Damien Turner – Unemployable nappy wearing waster

A “Oops, I’ve done a whoopsie” cunting for West Virginia native, Damien Turner. Who the fuck is this then and what has he done? Well he is a 29 year old man who has been complaining about being unemployed because of his disgusting habit of wearing adult nappies and acting like ,well, a child. And yes, unsurprisingly there is a community of weirdos who indulge in this fuckwittery, adult baby diaper lover (ABDL) which he shares his lifestyle choice on social media of course.

Turner dribbles, “Diapers are very convenient, comfortable and cute. Its a very nice lifestyle and I wouldn’t do anything else.

Dressing like a baby gives off a very relaxing, calm safe vibe. Its almost as if you were back at preschool without a worry in the world.

Employment is hard. I’m constantly in and out of work. Sometimes my employers find my pictures online or just can’t put up with the fact I’m wearing a diaper and acting childish in the workplace”.

Well for starters Damien, your in the wrong place. Shouldn’t you been at ‘uni’ studying some useless degree in your safe space, plenty of bedwetters there. In the real world why should normal people have to work alongside you while you are there, sitting in your own shit and indulge your fucked up lifestyle choice and undoubted mental health issues?

The West is fucked and like a shitty nappy, needs changing.

Nominated by: Liberal Liquidator 

76 thoughts on “Damien Turner – Unemployable nappy wearing waster

  1. What the fuck do his parents make of it? I’d disown the prick. I’m surprised the left haven’t invented another gender for people like this and then they can claim rights at the workplace. We could have mandatory adult nappy changing facilities. Imagine working with this twat while he’s shitting himself. Another freak for Terry’s oven.

    • Yeah im sure he does not!when they giant shit stains they must do the roadrunner!
      Americas a freak show and we have a front row seat

  2. I wouldnt have believed it!A community of them?fucking care in the community more like.what the fuck next?
    A bloke who married his house

  3. A quick cheap cure for Master Turner – take him to the Caning Room for a bare arsed (no nappy) thrashing. Moisten that rattan cane overnight. Four strokes should do it. You’re welcome.

  4. Apparently one of the first people known to have worn a nappy on a regular basis while an adult was Karl Marx incontinent younger brother, Skid….

    • Fucking hell, rarely do I laugh out loud but you catch me all the time.
      Honestly now, if you are not already a paid, professional comedian/writer, which I’m not entirely convinced you are not, then you really ought to be.

  5. Fuckin’ hell LL, this must be one of the most bizarre cuntings of all time. I’d love to comment but I find myself at a complete loss as to what to say. It’ll just have to be a plain fuck off!

    • A niche cunting for sure Bertie, your only supposed wear a nappy when you are a baby and when your relatives fuck you off to a care home to live out your days.

  6. It must be beating away female admirers with a shitty stick.
    That it fetched from down the back of its shitty nappy.
    Fuck me ram it head first into oven.
    Or wood chipper,who fucking cares?

  7. My dad had to wear nappies for the 3 weeks it took him to die. For the first week he was still compus mentis and absolutely disgusted with himself for not being able to make it to the toilet. He never thought having to wear a nappy was a fashion statement.
    If there is a life after death I hope this cunt meets up with my old man and other poor old sods who were incontinent for the last few weeks of their life and they give him a fucking good kicking.

    Also, I don’t think our Damo has ever had a girlfriend.

  8. At one time, a mental case like this would have been quietly shunted off to a secure hospital by his weary embarrassed parents and forgotten about. Now they’re kept ‘in the community’, paraded in front of the cameras and given all the attention and publicity they crave.
    Is he an example of diversity, an understanding that each individual is unique? Who benefits from seeing or reading about him? Who’s even interested?

  9. I remember when my nan was in a care home, all the old women would get together and sing songs about their underwear….
    Rose’s are red
    Violet’s are blue
    Edna’s are piss stained….

    • Good nom LL!👍

      Damiens great, got his head screwed on that lad!
      Dont have to miss any of the film going for a slash in the pictures, queue in the nightclub bogs?
      No mither.
      I sympathise with him,
      Done a office move in city centre Manchester today,
      Got fucking nappy rash my jacobs were like 2 boil in the bag dumplings.
      Get some talc round your knackers Damien and keep up the good work!

  10. Christ, I didn’t think the title was literal. Now I’ve got the image of this freak thrusting his fudged huggy towards the camera in my mind, soiling my memory banks.

    The t-shirt is also alluding to a sub-culture of degenerates called bronies, who are obsessed with my little pony. They also love sexualized depictions of the same. The absolute bottom of the barrel cunts, who I suspect are also the same freaks on reddit/social media who are trying to normalize and advocate for pedo stuff.

    This cunt is an absolute abomination.

  11. Once upon a time, we would be protected from sick fucking deviants like this, now we have to accept them, and understand them, and treat them as if the shit they come out with is normal.
    I’m glad I never wanted children, as to leave them in this fucked up world would be cruel. Worse still would be if they turned out like this cunt, I’d have to campaign to increase the abortion time from 24 weeks to 30 years.

  12. I thought my misanthropic behaviour made me a bit of strange bod but, fuck me, I must be in the running for the most well adjusted person on the planet when compared to this cunt and his mates.

  13. John Denver never mentioned they wore nappies when bragging about west Virginia in his song “country roads take me home” did He?
    Left that out.
    Few on here wear nappies im sure?!😀
    Nothing to be ashamed of, id get a dummy too for the full look.
    Id employ him, no toilet breaks=more productivity.
    All employees should be forced to wear them.
    Obviously if your management or the boss you have a large brass key to a luxury toilet.

  14. His parents should be dragged from their home and shot in the gutter. Sissy boy himself should be sentenced to changing old cunts shitty/pissy nappies in his local care homes for the next 10 years. See how the cunt feels about them then. The fucking twat.

  15. A bit harsh perhaps on my previous comment. In an effort to try and understand and empathise, I must admit, the world of full stops in grammar these days is a frightful and threatening place indeed.

  16. I know about this now. I can never unknow this, I really want to unknow this. Does anybody have the number for a good hypno the rapist?

    • That was horrible to watch. Valid cogent points being put forward I might add by Mr. Whittle. This pack hunt mentality and aggression towards “wrong think” from the left these days is very worrying. Particularly as its root system has infiltrated everything. Similar to a weed left to grow.

  17. You can bet your life this wanker was spoilt rotten as a kid……given what he wanted, allowed to do what he wanted. Now he can’t compete in the real world so he wants to be a kid again and be looked after.
    This is the constituency cunts like Corbyn and Biden are after…..promise them free stuff, they get their way and you get their vote.
    Cunt needed a few slaps years ago……too late now.

    • Imagine if you worked with him Freddie?
      Youd either have the smell of shit all day or have to get the mat out and change his nappy!!

      • A pull cord chime box would settle him, during changing. Trouble is some cunt with a beard and bald top lip would sneak in and move the mat, pretend he’s hard of hearing then stick his filthy arris in the air. Either way they could pay me a footballers wages to work with him and I’d still tell them to hadaway and shite.

  18. I don’t think he shits himself at work but i’ve worked with plenty of childish cunts don’t worry about that. What annoys me most is that they are too thick to realise you are taking the piss out of them. I need recognition for my work.
    Anyway, Hendrix on BBC 4 in a minute. Must get my money’s worth from the cunts for once in my life.

  19. I’ve read shit on here in the past and witnessed utter cuntitude. But this takes the fucking biscuit. I’m not even going to plug the chair in for this…..

    Just shoot it.

  20. A paper was in the first quarter of this year published in an international journal of some sort of health thingy. Paper was written by a group of Italians (academics) at the university of Campaglia? All sorts of info about wearing nappies when adult fascinating reading. Cannot wait for the sequel and tv serie

  21. I remember being on a job In Bury (near Manchester) in 2018. I saw a group of students (you know the sort) and one of the daft bitches had pink dungarees on and a pink baby’s dummy in her gob. When I went to college there was no cunts like that. The odd ‘look at me’ tosser, but nobody that bad. My guess is the cunts are treated like spoilt kids and never have ‘no’ said to them. So they act like that when they are adults. And another thing is they have never had a clout round the back of the head, even when they have deserved it. I know that ‘dummy’ definitely deserved a slap.

    As for the nappy wearing cunt? As Arthur Brown might say, ‘I am the God of hellfire! And I kill it with…..’

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