Lebron James

6’ 8” fucking freak who has made a fortune from basketball (gimme the ball I just have to reach up and pop it in you short arsed cunts) Not satisfied with being paid a cuntload of dollars for being a human giraffe this wanker has to cry about the poor oppressed black people who he wouldn’t go near unless he was after a bit of cheap black pussy.

His latest stunt is for him and his mates to turn up on court wearing Gaylord lacy white collars in memory of recently deceased libtard judge, Ruth Bader-Meinhoff or whatever her fucking name was. You look like a cunt, talk like a cunt so fuck off cunt. I’m sick of multi millionaire sports cunts and two bob slebs telling me what to do and what to think. Take your money, be grateful for it and stop lecturing me you fucking arseholes!

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

(What LeBron chooses to forget – DA https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8728829/Candace-Owens-blames-pea-brained-LeBron-James-BLM-ambush-LA-sheriffs.html)

..and doubled up by Captain Magnanimous

Lebron James is a cunt, isn’t he

Who’s this car-jacking thug and what crime did he commit? Well, he is both a basketball player and a cunt although I’m not sure if he’s a Goal Attack or Goal Defence.

Apart from bouncing netballs on a wooden floor for a living, this mook likes to sound off about social issues regarding black issues and bad cops, maan, while kneeling before every netball match. He’s the Lewis Hamilton of the Basketball world.

After two officers were recently shot in their car, donations poured in to set a reward leading to the arrest of the (uncaught) culprit. The L.A. County Sheriff publicly challenged the wealthy James to match the same amount of money as the reward. James didn’t respond.

However, he has dipped into his deep pockets for another cause: He’s offered to pay off felons’ fines and fees in order that they can vote (for Biden) in the forthcoming election. Riiight. Ignore aiding the police but help convicted criminals.

Basketball is a silly, childish sport, a jumping game invented for people too stupid or awkward to play football. It’s about as exciting as watching rugby or a Hilary Benn speech and even duller than baseball or Yank football. This gangly multi-millionaire bigot is the last person to whine about being oppressed or deprived and when he isnt ‘taking the knee’ before playing games he’s taking a reach-around from Barack O’bomber.


Take it to the hoop, you Slam dunk cunt.

23 thoughts on “Lebron James

  1. Although the perfect height for a grown man and sensibly bearded Lebron cant just enjoy his millions and shut the fuck up.
    Netball for aspiring criminals.
    Hes a issue with the police, or PO-lice as his type call them,
    Heres hoping you dont get a bullet in your empty nut or a knee on your throat LeBron.
    By the way thats not a real name, its made up by your simpleton mother.
    Just saying.

    • Black lives (don’t) matter, the whole thing is a blob of hot rotten SPUNK in the tummy button of life.
      I havent heard any of the MSM “mention” that (the soon to be canonized) George Floyd was already dying of a drugs overdose when the cops arrived. The cop who put his knee on Floyds neck (because Floyd was freaking out) may have accelerated his snuff out but Floyd was fucked anyway. It’s a small MAJOR detail that the legacy media continues to exclude from the narrative. CUNTS!

      • I’ll second that black lives do not fucking matter one iota, as far as I am fucking concerned.

    • ‘Basketball?
      Netball for aspiring criminals.’
      Brilliant…. Made me spit out my tea..

  2. I heard a joke recently – how do you stop 5 black Men r*ping a white Woman?
    Throw them a basketball! I of course would never sink to the depths of such racist stereotypes! 😀

  3. Well, I dunno. I want to see the Harlem Globetrotters promising equal opportunities, regardless of ability, to whitey, before I comment on this one.

    Could be a while.

  4. What is it with these stupid fucking names for harvests?? Lebron, Sharonda, DeShawn, fucking Windowlena. Stupid fucking cunts.

  5. It would appear it’s legs would need breaking before it fit readily in the oven.
    Fit it fucking would though.
    The ball fiddling cunt.

  6. This piece of shit has made no secret of his hatred for law enforcement. He actually announced that black people “feel like their being hunted” by the police, every time they live their homes, which are considerably smaller than James’ huge mansion. His hatred for the police didn’t stop him accepting a police escort to a fucking Justin Timberlake gig though, which apparently was high speed and ended up on the wrong side of the road at least once. Fucking hypocritical cunt.

  7. You can take the Groid out of the hood. But you can’t take the hood out of the Groid.

  8. Good to see the TV viewing figures for the finals of this cunt fest staring Mr James are the lowest in history.

  9. Sirs:

    I believe his mother was trying to name him after a car, the Chrysler LeBaron.

    But the unhappy combination of morphine and American public education left us with LeBron.

  10. For the sake of clarity, and even handed reporting, if I may. …
    Candace Evans, mistakenly accused the geezer of being a ‘rapist’ it is in the small print of the report,

  11. It’s up to each person to decide IF and HOW their life will matter. These lowlifes who happen to be dark skinned and confront cops chose poorly and therefore their lives had to be taken. Don’t be a cunt if a cop stops you. Be respectful. Act as if your life matters to you. Lebron is a LaCunt!

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