willoughby ? She looks like the kind who wouldn’t object too much…probably gave her a double-fisting up the shite-pipe.

        The filthy Cunt disgusts me.

      • I know the song, Dickie. It’s utter shite and it actually got to No.1 in the USA. The ‘Admiral Halsey’ coda is McCartney at his worst. If it was another 70s act who did it (like Leo Sayer or Sailor) it would be called out for the pile of crap it is. But the ex-Beatle tag makes critics go easy on Macca and this sort of bollocks.

        Also, this clip from 1972 is particularly gruesome.

      • @ Norman

        The man should have locked up in Rampton criminal lunatic asylum .

      • And didn’t Ted Rogers take a piss in Dusty Bin?

        Nookie Bear looked like Alan Brazil (the cunt).

      • That McCuntney clip should be filed in a dictionary under Cunt. What an embarrassment.

  14. Let’s not be hypocritical here, we’ve all wished death upon various libtards, remoaners and Blair. The difference is we don’t pretend to be part of the “culture of caring” , we don’t cry crocodile tears over the poor and oppressed while robbing them blind, we don’t invite the world’s scroungers here while not paying a penny in tax ourselves.
    That’s the fucking difference and I have no intention of apologising for that.

    • It’s not so much this West cunt wishing ill on Big Don (as Freddie says, we have all done it). What’s annoying is these liberal leftist cunts make out they are SJWs that are against hate and claim to have the moral high ground. When in actual fact they are the most vindictive and poisonous of the lot. 90% easy of these Hollyweird celebrity crusaders also have the morals of an alley rat on crack.

  15. These celebs and sports stars should steer clear of politics, especially when they know fuck all about it and don’t live in the real world. They forget that at least 50% of their fan base will have a totally different view point and will probably boycott all of their future work after some woke, wanky statement.
    There are now loads of sport stars and actors I will not watch since this BLM shite started and I now have a whole range of new archery targets at the bottom of my garden.

    • I agree. In the 80s the odd cunt did it. Bonio of U2, Morrissey , Big Nose Billy Bragg. They were usually singers and total gobshites. Sports, TV, and film stars by and large steered clear. Now every celebrity cunt is at it. A to Z listers alike. I will never watch MOTD again as long as Lineker presents it.

      • The cunts are STILL kneeling before matches, Norman. Chelsea and who ever they were playing had a minutes silence for Sgt Ratana. Unless they didn’t show it before every game as per the fucking kneeling, they were the only one. So, the premise is thus: we’ll kneel for an american criminal but not for a police sergeant murdered whilst diung his duty. Funny old world.

      • At Everton the other week they had a minutes applause for the young lad stabbed to death in Birmingham, then 20 seconds later took the knee. I thought that was a fucking disgrace.

  16. I with you on our communal hatred of the woke lefties & all that they stand for – Fuck the lot of them.

  17. It’s hard to put into words what I really think about this piece of shit.

    it’s even harder to put into words how on earth we have arrived at a point where some cunt has no problem with going on a national TV station and actually proclaim that he almost jumped for joy upon hearing the news that a 70 odd year old bloke, that he’s never met and as such knows nothing about other that what he chooses to hear had contracted a virus that may well kill him.

    What a hateful cunt West is.

    I can only imagine the outrage if Tommy Robinson had made a similar statement.

    Lawrence Fox went on QT and supported the Government’s policy on Brexit.

    The abuse he received was shocking, the press coverage at the time was front, left and centre.

    He wished nobody dead or any ill feeling.

    Yet here we have a person of similar fame/stature effectively wishing someone harm.

    Where’s the press backlash???

    Oh hang on he’s a luvvie.

    No he’s a cunt.

    And it’s beyond insensitive that he would say that to a person who’s husbands life and hers for that matter has been forever changed by C-19

    Put him up against the Wall of Cunt and shoot him with a dumb dumb bullet

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