Dead Pool [177]

Well done to Cunty Cunti Council who correctly predicted the “Queen of Technicolour” Rhonda Fleming would be next to conk out.Fleming was 97 and died from aspiration pneumonia

On to Deadpool 177

The rules:

1) Pick 5 famous Cunts you think will conk out next.It is first come first serve.You can always be a cunt and steal other peoples nominations from previous pools (Like Black and White Cunt frequently does.

2) Anyone who nominates the World’s Oldest man or woman is a cunt who will be ignored.

3) It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

4) If your pick has already been taken, tough tits, it’s first come first served (only because we can’t be arsed to check )

My nominations:

Sandra Day O’Connor
Leon Spinks
Derek Draper
Nobby Stiles
Dai Davies

59 thoughts on “Dead Pool [177]

    • Aren’t you bored of nicking Greaves from me Freddie? 😁
      I’ll have him back next time and I’ll win.🏴‍☠️

  1. Irene Papas. Greek actress e.g. Guns of Navarone, Zorba the Greek.
    George Shultz. US businessman & politician under Nixon & Reagan.
    Robert Fyfe. Scottish actor e.g. Howard from Last of the Summer Wine.
    Roger Corman. US film director e.g. House of Usher, The Pit and the Pendulum.
    John Landy. Australian middle distance runner (former world record holder mile & 1500m) and Governor of the state of Victoria 2001 – 2006.

  2. George Soros (Super Cunt)
    Gina Miller (Super Cunt in waiting)
    Paul (paedo cunt) Gadd
    The Flabbopotamous (KFC Bucket overdose)
    Son of Flabbopotamous James Abbott Thompson (suicide)

  3. Well done CCC 👍

    Tony Bennett (creaking crooner)
    Christopher Plummer (actor & apparently a bit of a shit)
    Tom Courtenay (yesteryear actor)
    Ray Brooks (Mr Benn)
    Vince Hill (oldtime singer)

  4. Some of you cunts need to read the rules…only I’m allowed to nick other nominees.
    Here are mine.

    Go fuck yourselves
    Go fuck yourselves
    Go fuck yourselves
    Go fuck yourselves
    And then go fuck yourselves

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